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  19 December 2005

The DVD of Frankenstein is now available. The film was originally aired in October 2004 on the USA channel network. Vincent plays the "monster" Deucalion who was created some two hundred years ago by Victor Helios. The lightning storm that Victor used to spark life in his creature inadvertently gave Deucalion some kind of immortality. Deucalion has survived the past centuries wandering the Earth, a mysterious and secretive fugitive who stays in the shadows, his face and body a patchwork of scars and tattoos. When Deucalion learns that his maker is alive and well and continuing his work, Deucalion comes to modern-day New Orleans to seek out and destroy him. Deucalion is sensitive to the suffering of those around him. He strives to become more human and perhaps, one day, attain a soul. His dark origins haunt him, and his dedication to destroy Victor is part of the penance he pays for his past sins.

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Here's the lastest photo of Vincent, seen here with his wife Karine, attending the premiere of King Kong in Paris on December 10th. If you've seen the film, you may have recognized Thomas Kretschmann in the role of Captain Englehorn. Kretschmann also starred in Frankenstein as Victor Helios.

  02 November 2005

The DVD of Nouvelle France is now available in Region 1 format (US and Canada). There are several Canadian online vendors, including The film is in French but with English subtitles. Thanks to Barbara Nelson of New Mexico for this heads up! In an interview with the film's director, Jean Beaudin talks about how Vincent got the role of Intendant Bigot: "Irene Jacob is one of my favourite actors, and we approached her for fun. The next day, Irene was there at my door, and we got along immediately. We still call each other from time to time. Vincent Perez, who's a good friend of Irene's, called us and said he wanted to do that part. So it all came together like that.

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Here's one more photo of Vincent and Karine at the Corpse Bride premiere in Paris on September 27th. The second set shows Vincent vacationing in Bonofacio on the island of Corsica in July of 2002.

  24 October 2005

FRANKENSTEIN will be re-aired tomorrow evening on the Sci-fi Channel at 9 pm (EDT). The TV film was originally aired on the USA Network channel in October 2004. From "Frankenstein has an intriguing premise, good acting and a sexy Frankenstein, and it's dripping with atmosphere... Parker Posey does a solid job as Carson... Vincent Perez makes for a compelling sexy antihero, and Thomas Kretschmann does a nicely evil turn as the doctor." 

  03 October 2005

According to Production Weekly, Vincent has joined the cast of the sci-fi thriller THE LAST WARRIOR for John Eyres to direct. The script is set in the post-apocalyptic world of 2060, where a rookie cop, Jonathan Summers, fights to save the woman he loves, Gabrielle, from a genetically engineered warrior, Alexander (Perez), destined for extermination by Valdez, the security chief of the all-powerful corporation Genitek. Production is scheduled to begin January in Prague, Czech Republic.

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As some of you may know, Vincent won the Prix Jean Gabin in 1992 for his work in Le Neige et le feu. Both the Prix Jean Gabin and the Prix Romy Schneider are given each year to two young promising actors. I recently came across two photos of Vincent taken on the evening he received his award. Pictured with him is actress Anouk Grinberg who won the Prix Romy Schneider that year. Vincent remembers that he was very moved when he was told he had won the award, weeks in advance of the ceremony, but both he and Anouk were sworn to secrecy. Amusingly, he recalls that even when meeting someone on the jury, it was known that they knew about the award and that he knew about it, but discretion was still required.

Doesn't he look so young! Of course, that was 13 years ago. That looks like a giant bottle of champagne he's holding.

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Vincent and Karine definitely are out on the town these days. Here are some pics taken when they attended the Corpse Bride premiere in Paris on September 27.

  28 September 2005

Lots of new photos! On September 13 Vincent and his wife Karine attended the "La Nuit du Millesime" Wine Vintage Party. Pictured with Vincent is Christopher Lambert, Michel Edouard Leclerc and Thierry Lhermitte.


And on September 22 the pair also attended the Paris premiere of "Revolver" directed by Guy Ritchie and produced by Luc Besson.

  06 September 2005

The cover of the  9/01/05 issue of Paris Match magazine shows French actor Gerard Depardieu with his 13-year-old daughter, Roxane, who also happens to be Vincent's stepdaughter. Since childhood she has been kept away from the media, so for the first time she gives her impressions of her family. The article and photos reveal a beautiful history of love between a father and a daughter. It is apparent that Roxane hasn't suffered from the separation of her parents. The article says that Depardieu is raising the veil on his daughter, born during his relationship with model Karine Silla, the wife of Vincent Perez. Depardieu refers to Roxane as "princess" and she calls him "Pinpin". Roxane says, "I don't know why I call him that. It goes back to when I was five or six years old. Everyone calls their father dad. It's banal." She continues, "My father is not like other actors. He doesn't behave like them. He doesn't have a court around him like a star." When questioned on the qualities of her father, she says "He is nice and he is funny. He makes me laugh and he takes me where I want on holiday. If I say I'd like to go to Tokyo, he agrees to it. And I feel safe with Pinpin because he is big and strong." As for her stepfather, she says, "I adore him. He saw me at the hospital when I was born. It is because of him that I love horses. He is brilliant. He is very nice to me."  Roxane, who can play the piano and guitar, acknowledges her passion for music, in particular rock n' roll and metal... When she's questioned about acting, she doesn't deny the possibility of making it her career. She says, "everyone is involved: my stepmother, my father, my stepfather, my aunt, my uncle, my brother, my mother, my sister... It depends..."


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