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  14 November 2010

Volume four of the comic book series, "La Forêt" was published on October 27th. Again, there were booksignings and interviews. Vincent was asked how he entered the world of comics and replied, "I think I went into comics somewhat unconsciously, not knowing the entire community, nor its rules. But as a boy, I drew a lot and I thought I was going to become a painter. Drawing was a part of my childhood. This was true for my father as well. Although his topic was war with aircraft carriers, I had an attraction to what he created in ink. The comic book is perhaps a legacy of this." The photo to the left shows Vincent with his illustrator Tiburce Oger at the FNAC bookstore in early November.

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While scanning the Net, I discovered that I had not known about a book event that took place last summer in Amboise. "La Forêt Des Livres" is a literary celebration held annually on the last Sunday in August at the Chateau du Clos Luce, the French residence of Leonardo da Vinci. Among the many notables on August 29th was Vincent, who was there to sign his "La Forêt" series.

  5 November 2010

Here's an exciting discovery - a photo of Vincent's father! As many of you know, our "Swiss" actor was actually born to a German mother and a Spanish father named Antonio Perez from Valencia, Spain. On October 9th Vincent returned to the village of his ancesters, Pobla Llarga, a municipality in the comarca of Ribera Alta in the Valencian community. Each year the village holds a celebration in honor of San Caxlit and the Moors and Christians. When Vincent was visiting the area in May when he was researching his family roots for a French TV program, Mayor Rafael Soler invited him to return in October to open their holiday festivities. He agreed to it immediately. At that time, he had expected to be in Spain for the Barcelona opening of "Bruc" on October 8th. The film was subsequently postponed for two months, but Vincent still kept his commitment.

The public had the pleasure of welcoming Vincent as they flocked to the town hall square, where the main event was held. First, neighbors joined him in a parade and then he delivered his opening speech from the balcony of the consistory before a huge crowd. He confessed that he likes "everything" in the region and especially the people. He announced, "I am very happy to be back. You are my father's people and I am honored to be here today."  He demonstrated his love for the land of his ancestors with continuous praise for Valencia and Ribarian life. When comparing Pobla Llarga to France, he said the people here are different - more friendly and closer. Throughout his visit, his father remained at his side. Vincent talked about how he liked to climb the mountains and appreciated the lifestyle that revolves around agriculture. He said, "I love the scenery, the mountains, the oranges!"

When he had returned in May to visit Pobla Llarga, he had the chance to meet again with friends and neighbors from his childhood summers. Upon his arrival, he went to the cementary to visit the grave of his paternal grandparents. The next day he met with the mayor, who gave him a commemorative painting of the visit to rediscover his origins. He also gave him a family tree chart of his La Pobla ancesters with a DVD containing photos. Then the mayor gave him a tour of the town walking the streets to the market and the Plaza de la Virgen. The visit also gave Vincent the opportunity to become reacquainted with his father's family. Two of his aunts had not seen him since he was three or four years old.  The meeting took place in the family house in which his father had spent whole summers and a few years with his uncles and his grandparents. Vincent's aunt, Maria Antonia Perez, recounts, "It was a surprise to Vincent, and he was very nice and emotional, despite the cameras."  The grandparents' house ended up in the hands of the family of Maria Antonia, and Vincent did not even know the house. Maria Antonio said,  "All these years we had only seen him in movies and now we will see each other more often." His father added, "It was wonderful because as of now there is affection and contact." The culmination of the visit was a great paella meal in the privacy of his aunt's home with his family and childhood friends.


  28 October 2010

Once again this month Vincent was called upon to preside over a film festival jury. The 5th edition of De la Page à l'Image Festival, organized by Le Hublot Croisic, took place from October 12-19. According to the French press, the actor did not regret taking over as chairman and his kindess and availability was applauded and appreciated. Vincent told reporters, "The festival interested me immediately, namely because of the adaptation of a literary work on the big screen... I have adapted a book called 'Alone in Berlin', which I am going to direct next year." Before meeting with the jury, he said, "I look forward to hearing everyone's opinion. The selection is very interesting. Each film is a different genre. I did like some more than others. I liked "Elle s'appelait Sarah", "Les Petits ruisseaux" and "Potiche". And, not surprisingly, the jury awarded the gold Hublot to "Elle s'appelait Sarah", directed by Gilles Paguet-Brenner and based on the book by Tatiana de Rosnay. You may recognize the author because her book was translated into English and was titled "Sarah's Key" which has become a popular bestseller in the states. I read it myself and highly recommend it. Hopefully, American audiences will have the chance to see it when it comes to our arthouses or is released on DVD. Kristin Scott Thomas stars as the lead character. Unfortunately, Vincent was absent from the closing ceremony, which was a huge disappointment. He was unable to travel from Paris that day because of the strike. He wrote an email saying, "It is a shame that I cannot attend the closing of this lovely festival... The prestigious selection has allowed us to see what is best in French cinema. The winning film is a gorgeous and grand film."

I just came across a set of photos (courtesy of, which were taken on August 19th. President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni spent three weeks vacationing in southern France on Cap Nègre, where the Bruni-Tedeschi family own a summer home in Lavandou. Sarkozy is known for his love of running and cycling and these photos were taken in the morning showing Vincent cycling with the President as well as sharing a break at the La Payotte restaurant.

  22 October 2010

On Tuesday evening Vincent and his wife attended an opening party at the Larry Gagosian Gallery in Paris. The first photo shows him talking with Roman Polanaski. There's an interesting story about the two directors. After Vincent starred in "Indochine", he collaborated with Regis Wargnier, the film's director, in making a short film called "L'exchange" in 1992. The film, which earned a Golden Palm nomination for Best Short at the Cannes Film Festival, so impressed Polanski that the filmmaker called Vincent four times in an effort to convince him to direct a feature film. In 1999 Vincent received his second Golden Palm nomination for "Rien dire", another short film, but then in 2002, he finally directed his first feature film, "Peau d'ange", which garnered much praise.

  17 October 2010
  On October 14th Vincent and Karine attended the "Les Petits Mouchoirs" premiere in Paris.
  12 October 2010

The second edition of the Lumière Cinema Festival took place earlier this month in Lyon, France. The festival was launched on October 4th at the Tony Garnier Concert Hall with Vincent and his wife in attendance. The evening's special event was the screening of "Singing in the Rain" in the presence of its co-director, 86-year old Stanley Donen. Paradox Films had restored the classic film with stunning, vivid colors and the audience was thrilled with the excellent restoration work. Writer and director Miles Forman was also honored with the Prix Lumiere 2010 for his outstanding cinematic work.

  2 October 2010

Back in March Vincent filmed a comedy called "Monsieur Papa" with Michele Laroque, Gaspard Meier-Chaurand, and Kad Merad. The French-Algerian Merad is also the director making his first feature film debut. Cinema sources give two different premiere dates in France next year - either March 9 or June 1. I suspect the producers are attempting to minimize costs so there is little publicity for the film, not even a poster except for the image above. According to the following synopsis, I'm not sure what role Vincent will have in the film - Marius Vallois is 12 years old and needs a father. His mother, Marie Vallois, has huge professional responsbilities, a demanding lover, a job vacancy to fill, a beloved sister, a complication cousin and no father for Marius. Robert Pique has a steam iron, a pile of ironing to do, a Chinese fantasy and a neighbor whom he protects while working for work. "Monsieur Papa" is the story of the strange bond that will be formed between these three characters. A bond that will give them plenty of headaches and mark their lives.


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