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  14 August 2007

Legendary Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni passed away on July 30th, oddly the same day as the famous Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman. Back in 1994, Vincent was among the cast of Antonioni's Par-dela les nuages (aka "Beyond the Clouds"). At that time the filmmaker was 82 years old, suffering from speech impairment and partial paralysis as a result of a stroke, but with the help of German director Wim Wenders, he succeeded in creating a beautiful film. During an interview conducted in Houston on a press tour for "Queen Margot" several years ago, Vincent spoke about Antonioni and his film. "The movie is like a testament," said Vincent. "There are four stories. My character was Antonioni's idea. He couldn't say more than 20 words at a time. He was half-paralyzed, so it was very difficult for him to explain what he wanted to say. When he was saying 'quiet', everybody was like ...." Vincent makes a percussive splashing sound. "Each word was used to give you an internal resonance, to understand something about the situation. My story is a man who's following a girl on the street. Normal, trying to seduce her. Superficial talk at the beginning and after that starting to talk about fears, about thoughts, about more deep things. Then she goes into a church, to a Mass. Everyone is waiting to see what Michelangelo wants to do. How he wants to shoot the scene in the church. He didn't answer. We're waiting four hours in this church. Suddenly he came to see me. Somebody was helping him to walk. Then he told the person helping him to go away and I was the one who was to help him walk. We started to walk together. We'd stop at a place in the church and he'd say, 'Beautiful, beauty. Bella! Bella!' We continued to walk to the crucifix. He kept saying 'Bella!' After that he started to sing for me. He stopped singing and said, 'Bella! Bella!'" It was like - not far from tears. After that he asked me to sit and close my eyes. We were alone. It's the first time I saw him alone without anybody helping him. I closed my eyes and, in fact, my movement, that was the movement of the camera, that was the scene. After that, when I opened my eyes, Antonioni was there looking at me, crying with a little smile."

  03 July 2007

The Secret", directed by Vincent and starring David Duchovny, has been retitled Si j'étais toi for its French premiere on October 10. You can view the trailer at this You Tube link. There is presently no official web site, but I have now posted a special page for the film which includes new publicity stills. I have no idea why there have been so many delays in its release since  production took place in Montreal in the spring of 2005.  The film is based on Keigo Higashino' novel, which was transferred to the screen as "Himitsu" in 1999. It tells the story of a man (Duchovny) whose life is devastated when his wife (Lili Taylor) and daughter (Olivia Thirlby) are in an accident.

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On June 6 Vincent attended a press conference at Russia's Sochi's Kinotavr Film Festival for Apocalypse Code. The film's official web site has now been launched and producer Sergei Zhigunov has announced that the film will likely be shown in 50 to 55 countries and will be released in cinemas between June and October 2007. It will premiere in Russia on October 4th. Vincent flew to Sochi and stayed at the Hotel Chernomore directly in the city's center. As soon as he was shown his room, he immediately asked to visit the gym. He had a busy schedule in his brief visit, which included dining out on lamb kebab and red wine, meeting the press, attending a concert and even had time for some sailing. Here are some photos from his visit, several with his co-star Anastasia Zavorotnuyk.

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The official web site for Arn: The Knight Templar has also been launched. Svensk Filmindustri had a presence in Cannes offering distributors a chance to view a promo-reel of one of the most expensive projects ever made in Scandinavia with a budget of over $30 million. Distributors reacted positively to the first 10 minutes of the epic movie. SF, who shares sales with Telepool, said deals were closed with Thailand and Vietnam while negotiations were continuing with Korea, Brazil, China and Benelux. The “Swedish Braveheart” should be ready for Toronto or the RomeFilmFest according to Ann-Kristin Westerberg, SF’s head of international sales. Based on the firt part of Jan Guillou's well-known trilogy, Arn - The Knight Templar takes place in Sweden and the Middle East, and evokes a rich tapesty of gallant knights, powerful quenns and treacherous kings. An epic saga about war and intrigue, friendship and betrayal, and above all: love. Set in the Middle Ages, the film features many of Sweden's best -known actors.

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On May 25th Vincent and his wife Karine attended the Patrick Bruel Concert in Paris.

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Officially called Roland Garros by the French, the French Open is the second championship in row of the four Grand Slam tournaments and held every year in late May early June. Vincent attended on May 30.


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