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24 August 2003

In their June issue, Cyclopolitan, a French cycle magazine, reported Vincent's upcoming role as a cyclist in Diane Kury's Je Reste! He takes his place among other movie cyclists, such as Kevin Costner in the 1985 film, American Flyers. You can tell from this photo that Vincent is ripe for this comedy!

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pathetours3.jpg (17895 bytes)Beatrice Dieuzy of France has sent along a magazine interview from the October 2002 issue of Virgin. It's an interview that took place around the opening of Peau d'ange. Vincent discusses his experience as a director, and further comments on how much happiness the role of Fanfan la Tulipe brought him. Here he is dancing with the film's director, Gerard Krawczyk! This photo also comes from Beatrice and is among her collection of personal photos. It was taken when the pair made a Pathe theatre appearance. Merci, Beatrice!

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Gala magazine has an online web site that features a short video in which Vincent appears. Back on April 24, invited guests celebrated the 200th anniversary of the prestigious House of Arthus-Bertrand, recognized for its contribution to the cultural history of France with its medals, decorations, swords and jewels. [Watch Vincent put his thumb up to the camera when leaving]

12 August 2003
ensuisse.jpg (20478 bytes)Vincent is presently in beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland, doing a film called Voyage en Suisse. It was reported in Swiss newspapers that the stars of the film had arrived by July 27th and were spending August at the Hotel Chateau Gutsch. The hotel recently went bankrupt and closed, so while the owners are looking for a new buyer, it's the perfect accommodations for the cast.

Update: This film will be directed by Lea Fazer, who previously has written for stage, television and film. She has also staged plays, but this will be the first film she's directed. Other cast members include Emmanuelle Devos and Denis Podalydes. The lovely chateau they're staying at is described as a fairy-tale castle with spectacular panoramic views over Lucerne and the lake. This film was mentioned in a recent interview that Vincent gave to Film Francais.

And in this same interview, he was questioned about his next project, Beau Masque, which was to begin shooting in September, and he responded by saying he was not doing the film. Vincent spoke about Peau d'ange and the immense pleasure it brought him. He was happy that he "could trust the work of the actors; moreover, the film did not lose any money and was sold internationally." He   said, "To some extent, Peau d'ange is the foundation of my career as a director." He has three new film ideas, but won't fulfill any of them for at least another year. He needs time. He enjoyed doing the comedy Je Reste! this year playing the role of a "bloody nuisance" - a husband, whose wife wants to leave him, but who clings to her even more. Finally, he spoke about leaving for Switzerland in July to begin his role in Le Voyage en Suisse. Though he's not very close to this country, he adds, "at the same time, it's not so remote because I was born there."

11 August 2003
pharmaciendvd2.gif (8828 bytes)The DVD of Le Pharmacien de garde will be available for purchase on September 23. It will be released in Region 1 format (US & Canada) but, sorry to say, it will have NO English subtitles. The same date goes for those living in Europe (Region 2 format) You can pre-order now at

And speaking of Canada, there are some very lucky VP fans who can see Fanfan la Tulipe this week at their local cinema in Montreal and Quebec.


"I find myself more and more at ease in the role of the comedian."    jereste9c.jpg (15862 bytes)     

Ten years later!
1993 - 2003

"It satisfies my taste for precision as in dance or combat."

"Fanfan was the bridge that led me to comedy"

  ...Vincent Perez

09 August 2003

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Marie-Dominique  believes her husband Bertrand devotes too much time to cycling, his favorite passion...

Je Reste!

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06 August 2003
trintignant1s.jpg (8192 bytes)Vincent and Karine were among the mourners today in an emotional farewell to French actress Marie Trintignant, whose brutal death at age 41 stunned the country. She died Friday due to a cerebral edema, caused by severe blows to her head. A week ago she and her rock star companion, Bertrand Cantat, had a violent dispute. He has been remanded in custody. A tribute ceremony with music and songstrintignant2s.jpg (7004 bytes) was held at the Edward VII Theatre in Paris this morning followed by burial in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Among the many celebrities present were Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Auteuil, Patrice Chereau, Lambert Wilson and Jane Birkin. Marie is the daughter of director Nadine and actor Jean-Louis Trintignant (co-starred with Vincent in Those Who Love Me...) 
03 August 2003
iman4s.jpg (15884 bytes)New cast members have been announced for Vincent's next film, Beau Masque. They are Francois Berleand, Laurent Malet and Judith Magre. Perhaps Vincent is relaxing this summer with Karine and their four children in their new country home. This photo from the Peau d'ange trailer shows their adorable Iman, who turned four on May 2. By the way, Iman means faith in Arabic. I haven't come across any photos yet of their twins (boy and girl) born in January.

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Regarding my July 31 update, once more I am grateful to Lorenza of Italy for her generous contributions to the VP Archives. She kindly translated the audio interview at the Italian web site - Trova Cinema. Here is the English text:

Arianna Finos: Why did you feel the need to direct?

Vincent:  It was an old dream of mine. I attended a photography school in Switzerland. I'm used to looking at the world through a photographer's eyes. I store images and then I work them out inside me. I was eager to make this experience.

AF: "Peau d'ange" is a film about love and faith.

VP: It is most of all a movie about the transformation of a girl's earthly feeling into divine love. All the characters deal with love, covering different aspects: the love of a father for his daughter, love for religion, passionate love.

AF: As a very young actor, you played in "Le voyage du Capitaine Fracasse" by Ettore Scola. What's your memory of that experience?

VP: It was a very nice period. There was instant team spirit working with Ornella Muti, Massimo Troisi and the other characters in the movie. Massimo and I became very good friends and he even taught me some words in Neapolitan dialect. The discovery of Rome and Italy was like a fairy tale to me. I still remember my amazement when I first saw the big forest, which had been recreated at Studio 5 in Cinecitta. I asked Scola why he had preferred to have a forest recreated to filming in a real one. He anwered that the cinema is an inner journey.

AF: You worked with Penelope Cruz in "Fanfan La Tulip"'. Had you met her before?

VP: Yes, Penelope and I have been friends for a long time and we had already worked together ten years before (Talk of Angels). Penelope's life is incredible: now she lives in Hollywood, she works a lot and she is happy, but she has maintained a wonderful relationship with Pedro Almodovar. She has been able to keep her ties alive with Spain.

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While surfing the Japanese web sites, I found this autographed card, which is obviously from the Yokohama French Film Festival in June. I'll be including a section on autographed photos
in the new updated gallery.

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