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24 September 2014

Rarely do any of Vincent's foreign films or TV specials become available to the English-speaking world, but the 2012 Italian TV mini-series, IL PREFETTO DI FERRO has been released with English subtitles on DVD and been renamed CESARE MORI.  In this two-part mini-series, Vincent plays the title role of the real-life police prefect who was given carte blanche to battle the Mafia in 1920s Italy by Mussolini. When the TV film was televised, Vincent told the press that he liked this character. He added, "When an actor has passion for a character, it's the best thing. Mori was a character who was very hard, closed, determined and, above all, firm in his convictions. A determination that I've never found in the characters I've played  before." I purchased my copy from Ebay rather than spend the retail price of $29.95. I haven't watched it yet but will give a review later.

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With the publication of Karine's book, "Monsieur est mort", I discovered three more photos. The first one was published in Paris Match. The caption read, "French writers Frederika Amalia Finkelstein, Gautier Battistella, Aurelien Delsaux, Clotilde Coquet, Sophie Brocas, Karine Silla, Adrien Bosc are photographed for Paris Match in Paris, France on July 17, 2014."  Cute photo! The second was held at a book signing on September 14th, and the third one was taken at an annual book festival called  "Les mots doubs", which was held September 19-21, 2014.

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On September 22 Vincent and his wife attended the Norway National Ballet at Theatre des Champs Elysees. I only came across this one photo.

21 September 2014

The latest news on the upcoming filming of Hans Fallada's book, ALONE IN BERLIN, is that it will begin shooting in April. As director and possibly producer, Vincent is currently finalizing financing and refining the cast, which will bring together Emma Thompson and Daniel Brühl ("Good Bye, Lenin!"). Describing the plot, he says, "This is a couple who, after learning of the death of her child who was killed on the Russian front, decide to fight against fascism. They do so quite amazingly depositing leaflets in the form of postcards in stairwells. This is completely absurd and totally harmless, completely ridiculous, but it is a way to resist." For those who don't know, Vincent's mother is German and that side of his family never joined the Nazi party. On his father's Spanish side, his grandfather was executed by the Nationalists. Vincent says, "I wanted to make a film about insubordination, the strength and courage of ordinary people. It's a little history of my family." His goal is to have the film ready for the 2016 Cannes Festival. Surprisingly, he admits that the two feature films he has directed thus far were not successful.

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From the Gaumont Pathé Archives comes this photo of a young Vincent being interviewed in a cafe in 1994 - yes, some twenty years ago. He had just finished filming "Queen Margot" which was about to be presented at Cannes. He speaks highly of director Patrice Chereau, and indicates he would love to work with Pedro Almodovar or Martin Scorsese. At the time he was living with Carla Bruni and admitted modeling was a profession not made for very manly men. However, we all know he eventually went on to model for IKKS!

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Last weekend the TV mini-series DISPARUS was aired on French television and reviews were very positive. Télé 7 Jours wrote, "It was a pleasure to see the seductive Vincent Perez, whom we had not seen on television for four years." Télé Star called the series a "nice surprise thanks to fine performances and excellent actors" while Télé Poche described it as a skillfully created thriller "which marks the successful return of Vincent Perez."

Vincent was asked what was it about the series that motivated him to return to television. He responded,  "First the director, Thierry Binisti." He had worked with him on the set of "Indochine" in 1991 when Binisti was an assistant to director Regis Wargnier. "And then the character. He speaks little. We do not know much about him. It is a kind of challenge, strengthened by his isolation on the island." Playing the loner cop who arrives in Corsica to investigate the alleged abduction of a child and his babysitter, Vincent says the character appealed to him because of his flaws. He's both cynical and idealistic.

Vincent had previously been to Corsica in the tourist areas - Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio but had never visited the west coast of the island which he refers to as a "very wild area". However, he came to enjoy his stay. He explains, "The villagers were adorable. Some offered me gifts in the streets, cheese, coppa... Their generosity has overwhelmed me. I returned from Corsica transformed." In the final scene he gets to swim naked in some frigid waters because it was winter. He says, "The inhabitants of Cargese wondered if we would succeed in filming that scene." It would be interesting to know how much nudity was revealed on French TV.

While shooting the film, Vincent also took up boxing classes in Cargese which he calls a "rigorous discipline" and now he continues to box practicing twice a week. He says, "I became very athletic. And I quit smoking!"

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In the latest issue of French photography magazine Fisheye, Vincent is featured alongside Annie Leibovitz in a spread on celebrity images. One of his photos used was this one of Gerard Depardieu. I can't say it's very flattering. Words like "burly" and "beefy" come to mind.

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The photo below shows Vincent taking part in the "Every Child Deserves a Family" photo project, which is part of a compaign sponsored by the children's charity, Naked Heart Foundation. Supermodel, philanthropist and mother of four, Natalia Vodianova founded the charity in 2004 following the Beslan tragedy and plays a very active role in its work. For more information, visit the organization's web site.

14 September 2014

In a interview for the television mini-series DISPARUS, Vincent spoke about his wife becoming an author.  On August 21st, Karine's first novel, "Monsieur est mort", was published by Plon. He told the press this is an important moment in her life. Karine says her book is fiction but is inspired by a true story. It is a novel about guilt, forgiveness and the power of the destruction of silence. After living in India for 15 years, a man named Vincent returns to Paris when he receives a phone call from his mother telling him his father has died. Gradually the reader discovers little by little through flashbacks that when his past resurfaces, it is sometimes poetic and happy but more often it's cruel. You can check out her interviews via by clicking on the two photos below. Bravo, Karine!

Here are some publicity photos as well as a clipping from Paris Match magazine.

08 September 2014

On September 4th Vincent and his wife were among the guests invited to the opening of the Restaurant Victoria 1836 on the Rue de Presboug in Paris. The second set of photos show the couple attending the opening party for the Jerome Seydoux - Pathe Foundation on the same day. Busy social life!

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On August 31st the 19th edition of La Forêt des livres took place in the forest village of Chanceaux-près-Loches with Vincent in attendance. The cultural book festival gives authors, celebrities and visitors a chance to peruse new literary works and have the authors sign their books.


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