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  25 August 2011

With the screening of UN BAISER PAPILLON at the Montreal World Film Festival, Vincent and his wife were on hand to meet the press to discuss the film, which was given a Special Mention by the first feature film jury. Festival president Serge Losique has announced that Vincent has already agreed to serve as president of the festival jury next year. You can view their August 20th interview with Radio Canada by clicking on the photo below.

Film critic Nikola Grozdanovic, reporting from the Montreal Film Festival, reviewed Karine's film with these comments:

As you may have guessed, the movie’s major flaw comes in trying to show too much in too little time. If this were a mini-series with each character given equal time to develop and grow, the story would have sustained its ambitions and turned into something wonderful. As it stands, Silla Perez introduces us to so many characters that we end up caring a little less about each of them. Moments that should be savored, such as a key revelation of a buried family secret, pass by in a flash and lose their weight in the process.

With a brilliant cast on hand, Golino, Perez and Lespert being the absolute stand-outs, great score from David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti (I couldn’t believe it either), some wonderfully amusing moments and all-around striking production values, "Butterfly Kiss" has all the ingredients of a great film. As Vincent Perez himself said when he presented it with his wife, it has a lot of heart and even more soul. Its commendable ambitions, however, are too heavy for the support that the screenplay provides.

  07 August 2011

Vincent will head the jury for the upcoming fourth edition of the Francophone Film Festival, running from August 24-28. Also this month he will be joining his wife Karine at the Montreal World Film Festival for the screening of her film, UN BAISER PAPILLON.

  20 July 2011

The Italian edition of Vogue's July issue features some interesting photography by Peter Lindbergh. The spread was called "Stills from a Movie" showcasing Vincent and Farida Khelfa, the striking and respected fashion symbol and actress of Algerian-Arab origin. You can view the backstage film of the photo session called "Separation" at this link. Michael Philouze stylizes the couple as a forties-married couple. In Italy, which reveres older women, Farida could possibly be seen as a mistress. The hair says it all by the hands of stylist, Leonardo Manetti where Farida exhibits perfectly styled, voluminous hair that was on trend throughout the decade while Vincent maintains a simple shape. In staying with a trip back in time, Lindbergh captures the chemistry of this couple where their actual looks and the looks between the two say more than any dialogue.

Mario Fortunato, who writes for Vogue Italia, describes his impression:

When Farida and Vincent appear on the set – I see them through a doorway; or rather, more than see them, I spy on them, like a child in front of a primary scene – there, I say to myself, it is them. They are my parents.

She is tall on high heels and has her hands on one hip; she almost seems to be twisting in the air. He is wearing a double-breasted suit like one carries a secret, hands in his pockets, his gaze to the floor. The Forties. A lamp, behind them, throws a yellow light, I would say inconclusive. Apart from the walls overloaded with fabrics, on the streets, there is a war going on.

Farida and Vincent obviously are not my parents. Apart from everything else, they were born after me. Both in 1962. He in Switzerland, she in the Lyon area. Both actors, have complicated, distant roots: in their veins there is a bit of Spain, a bit of Germany (him) and Algeria, France (her).

  08 July 2011

On July 3rd, Vincent participated in the Etape du Coeur, a unique occasion when celebrities ride under the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque colors on the time-trial stage of the Tour de France. This charity ride has already helped save more than 190 under-privileged children suffering from heart conditions. The ride took place in Essarts, where the team of cyclists completed the 23km race, aiming to collect enough for 10 children to have surgery, thus reaching 200 saved lives. The French celebrities included Paul Belmondo, Dominique Pinon, Patrice Leconte, Magali Le Floc'h, Christian Moran, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, Marc Raquil, Guy Roux and Stéphane Sanseverino. You can view an interview with Vincent by clicking on the photo below. You can also watch a clip at youtube.

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La Fête du Cinéma was represented this year by five ambassadors - Jean-Paul Rouve, Déborah François, Ariane Ascaride, Claudia Cardinale and Vincent. From June 25 to July 1, movie tickets could be purchased for only 3 euros. When asked about the festival, Vincent responded that he thought it was great for moviegoers to only have to pay 3 euros. He kidded that they could go see his wife Karine's film, "Un Baiser Papillon" several times! He added, "I think the more you go to the movies, the more you want to go. It's like books, like wine, like all good things! Does Vincent go to the cinema? He answers, "Yes, I need to go to the movies. I like to know what's happening. When you go into a theater and share the emotions and vibrations with an audience, you respond to the film all the more strongly and they stay with you. What was the last film he saw? He says it was Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris", which he recommends. He was hoping to catch "Omar Killed Me" during the festival. He lastly commented on Karine's next film, "Santa Claus is African", which will be shot in Senegal, his wife's birthplace.

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Known for his passion for the nostalgia, Vincent has co-authored a guidebook called "Le Paris du cinéma : Guide illustré de la Ville Lumière, 800 adresses liées au septième art". Collaborating with journalist Philippe Durand, he created a sumptuous illustrated guide to the City of Light in connection with the cinema. "Le Paris du Cinema", which features memorable photographs, 100 of which were taken personally by Vincent, is a fascinating book teeming with juicy details for those wishing to visit many of those famous places brought to the screen. Vincent recalls his passion for movies being fed by the likes of Chaplin and Kazan, Ford and Kurosawa. He also remembers with relish and without shame his emotions during childhood and adolescence watching a myriad of films from "Bambi" to "Grease".

How did you get the idea for the book?
VP: The idea was not mine, but that of Pierre-Marcel Favre and journalist Philippe Durand, who did all the research. When I started reading this Paris film guide, I was fascinated. I was thinking constantly of the impressions that I had the first time I came to Paris when I saw the mythical places I had seen in films that had made me dream. Places like the Rue de Rivoli, the Place du Trocadero and the Sacred Heart. You want to know more about them and this book offers that possibility.

Was Paris always linked to the cinema for you?
VP: Initially, it was linked to painters like Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso. In my childhood imagination, it was also linked to poetry and songs. All the arts were linked; it was the Paris of artists... This is an extraordinary city with a wealth of incredible artists.

Do you remember your first visit?
I came with my best friend, whom I went to school with in Longeraie at Morges. We were 15 and came with our mothers. All day we walked, we looked, we walked, we looked. We were the kings of the world for five days.

What were your favorite places in relation to the cinema?
VP: Rue de Richelieu, where Cocteau had lived with Jean Marais. So when you go there, you wonder about this great man living in this neighborhood and where he drank his coffee, bought his bread. I often went to a restaurant called Natacha, rue Campagne-Premiere, and this street will forever remind me of the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo in "Breathless." Every time I pass it, I think of that... We cannot be alone in Paris for there are all these ghosts among us...


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