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26 October 2016

The Montreal shoot for HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS wrapped up this past weekend with Vincent flying back to France on Sunday evening. Here are some more production photos. The first one shows Vincent with fellow cast member Raoul Trujillo. The last one shows François Girard directing a scene.

Journalists from Montreal's La Presse newspaper came on set recently and spoke with the director and Vincent. At the time of their visit, two major scenes were being prepared: one where Jacques Cartier and his men escorted by village women are entering the village and one where, in a longhouse, there is a village meeting. Pieces of trout and eel were hanging from branches and a dead deer was hanging by its legs.

"It's been 20 years since I worked with sets of François Séguin and each time I am amazed," said director François Girard. "Nicolas Bolduc is the magician of light and Mario Davignon, the costumes. I am surrounded so well. "

When producer Roger Frappier proposed the role of Jacques Cartier to Vincent, the actor jumped. "I said, 'Wow Why not? '" He arrived a week later with some ideas on the famous character he was preparing to embody. "I try, above all, to feel what it would be like for a man to discover another world. I try to find the dizzying position he had. It had to be similar to that experience when the first man walked on the moon." He adds, "When I cross the Jacques Cartier Bridge or I go through Place Jacques-Cartier, I try not to think about the importance of this character."

Although there has been no formal announcement of Vincent's next project, he indicated in this interview that he has joined the cast of Neil Jordan’s RIVIERA, a high-profile TV crime series, produced by London-based Archery Pictures for pan-European pay-TV network Sky. Neil Jordan ("The Crying Game," "The Borgias") is the co-writer of "Riviera" with Booker Prize-winning author John Banville, as well as its show runner and one of the directors. The 10-episode series, based on a concept by former U2 manager Paul McGuinness,  started shooting in the South of France in August and is expected to wrap in February 2017.

The UK International Jewish Film Festival will be held in London from November 5-20 featuring a huge variety of films including ALONE IN BERLIN. This year is the festival’s 20th anniversary and will feature more than 80 films and documentaries from 18 countries at 13 different venues across the capital. The film will also be in competition at the International Film Festival of History of Pessac. The theme of this 27th edition is "Culture and Freedom" and will be held from November 14-21.


For French audiences, StudioCanal will release on Blu-ray the recent 4K restoration of director Régis Wargnier's film INDOCHINE. The release will be available for purchase on January 2, 2017. The film was scanned in 4K and restored frame by frame by L'Immagine Ritrovata. Earlier this year, StudioCanal introduced the new restoration in the Classics section of the Cannes Film Festival. Not surprisingly, it won an Oscar in 1993 as Best Foreign Language Film. Vincent stars as French naval officer Jean-Baptiste Le Guen, who makes the fatal mistake of falling in love with the owner of a properous rubber plantation, as well as her adopted Indochinese daughter, setting the stage for a sensual story of jealousy and unbridled passion set against the bloody Communist uprising. A must-see!

20 October 2016

Here are the first production photos of HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS, now being shot in Montreal with Vincent in the role of explorer Jacques Cartier. Love the costumes in the first three. The last photo was taken in Montreal but outside of production.

12 October 2016

It appears that Vincent was able to leave his Montreal shoot and attend the 8th Lumière Film Festival in Lyon this past weekend. He and his wife attended the opening ceremony on Saturday, and on Sunday Vincent presented the 1960 film "Wild River" at Cinema Pathe Bellecour. Check out the Lumière gallery.

08 October 2016

With the release of LETTERE DA BERLINO (Letters from Berlin) next Thursday, the Italian cinema sites have released some new movie stills.


The French biopic DALIDA, written and directed by Lisa Azuelos, has hardly released any publicity on the film since being shot last winter in Italy, Morocco and France on a budget of 15 million euros. This week the release date of January 11, 2017 was announced along with this poster. The film tells the true story of acclaimed music icon Dalida, who became a celebrity in the 60s, singing in French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, German and Italian. She later committed suicide in 1987 in Paris after selling more than 130 million records worldwide. Vincent plays producer Eddie Barclay. Azuelos was able to secure the assistance of Dalida's brother in establishing an accurate account of the singer's life. The choice of  model/actress Sveva Alviti for the lead role was a surprise since the 31-year-old Italian had little acting experience but apparently metamorphosed into Dalida learning to sing, dance, perform and speak French! Of her character, Alviti says, "Dalida was a complex woman, strong and yet fragile." [The upper right photo shows Alviti on the last day of filming]

05 October 2016

Shooting has begun in Montreal for the historical fresco, HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS, with Vincent in the lead role of explorer Jacques Cartier. Directed by François Girard, the film's cast also includes Sébastien Ricard, Anne Dorval, Gilles Renaud, David La Haye, Paul Doucet and Anne-Marie Cadieux. It will be shot in 42 days with a budget of $15 million. The shooting schedule calls for filming through November 2 with other scenes completed in January. Vincent says he is delighted to join the project - "This is a period of history that interests me a lot and I am very happy to film here in Quebec with François Girard."  Producer Roger Frappier says the film will celebrate the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal.

Here's a video taken during the Dior show for Paris Fashion Week showing Vincent's daughter Iman doing some press with musician/model Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and  model Morgane Polanski. Click on photo for link.



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