29 August 2004

virginie4s.jpg (19175 bytes)It appears that Vincent had a busy weekend! The French publication, Le Parisien, reports that his wife Karine's sister, Virginie Silla, and  Luc Besson were married on Saturday in Normandy. The couple have two children - Talia, age 3 and Satine, age 15 months. The 45-year-old director/producer has been previously married to French actresses Anne Parillaud and Milla Jovovich and has two older daughters. The photo of the couple was taken at Cannes this May.

27 August 2004
News from Contactmusic.com:


Movie hunk Vincent Perez is set to give Frankenstein's monster a makeover when he gives Mary Shelley's creation a modern new look.

The Queen of the Damned star will play the monster in horror writer Dean Koontz's reworking of the classic tale.

frankenstein2.jpg (21152 bytes)In the August 29-Sept 4 issue of TV Guide, readers can get an exclusive preview at USA network's Frankenstein. Yes, a photo of Vincent! It looks more like a scene from Passion of the Christ. At least he's still recognizable. Executive producer John Shiban says, "Our Frankenstein is not a horror show; it's a mystery thriller. Here the monster has become human and the human, monstrous." It does puzzle me why the casting crew would think of Vincent. Perhaps it was because of his Marius role in Queen of the Damned. They also cast German actor Thomas Kretschmann as the scientist, so perhaps they were going for that European feel. In years past this role was played by Robert de Niro, Randy Quaid, David Warner and Peter Boyle, but most likely Boris Karloff is the name people recall. I'm very intrigued with the Deucalion character and how Vincent will play him. He looks like a very tortured soul in this photo.

20 August 2004

europe1fr82004s.jpg (15378 bytes) Today an article appeared at Europa1.fr reiterating the news about Vincent writing a children's film. (see June 29th update below) The headline read, "Vincent Perez tells us stories". Loose translation - He is starting to edit tales for children inspired by Breton legends with fairies, witches and phantoms. How did he arrive at such an idea? Could it be five-year-old Iman, daughter of Vincent and actress/model Karine Silla? Having proven his talent as an actor, when he writes, he will have to face a public much more merciless: children. (photo is from Cannes 2004)

frankenstein1s.jpg (26370 bytes)Hallmark has decided to move up their own Frankenstein four-hour mini-series just days ahead of USA's two-hour pilot with Vincent on October 10th. Hallmark's production, originally scheduled for October 26 & 27, includes William Hurt, Donald Sutherland and French actress Julie Delpy. Up until now, it's been left to conjecture as to what role Vincent plays. It was rumored he was playing the "murderer" and now that this photo has appeared on the Internet, perhaps he has taken on the role of Frankenstein's monster! Here he is in the FX makeup trailer with makeup artist Robin Mathews. Has "Ashe" been resurrected?

08 August 2004

ksvp62904s.jpg (22903 bytes)Vincent and his wife Karine attended the 20th "Fete du Cinema" at the Culture Ministry on June 29th. France produces more films than any otherfeteducinema.jpg (31227 bytes) European country, and of all the European production, French films prove the most successful on the export market. Every July there is a three-day-long nationwide cinema festival when all the cinemas in the country offer discounted tickets. This year there was also a one-minute film made with 30 actors presenting their "happy birthday" or "happy anniversary" messages. Among the actors participating were Vincent, Tom Cruise, Jean Reno, Charlotte Rampling, Uma Thurman, Vincent Cassel and Michael Madsen. You can view the film short by clicking on the poster.

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The USA network has announced the air date for the pilot of Frankenstein - Sunday, October 10 at 9 p.m. (EST). Director Marcus Nispel said he was swayed to take on the project by Dean Koontz's teleplay. "I was actually quite blown away by what they came up with, because there's just a great switch happening. The story of Dr. Frankenstein and the monster actually became a spiritual tale, but in its essence, it was much more of a good suspense thriller." The script updates Mary Shelley's classic book to the modern day and turns it into a murder mystery and police procedural. The cast includes Parker Posey as Det. Carson O'Connor, Michael Madsen as Det. Harker, Thomas Kretschmann a Victor Helios (aka Dr. Frankenstein), Anne Ewen as Sandra, and Tom Niwicki as Watkins. The characters played by Adam Goldberg and Vincent still have not been announced. USA Network has yet to commit to further episodes.

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The photos below were taken at Cannes this year by Monsieur Guerin, the celebrated photographer whose work often results in unflattering portraits of his subjects. However, the stars keep posing for him, so obviously they don't mind.

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Back to the more glamorous photos - a new one of Vincent and Karine at Cannes this year.

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07 July 2004
It's that time of year and I'm off to the coast of Maine, so there will be no updates until August.
01 July 2004

There are several favorable reviews for Bienvenue en Suisse, especially for Vincent!

"Here is a film which should guarantee a good amount of laughter... Vincent Perez, as in Je Reste! once again proves his gift to play the side-splitting fop as a worthy heir to Thierry Lhermitte."  ...aVoir-aLire

"First-time filmmaker Lea Fazer can give this comedy the necessary tempo and rate/rhythm for its gags like a clock mechanism. The characters are colorful, triumph going to Vincent Perez, the Swiss seducer with the Vaud accent."  ...Figarascope

"The scenes of pure comedy, where the irresistable Vincent Perez initiates Podalydes to his Helvetic origins are particularly successful."  ...Studio

"Vincent Perez, irresistible from beginning to end, saves the film offering a few good moments opposite the enamoured Emmanuelle Devos." ...Monsieur Cinema

""The scene-stealer is Vincent Perez, playing knowingly on his matinee-idol image, the filmatic twist being that his character is an out-and-out creep from the start."  ...Screen Magazine

"Podalydes is perfect as the spiritual loser, Perez (who grew up close to Lausanne) is delectable as the kind boy-scout ecologist."  ...Telerama

"Vincent Pérez surprend en pur Suisse des montagnes aux expressions farfelues. (Anyone want to translate?) With this first astonishing work, Lea Frazer testifies she knows how to handle comic subleties. Thanks to staging scenes with infernal timing, the younger screenwriter transforms her film into a model of clock-making."  ...Premiere

"The confirmed talented and irresistable Vincent Perez is able to imitate like Michel Leeb or Guy Montagne, adapting the regional accent which is very funny. He should be seen - trailing the vowels, rebounding on the consonants: he is terrific."   ...Chronic'art

"As the chief Helvetic scout, Lausannien Perez does extremely well." ...Le Point

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