23 September

dvds1.jpg (13675 bytes)I often get email inquiring about purchasing Vincent's movies so this should be great news for all VP fans living in the U.S. and Canada (Region 1). The DVD of Le Pharmacien de garde (without subtitles) became available today. The Queen Margot DVD with English subtitles was released on September 15th. The DVD of Peau d'ange will come out on October 7th. These titles along with the Le Libertin DVD are all available at If you don't have a DVD player yet, this is a perfect reason to buy one!

21 September

jereste17f.jpg (12558 bytes)The romantic comedy, Je Reste! will light up the screen in French theatres in ten more days. Filming commenced back in January lasting about ten weeks and included film locations in Paris and outskirts, Blonville (in Normandy) and Côte d'Azur (Riviera). With a cast that includes Vincent, Sophie Marceau and Charles Berling, it looks like a surejereste11f.jpg (11409 bytes) winner. According to an interview with Diane Kurys, this was the first time she has directed a film without writing the screenplay, which actually made her feel freer, though she embellished the ending of Florence Quentin's script. Ms. Kurys also opened up to improvisation, ready to give her actors more freedom in their proposals. This probably was a God-send for Vincent whose antics seem to come naturally.

jereste13f.jpg (8847 bytes)Sophie plays Marie-Domenica, the model wife of Bertrand (Vincent), whose life is governed by overwhelming practices. He is in charge of international buildingjereste4f.jpg (8847 bytes) sites, but spends much of his time devoted to his favorite sport - cycling. A true maniac, he does not tolerate any change in routine. His wife meets all the demands of her husband, dealing with the education of their son and tries to tend to her own desires and aspirations. However, she is dissatisfied. The day comes when she meets Antoine (Charles), an impassioned writer of cinema and art, and a worldwind of passion begins. She decides to leave Bertrand, but he will not let her leave so easily.

jereste9f.jpg (9578 bytes)jereste15f.jpg (10713 bytes)This is the second time that Vincent has worked with Sophie having made the delightful comedy, Fanfan, ten years ago. His co-star, Charles Berling, also appeared in Those Who Love Me.... though the two never shared a scene. Vincent says his first scenes with Sophie were the most difficult because "he had to play this guy who treats his wife so badly. For the first time he doesn't get to play the role of the lover, but rather that of the blundering husband, locked into his routine, a true burden on his family... a real bloody nuisance!"

jereste8f.jpg (10677 bytes)He refers to one of his best memories as the time spent filming at the beach house. He says that "everyone was so happy to be making this film." If you watch some of the videos at the film's official web site, you'll witness exactly what he'sjereste6f.jpg (8993 bytes) talking about. He's a real cut-up, always looking for fun and laughs while waiting for a scene to be set up. His silly walks, his dancing, funny faces and laughter reveal how comical and free-spirited he really is. He's never afraid to be the clown. I hope he lends himself to many more of these roles in the years ahead, and let's hope the critics love the script and appreciate Vincent's comedic talent.

18 September

The Black & White Photo Gallery is the first one to be completed in the new gallery section. With the thumbnails, it'll take less time to download the pages and should give you easier access to the photos. Many more photo pages to come!

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The 16th Louis Vuitton Classic took place the first weekend in September at the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud. About eighty touring, GT and racing cars from all eras and from all over the world were exhibited. Among those attending were several celebrities including Vincent, Jeanne Moreau, Chow Yun Fat and Wilson Lambert. Though there were several photos taken at the event, sorry, there were none of Vincent.

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The DVD & video of Fanfan la Tulipe

will be released on December 3, 2003!

10 September

In an interview with Vincent about filming Je Reste!, he said he was attracted to the Alain Terzian script because of its humor. He added that, "the originality of the character I was to play had me hooked immediately. I called Diane Kurys and we spoke. Sophie Marceau in the role of Marie was the cherry on the cake for me!"

I haven't had much success in translating the entire interview. It would be greatly appreciated by me, as well as all visitors to the site, if someone could translate the interview. Thank you! Update: Cinzia Masina will be giving us a translation!

You can view the Je Reste! trailer via QuickTime by clicking on this photo.

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Last month the Copenhagen Film Festival featured four of Vincent's films! - Peau d'ange, Fanfan la Tulipe, Le Bossu and Le Temps Retrouve. In regard to Peau d'ange, it was noted that "after a series of successful shorts, Vincent Perez - the Swiss-born star of Fanfan and the Oscar-winning Indochine - has made an impressive feature debut with a powerful cast."

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The photo gallery is still under construction, but work continues on it. I'm gathering photos and categorizing them. In the future, the gallery will feature thumbnails of most photos on this site.

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It's a mystery as to what's up next for Vincent. It had been previously announced that he would take the lead role in Philippe de Broca's Beau Masque, which was to begin shooting this month. However, there hasn't been any information released in the past couple months confirming this, plus Vincent indicated in a more recent interview that he wouldn't be doing this film.

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01 September

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