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27 AUGUST 2002

If my French is correct, I believe Vincent made the announcement at the press conference at the World Film Festival in Montreal that Karine is expecting their second child. More news coming...

25 AUGUST 2002

Yesterday Peau d'ange, directed by Vincent, premiered at The Montreal Film Festival, which runs from August 22 to September 2. It is among the films presented in the official competition. Vincent took time off from filming Fanfan la Tulipe to attend the festival. Today a press conference was held with Vincent and his wife, Karine Silla, who co-wrote the screenplay and is among the cast. If you understand French, you'll thoroughly enjoy the 25-minute program (via RealPlayer). The commentator for the press conference fortunately gives a brief translation in English after each of their responses. (Be sure to use the Internet Explorer browser as you'll get errors using Netscape Navigator)  If you visit, you can view the trailer of Peau d'ange by clicking on "En Salles". You'll also be able to access six photos from the film (as seen below). By clicking on "Europa Live", you can watch six short videos of an interview with Vincent seated in a screening room. Merci beaucoup to Rafael Cart for this update.

Journalist Luc Perreault of La Presse, who attended the screening of Vincent's first full-length film, had the following comments about Peau d'ange: "The film opens with a poetic image of a young girl perched on a rock with a seagull on her back. When the wings of the bird are spread, the young girl suddenly has the look of an angel. Angel skin - such is the title of the film. It is the story of an odd girl named Angele, played by Morgane More, who is curious and emits a great interior beauty. She leaves her family's farm to seek work. She then meets Gregoire, played by Guillaume Depardieu. It is a meeting that will change her life." Mr. Perreault then comments on how Vincent acknowledged his nervousness in his role now as a director. The screening of his film in the Maisonneuve room was going to be the first time he would receive reaction from the public. (More comments later...*)

While you're at, you can also check on information about Fanfan la Tulipe by clicking on "En Production". It's official filming schedule is from June 19 to mid-October. Vincent's co-star is Penelope Cruz, seen below in costume as Adeline (from last week's Star magazine). Having practiced fencing for twenty years, Vincent, in the title role, will be able to show off his skills in the scenes of combat. Other cast members include Didier Bourdon as Louis XV, Helene De Fougerolles as Mrs. De Pompadour, and Michael Muller as Tranche De Montagne. This adventure film, directed by Gerard Krawczyk, is a re-make of the1952 film starring Gerard Philipe and Gina Lollobrigida. Luc Besson, who's producing the film, modernized the script with Vincent in mind from the beginning.

reminder.gif (348 bytes)Just a reminder that the DVD of Gardien de la nuit was released on July 30th. For more information, read the June 24th update below. This DVD is now available at for $18.74 plus shipping. And remember the DVD & video of Queen of the Damned goes on sale in two days - August 27th!

01 AUGUST 2002

While I was on vacation, I discovered that Le Bossu (On Guard) was playing at the French Film Festival in Boston on July 14th. It didn't work in with other plans, but it would have been worth an Amtrak ticket to the city to see Vincent on the big screen once again. Hope someone out there caught it.

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A 1993 interview has been added to the Archives. Appearing in a July issue of Cine Tele Revue, Sophie Marceau and Vincent Perez give their thoughts on love after filming Fanfan. Many thanks to Cinzia Masina of Belgium for her translation.

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Perhaps this story should be called the The Saga of Making Zapata. For those who go back a few years with Vincent's career, you probably remember that Zapata often appeared in his various filmographies. In 1997 Vincent was chosen by director Alfonso Arau (Like Water for Chocolate) to play the Mexican revolutionary leader, Emiliano Zapata. The director was besieged with budget problems and disagreements with the Hollywood producers in his attempt to make a commercial movie in English.

zapatafilm.jpg (15796 bytes)

Disney also planned to produce a re-make of Viva Zapata, this time with Antonio Banderas. That project was eventually cancelled, but HBO Films has recently cast Banderas as the other well-known Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa, in the film Pancho Villa as Himself. Arau will now film Zapata as an independent film with English subtitles, emphasizing the spiritual side with less focus on politics. Replacing Perez is Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez, who is learning the indigenous Aztec language of Nahuatl for his role.

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After scanning some of the VP filmographies around the Net, let me bring these errors to your attention. Vincent was NOT in Apt Pupil, American Ninja 5, The Husband I Bought, and Nana.

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Two films will have their French theatrical release in 2003. Le Pharmacien de garde debuts on January 15 and Fanfan la Tulipe on April 9. At the present time, there are no upcoming American films. If these two films receive high marks, the chances are greater that we'll eventually see them in the US at film festivals or arthouses around the country.

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Directed by Vincent Perez

Peau d'ange

Opening in France

October 9th!

1 JULY 1002

It's that time of year again and I'm off to the coast of Maine with my husband, children & grandchildren. Look for updates on August 1. Hope everyone has a beautiful summer!

30 JUNE 2002
I came across another biography from the All Movie Guide. It's more comprehensive than what I presently have, but my goal is to write an expanded biography. That's a fall project!

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Here's a photo of Vincent's sister-in-law, Virginie Silla, with Luc Besson at the Cannes Festival in May. Vincent became an uncle once more when the happy couple celebrated the birth of their daughter last year. Virginie is the sister of Vincent's wife, Karine.

24 JUNE 2002

vpauto11s.jpg (18034 bytes)

Johnny Springer of Germany has found us another autographed photo of Vincent. As for the date, my best guess would be the early '90s. Thanks again, Johnny!

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There hasn't been much news as Vincent is presently filming Fanfan la Tulipe with Penelope Cruz. How strange that his filmography also includes Fanfan with Sophie Marceau. And if you want to go further, he has two film titles with "queen" - that's Queen Margot and Queen of the Damned. Plus three films with "angels" - Talk of Angels, The Crow: City of Angels and Peau d'ange (Angel Skin).

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You'll want to keep these dates in mind in the weeks ahead:

August 27 -  Queen of the Damned dvd & video release
October 9 - France premiere of Peau d'ange
December 11 - France premiere of La Felicita non costa niente

There's one more important date - July 30th - and a real surprise! We have to thank Charmaine Bird for passing along this news. The DVD of Gardien de la nuit (Guardian of the Night) will be released with English subtitles. This was Vincent's first theater-released film in 1986.

Vincent does not have the leading role in this film. He has been quoted as saying, "My role was a playboy. A very small part. Not very interesting. It was an exercise that allowed me to see the movie world from a close distance." gives the following synopsis: "In this offbeat, hilarious journey into the extremes of obsessive love, policeman Yves (Queen Margot's Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey) is so enamored of a pretty nurse (Camille Claudel's Aurelle Doazan) he adores from afar that he's driven to robbery to attract her attention. His obsession drives him to steal cars that match her eye color and to rob a post office because the clerk looks like her! Consumed by obsession and teetering on the brink of insanity, Yves even attempts to run over her boyfriend with a car. In his film debut, Vincent Perez (The Crow: City of Angels) also stars in this quirky look at the dangerous backroads of the human heart."

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