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  18 October 2011

Last night Vincent attended the inauguration of the boutique Look on the rue Saint-Honore in Paris. Other celebrities included Emmanuelle Beart, Patrick Bruel and Victoria Abril. That's Christian Vadim in the second photo and Dominique Bergin in the third photo.

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This year the Festival Lumičre celebrated Gerard Depardieu by awarding him the Lumiere Prize for lifetime achievement. The ceremony was held on October 8th in Lyon with both Vincent and Karine in attendance. The award was presented by Bertrand Tavernier, president of Institut Lumiere, in the presence of Fanny Ardant and before an audience of actors, directors and film professionals. In 2009, the prize was awarded to Clint Eastwood and last year, to Milos Forman. In addition, Vincent conducted a masterclass on acting at the Institute the following day.  Click here for more festival photos.

  02 October 2011

S.T. Dupont, the maker of luxury pens and lighters, celebrated its return to the leather goods arena with a cocktail party on Thursday, September 29th. The celebration took place at their refurbished store on Avenue Montaigne and attracted several celebs, including Vincent. Industry veteran Mounir Moufarrige, who thought up the new line, co-hosted the bash with S.T. Dupont chief executive officer Alain Crevet and guest of honor Sean Ferrer, son of Audrey Hepburn and her actor husband, Mel Ferrer. The actress carried a Dupont Riviera bag back in 1953, and her likeness will feature in point-of-sale displays and advertising for the new handbag line, whose launch coincides with the 50th anniversary of "Breakfast at Tiffany’s". The first photo shows Vincent with Alain Crevet and Sean Ferrer (on the right), who looks very much like his dad.

  16 September 2011

On September 12th, Vincent presented his photo exhibition "From Vladivostok to Paris" held at Arseniev Museum as part of the 9th International Film Festival of the Asian-Pacific region Pacific Meridian. In 1996 Vincent went to Russia to film Pavel Lungin's movie "Ligne de Vie". In 2010 he presented his film "Demain des l'aube" at the IFF Pacific Meridian. It was at that time that the idea of a personal photo exhibition came to be arranged in Vladivostok. Vincent explains, "While saying goodbye to Larissa Belobrova at the airport last year, suddenly we looked at each other and almost simultaneously agreed that yes, we need some collaborative project. Larissa knows that I love photography and that I took a lot of pictures in Vladivostok, so the idea, in general, was on the surface."

Vincent confessed that launching such a project took a lot of courage. "I was always very shy with my work as a photographer, as there are so many great photographers around," he said. "But, at some stage I felt that there are enough good photographs to be able to show them. I thought it was time for me to share them with the world.” He was particularly pleased that the exhibition was set up by his Russian friends. “I love coming to Russia. I always come here and feel that I’m linked with its culture. When I started acting, I was very impressed by Stanislavsky’s books, which convinced me to become an actor, so Russia has greatly influenced my life."

The actor does not consider a photo exhibition to be a radical change in his career. "It’s not about changing directions. I’ve always traveled a lot around the world taking photos. At some point, people started asking me to take some photos for them. For example, Luc Besson asked me to do some photos of his last shoot in Indonesia. I also worked with Carla Bruni and Gerard Depardieu. I had files of photos and I had to do something with them."

The essence of the exhibition is to bring together French and Russian culture in the form of a photo exhibition to show the relationship between Moscow, Paris and Vladivostok. France is represented by Gerard Depardieu and Carla Bruni and many ordinary people in Paris. In the same context, he photographed Moscow with Lungin, Sergey Stepanchenko and Oleg Tabakov. Vincent calls it a "creative look at the people with whom I have friendships."

Vincent explained his photography with "Why do we long for storytelling? To forget our loneliness? To satisfy our thirst for eternity? To make somebody cry? To laugh.. To talk... To love... To take a picture, capture a moment, or catch a glance. To stop, prolong the moment, tell a  story. I used to note one line after each meeting, just one thought as a bottom line of our discourse during the shoot. The pictures were taken in a gathering either before the performance, or between scenes, or even during a chance encounter within a couple of seconds. Included are well-known actors, politicians, cultural figures and artists, and sometimes strangers. The underlying feeling always becomes unveiled when developed - solitude, belief, fatigue, courage, strength, challenge..."

The exhibition will leave Vladivostok on September 14th and continue on to Moscow and then Paris. You can view more photos at the Exhibition gallery. Here are a couple photos of Vincent arriving at Vladivostok for the opening of the Pacific Meredian Film Festival.

  10 September 2011

If you've been following Vincent's personal life as well as his career, you know by now that he's very much into fashion. That's not surprising considering he dated ex-model Mrs. Nicholas Sarkozy (Carla Bruni) and is presently married to an ex-model.  So, here he is attending the Courreges Party during Vogue Fashion's Night in Paris on September 8th.

And remember he continues to do the IKKS ad campaign as a model himself. Vincent was photographed once again by Jan Welters in a Haussmann apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris for Autumn-Winter 2011. For the fourth season, IKKS continues its rock and chic theme with its ambassador who suits the brand so well. Be sure to visit the new gallery.

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Two weeks ago Vincent and Karine attended the Montreal World Film Festival, where "Un Baiser Papillon" was screened. Here are a few more photos taken in Montreal.

  3 September 2011

With the success of the Italian TV drama, "Lo Scandalo Bella Banca Romana", two years ago, Vincent has once again been cast in a two-part Italian miniseries called THE IRON PREFECT. It will be produced by Artis dell'Apulia with support from the Rai Fiction Film Commission. The tentative director will be Alessandro Capone while the location will be in Puglia with filming to begin on September 26th. Vincent takes on the lead role of Cesare Mori, a prefect sent to Sicily in 1925 by Benito Mussolini to eradicate the Mafia. However, Mori's methods were often hasty and unorthodox.

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Check out these photos taken at the Francophone Film Festival where Vincent headed up the jury. Karine was also present at the festival because UN BAISER PAPILLON was given a special screening. When Vincent was asked why he accepted being jury president, he responded, "I've been president of the jury for several festivals, one most recently created by Toscan du Plantier before his death. I was happy to comply in his memory. I find it an exciting role. The FFA attracts many moviegoers... I am especially pleased to be involved in this festival. I was even very flattered when asked to be president this year.


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