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12 October 2004

juge4.jpg (21077 bytes)juge5.jpg (23587 bytes)I haven't found much feedback on Frankenstein and am anxious to know if the producers will go ahead with the series. As expected, the ending was anything but satisfying and just left you hanging. Vincent's performance was right on, as was talented German actor Thomas Kretshmann. I was disappointed that the 'Beauty and the Beast' theme was not heightened more. On to more projects! The news today is not only is Vincent doing American television, but he's been filming for France's TF1 television station as well. He is starring with Francis Huster (in the photo) and Candice Hugo in a two 90-minute mini-series called Le Juge (The Judge) produced by PM Film. The script, written by Philippe Setbon and Thierry Aguila, tells the story of a judge (Huster) who is threatened by the underworld in Marseilles and enlists the protection of an elite police officer (Perez). Directed by Vincent Marano, the film began shooting in Paris last month and will also include locations in Marseilles. Ladies, he's packing a gun..........

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10 October 2004

What a treat it was today to access the web sites of both TV Guide and TV-Now and see a photo of Vincent on the front page advertising Frankenstein! Here are some favorable comments:

"A moody, visually arresting piece reminiscent of the 1980s CBS series Beauty and the Beast... Loaded with atmosphere, the story flips the Frankenstein mythos on its head, transforming the doctor into an ageless, malevolent villain and his monster into a hooded avenger with a rich voice and a noble soul... Deucalion (the impressive Vincent Perez)... Even working on a made-for-TV budget, Nispel provides plenty of striking imagery, giving the film a truly distinctive look."   ...Variety

"USA takes its shot with a modern-day retelling... In this version of the yarn, the monster is the sexy good guy... Directed with a ton of atmosphere by Marcus Nispel..."   ...Mercury News

"This is not the Frankenstein you know from those cheesy Saturday matinees or the Hallmark Channel, which aired earlier this week. In fact, you actually may develop the hots for Vincent Perez, the guy who plays USA's version of the creature."    ...Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Frankenstein has an intriguing premise, good acting and a sexy Frankenstein, and it's dripping with atmosphere... Parker Posey does a solid job as Carson and gets good support from the rest of the cast. Vincent Perez makes for a compelling sexy antihero, and Thomas Kretschmann does a nicely evil turn as the doctor."  ...Sci-fi.com

"While Helios is despicable, Deucalion is far from monstrous. As played by the smoldering Perez, he's even strangely sexy, as Posey's character can't help noticing."   ...Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"This new modernized take on Frankenstein takes the story into the 21st century in a very stylish version... Vincent Perez continues to try to get his big break in the USA and I like him as Deucalion."    ...Enterline Media

06 October 2004

When you visit the USA Network's official web site, you can view four film clips, two of which highlight Vincent's role. When you see the clips, you'll recognize strong shades of Yanko (Swept from the Sea), and especially Ashe (The Crow: City of Angels). Smoldering is another good word to describe what I call his "Euro-intensity". Though I don't have high expectations that the film will be received well by the critics, I do anticipate that Vincent's following in the US will be greater than ever after October 10th.

Executive producer Tony Krantz admits, "there's a really interesting romantic (subtext). The monster is a person who's lived for 200 years and has developed a humanity, developed a soul, developed an insight into things that Parker's character on a certain level searches for."

I will warn you not to expect a conclusive ending. It's a cliffhanger, and the filmmakers are obviously presenting it as a pilot to a possible TV series. However, if we don't get the series, then I guess we'll never know the ending!

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