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  25 August 2001
R&B singer and actress Aaliyah died Saturday evening after a small plane that was to carry her and eight others back to the United States crashed after takeoff in the Bahamas. Aaliyah recently starred with Vincent in Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned. The Warner Bros. film is scheduled to be released sometime next year.
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Two new additions from Studio magazine have been posted to the VPA. The first is an interview in regard to the filming of Queen Margot featured in their 1994 special Cannes issue. The second is an article called "Le saut de l'ange", from last month's issue showcasing Peau d'ange, Vincent's latest directorial project! Included are the first two photos from his film. Both articles have been kindly translated by Cinzia Masina. We are so grateful for her wonderful multi-linqual skills.
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vsilla.jpg (4705 bytes)As previously reported, Luc Besson was also interviewed in this issue and gave some interesting comments on his production company Europa, which is financing Vincent's film. Luc has two other producers as his assistants: Michel Feller and Virginia Silla - yes, Vincent's sister in-law (pictured above at the computer). Virginia studied economics at the American University in Paris and previously worked for Gaumont Films. Now 29, she has been working for Luc Besson for the past three years. With her experience in several facets of film production plus her intellectual approach, she has become a welcomed addition to Europa. Each one has the option to work on a project of their choice. In the case of Peau d'ange, it was first proposed by Virginia and she remains the executive producer.

Now that filming has ended, it's not surprising that Vincent took some time to unwind and relax from his directorial duties. A French journalist recently spotted him on the beautiful island of Corsica in the Mediterranean. Sounds like an excellent choice.

Here's a rather serious but handsome photo of our man from the March 1999 Japanese issue of Premiere magazine.

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  16 August 2001

There were reports a few months ago that Vincent was to participate in a French TV series called Nana. It was aired on Euro TV on June 29, and current sources show Vincent was not in the cast.

Here are a couple photos from Voici magazine back in October 1994 when model Carla Bruni and Vincent ended their two-year romance. Carla's sister, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, has been a long-time friend of Vincent's since his days at Nanterre, so it's no surprise that she has a role in Vincent's film, Peau d'ange.

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  9 August 2001

I've posted an interview dated May 1997 from Photo magazine called "When Vincent Perez meets Willy Ronis." Now that Vincent has just completed directing his first feature film, it seemed like an appropriate time to highlight his passion for photography, which began with his admiration for 87-year-old French photographer,Willy Ronis.

The DVD of Treat (aka The Treat) will be coming out on October 16. You can pre-order it at Amazon or DVDPlanet for $18.71. Many thanks to Brenda Lorenzo for passing this news along to me. Please remember that Vincent's role is very minor, under five minutes.

Here's another Crow photo that's not seen around too much - Ashe and Curve in great style.

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  25 July 2001

tulipe52pt.jpg (13499 bytes)It was previously just a rumor back in February, but it appears that Vincent is set to star in another "Fanfan" film, this time Fanfan la Tulipe. This will be the fourth remake with the last one in 1952 with Gerard Philipe and Gina Lollobrigida. Vincent will have the title role. The director has yet to be named. The present screenplay is by Jean Cosmos (Le Bossu) and filming will take place in the winter of 2001/2002. Fanfan is a young and handsome peasant who seeks his fortune in the French army after a gypsy predicts his future. It's a fantastic, tongue-in-cheek swashbuckling tale in an 18th-century setting, which levels charges against the inequalities of war. With the combination of comedy and adventure, Vincent will reign supreme!

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Speaking of rumors, word has been going around that Queen of the Damned is going straight to video. NOT TRUE! E! Online columnist Andy Jones first reported this, but Warner Bros. has given their assurance that the film will have a theatrical release in 2002.

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Filming is now wrapping up for Vincent after directing his first feature-length film, Peau d'ange. Several French sources have announced the news of his film over the last few weeks. I'm sure VP fans worldwide look forward to its success when it's released next year. Though we love to see Vincent in front of the camera, it's quite exciting to see him behind the camera fulfilling his dream. His wife, Karine Silla, who helped write the script along with Vincent and Jerome Tonnarre, will also be among the cast.  The following article by Isabelle Warnery appeared in Brussel's Tele magazine on July 11: "Vincent Perez, actor and now director, is doing his first feature-length film in Saint-Prix. Yes, the ladykiller was in Saint-Prix for the filming of Peau d'ange. On Thursday evening, about fifteen inhabitants of the town were gathered in front of Vaudran butchery shop. The technical team was busy for more than an hour mounting the projectors, cameras, microphones, and equipment involving metal pipes to simulate the rain. The butchery of Jean-Marc Vaudran was chosen by Vincent because of its provincial character and charm. The shop with its wood parquet floors and old-world front has been in business since 1877. Ten of the villagers were selected to play customers. This scene should apparently appear at the end of the film. Initial filming began in Paris on May 14 lasting about nine weeks, with Luc Besson's company, Europa Productions, distributing the film next year."

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As many of you know Vincent studied acting in the late eighties at L'Ecole des Amandiers in Nanterre with Patrice Chereau as his mentor. Here's a photo from that time, probably from one of his plays.  I happen to like this look when he raises his pupils, an expression he repeats quite often on screen, especiallly in The Crow: City of Angels.

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Fashion: Vincent evidently took some time off from filming when he attended the new Bulgari Paris Flagship opening on June 7th. From Fashion Avenue: "Bulgari's bash, billed as La Dolce Vita, drew British junior royal Lady Helen Taylor, Chloe designer Phoebe Philo, Lanvin designer Christina Ortiz, heartthrob actor Vincent Perez and fashion czar Yves Carcelle. DJ Boy George manned the turntables at the fete in the Theatre de l'Empire, which was decked out with giant screens featuring clips of Bulgari products on everyone from JenniferAniston and Sharon Stone to Clint Eastwood and Bono." Being married to an ex-model obviously keeps him interested in the latest fashions.

Bride of the Wind continues to show up at arthouses around the country. I just left Maine only to discover on the Net that it's playing in Waterville. At least I saw it three times in NYC, but it would have been great to see it once more (an inevitability with VP movies :) Over and over again, I have read that the film never reached its potential because of Marilyn Levy's banal and uninspired script. Where is the passion everyone asks. There's something about Alma but what? It should have explored her paradoxical struggles as feminist heroine, and anti-feminist relying on the men in her life to create her legacy. Although "The Companion to 20th Century Music" dismisses her music as "slight and derivative." scholars agree, however, on her iconic status; there are nearly as many books devoted to her as to her first husband, composer Gustav Mahler. Any of those certainly offer more insight than the film.

At least film critics continue to honor Vincent's performance with notable praise. Cincinnati CityBeat says, "Vincent Perez creates the most lasting impression. His spirited dinner dance with a mannequin of Alma is the wind that propels the film for a few moments." I heartily agree.

By the way, the film poster that is being used in theaters shows Sarah Wynter with Simon Verhoeven, a strange choice since he doesn't have top billing. I purchased a mouse pad with the poster knowing this, but it would have been much nicer with Vincent (though I'm not terribly fond of his buzz 'do).

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Vincent had been an expected guest at the 36th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic running from July 5-14. Bride of the Wind was being featured, but due to his filming obligations, Sarah Wynter attended in his place. The Maui Film Festival also concluded their festival with a screening of the film on June 17.


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