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27 September 2002

Here's a Reel Life review of Peau d'ange recently screened in Montreal. It generously gives Vincent credit as a promising director and gives a more gentle critique of where the film fails -

"The story of Peau d'Ange is really the exploration of the lives of its two leads and the strange relationship that ensues form their one-night stand, as the script explores the destiny of the two characters. There is a bit of a slow start, as the characters and situation are put in place, but eventually the narrative becomes engaging, turning a rather simple story into a sentimental, delicate melodrama. First-time director Perez (best known for his acting in such films as Indochine and Cyrano de Bergerac) acquits himself quite well, showing a good control of his actors and of plotting. Though probably intentional, the narrative is a little jerky at times, quick-cutting to different time frames which makes it all feel a little odd. Apart from Perez's obvious eye for photography (which comes across through some nice, even poetic, imagery), the success of the film lies in the capable hands of his lead actress. Indeed, Moré is a revelation, coming off as shy and naive on one side and enigmatic and saintly on the other, her performance as a simple girl devoted to a man she has barely seen and one she barely knows is delicate and believable. However, though his role does ask him to play the cad, Depardieu is never either convincing nor is he ever sympathetic though we are supposed to feel for the loss of his mother and his eventual redemption. In the end, Peau d'Ange is a nice, intimate little film that shows promise for its director."

20 September 2002

There will be an advanced screening of Peau d'ange in France on Monday, October 7th. I don't know how many theaters will preview it, but it has been announced at the following theater - Multiplexe Pathé Brumathrue des Frères Lumière 67170 Brumath. It's general release will be Wednesday, October 9th.

Recently Vincent and his wife Karine, who co-wrote his newly directed film, were interviewed the day after their film was presented at the Montreal World Film Festival. In case you haven't been able to watch this interview (see Summer news), I have transcribed it with the moderator's translation; hence, it's more of a synopsis of what was said.

13 September 2002

Here are more scenes from Peau d'ange directed by Vincent. That's his wife, Karine, in the bottom right photo with Guillaume Depardieu. How fortunate for those who live in France who have the chance to see this beautiful film come October 9th!

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10 September 2002

pbossu3a.jpg (12127 bytes)According to Newsday, On Guard (aka Le Bossu), will be released in the U.S. on October 11. The 9/6/02 article went on to say that "some movies will open in a limited number of New York City theaters, with a possible wider release later in the year." Critics agree, "Le Bossu is a dynamic and lively film with action, betrayal, revenge, love, comedy and, of course, great thrust and parry sequences." Though this French film was made in 1997, it evidently was never distributed in the U.S. except at film festivals. (Watch the trailer)

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You may have noticed that a 2002 documentary, Un jour dans la vie du cinema francais, now appears in Vincent's filmography at On March 27 of this year, teams of reporters were dispatched simultaneously to the four corners of France to create a documentary showing 24 hours of the complex French dream factory, which produces 160 full-length films a year and employs several thousands of people. Translated One Day in the Life of French Cinema, the 60-minute film was aired on French television on May 20. More than 75 actors participated including Vincent, Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu, Sophie Marceau, Emmanuelle Beart, Jean Reno, Juliette Binoche, and Vincent Lindon.

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More brief reviews of Peau d'ange have surfaced this week. Susan Green of Boxoffice Magazine seemed only impressed with Guillaume Depardieu's "charismatic presence". However, Brandon Judell of Indie Wire describes the film as "Sweet with a strain of spirituality and uplifting pathos; this one might also garner some U.S. fans." And more praise comes from Michael Faust of Art Voice with, "Perez directs with admirable economy, confident in the script and what he wants to get out of each scene."

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Here's a new photo (undated) for the Archives from the Japanese movie publication, Screen. The magazine paper used has a grain to it, so it's not the best quality.

06 September 2002

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According to the French media, the filming of Fanfan la Tulipe has been going on all summer in Areyron, often referred to as one of the most beautiful places in France. On Wednesday the cast and crew arrived in Onet-le-Château near Rodez where they will spend several days. The filmmakers are using the greatest discretion as they descend upon this small village. All the same, a villager and his daughters succeeded in getting a photograph with Vincent Perez!

Interestingly, I have discovered that journalists seem to prefer female stars. I'm referring to all the articles thus far about the making of Fanfan la Tulipe. In every article, lo and behold, there's a photo of Penelope Cruz. Yes, she's very beautiful and talented, but the star of the film is really Vincent Perez as Fanfan. It appears that her Ms. Cruz's brief courtship with Tom Cruise has given her a new status among celebrities.

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Gerard Depardieu is back from the Montreal World Film Festival, and when a reporter questioned him on whether he had seen his son Guillaume in Peau d'ange, he responded, "I have not seen Peau d'ange, the film of Vincent Perez." The reporter pointed out that Guillaume's performance was remarkable, as was his role with his father in Aime ton pere. Doesn't that now affirm him as an actor? Gerard responded, "If what you say is true and he's affirmed, all the better. Guillaume is a man, a poet, a true poet with the defects and qualities of the poet with his requirements and his exuberances. He should be taken as he is."

03 September 2002

As many of you may already know, Guardian of the Night was released as a DVD in the U.S. on July 30. It comes with English subtitles, and though Jean-Philippe Ecoffey heads the cast, Vincent has a nice supporting role as a French playboy named Armand. I found his performance quite engaging. The film was made in 1986 when Vincent was only 22 years old, and yes, you already see the signs of a great star in the making. If you're interested in purchasing this DVD, it's available at several sites, but the lowest price of $17.94 is at with a shipping charge of only $2.90. Check out the Archives' new photo album for this film by clicking on the image above.

DVD description: - "In this off-beat, often hilarious journey into the extremes of obsessive love, Yves (Ecoffey) is a policeman so enamored of a nurse (Doazan) he adores from afar that he'll do anything to try to attract her attention. His obsession drives him to steal cars the color of her eyes and to rob a post office because the clerk looks like her! More and more, Yves is consumed by his obsession and goes to increasingly absurd lengths to win the affections of the woman he barely knows. Earning a Cesar Award nomination for Most Promising Young Actor, Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey stars as Yves, and Aurelle Doazan is Aurore, his love interest. Vincent Perez, making his film debut, makes an impact as Armand."

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peau26.jpg (23514 bytes)The awards were given out yesterday at the Montreal World Film Festival. Alas, Peau d'ange was not among the winners; however there were some French winners. Sophie Marceau won the best director prize for her film, Parlez-moi d'amour, and the Special Grand Prix of the Americas went to Luc Besson for his exceptional contribution to cinematographic art.


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