16 December
Yes, it's been a whole month since I've done an update. There actually hasn't been much news, but at this time of the year with the holidays upon us, I have very little time to maintain web sites. I know some of you have written about the photo galleries - yes, I haven't forgotten them, and in the cold days of winter ahead, I'll be staying warm indoors working on restoring the galleries. But remember there are still tons of photos scattered throughout this web site in the articles and interviews pages, as well as the individual film pages. Until next year, may you all celebrate a joyous holiday with your family and friends.

Vincent has taken on the role of Intendant Francois Bigot in the 30-million-dollar film, Nouvelle France. It is a co-production with 60% Canadian financial interest, 30% English and 10% French. It is directed by Jean Beaudin and filmed simultaneously in both English and French. Two and a half years ago, Gerard Depardieu read the script and declared, "I want to play the priest" and so the giant of French cinema is now in Montreal playing Rev. Blondeau. He admits that priests have always fascinated him as well as historical films. He explains (deadpan), that "the character is a very modern priest, except that he is not a pedophile."(I love it!)

The movie is set in 1759 against the backdrop of the struggle between England and France to control Canada and centers on the tragic love story between Marie-Loup Carignan, a feisty peasant woman, and Francois le Gardeur, an adventurous trapper. These roles go to Noemie Godin-Vigneau and David La Haye, both little known outside of Canada (lower right photo). There is possibly some onscreen romance for Vincent as Angelica of Meloises (played by Irene Jacob) was historically the beautiful mistress of Bigot. You may remember Irene Jacob from Beyond the Clouds - the girlnouvelle3s.jpg (10965 bytes) Vincent pursues, only to learn that she is entering the convent. Anyway, there are rumors Nouvelle France will be shown at Cannes, but the director insists the film will not be ready in time. Since Vincent appeared at a dinner in Paris on the 14th, it doesn't seem likely that he's doing his scenes in Canada. The newspapers in Quebec only indicate the presence of Depardieu. I'm anxious to see what Vincent will look like in his role. Filming will supposedly end on December 23. There's presently a video of Depardieu and some of the cast on location that's featured on a Canadian web site - check it out if you're interested.

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Nouvelle France
A pledge to love may be a pledge to die…

Tower Films Productions Ltd (UK) has released the following synopsis:

Nouvelle France is an epic love story set in the politically turbulent, mid 18th century Quebec. In this vibrant colony, poverty and wealth rub shoulders, and the Amerindian and peasant communities struggle to live together within a system that is unjust. A rich and complex story set in a time and location previously unexplored in film, Nouvelle France is of great interest and cultural importance in its originality of subject matter.

In the colony of New France the corrupt and greedy Intendant Bigot is starving the peasants by taking their goods, flour and livestock to push up prices to line his own pockets. Bigot is covertly paving the way for a British take over, secretly approved of by King Louis XV who plans to abandon the colony.

In these troubled times it seems that nobody can be trusted, even friends and family, and the central protagonists struggle to be together, and hold on to their integrity in a corrupt, prejudiced and treacherous world.  Ultimately it is the powerful forces of love, devotion and forgiveness that overcome adversity, and outlive cruelty and injustice in this rich, historical and tragic film.

Blurb from a UK web site on the English actors:

"Hoping to be Canada's answer to Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans, the historical drama charts the occupation of Canada by the English and French. Weaved through the treachery and betrayal is a love story, following a local hero and his pursuit of a misunderstood woman caught up in the fracas. Tim Roth plays British Prime Minister William Pitt, and seems to be enjoying himself, especially when playing opposite a comical, but stern General Wolfe (scene stealer Jason Isaacs). Both are used to this kind of thing (seen together here filming Nouvelle France) with Roth seemingly wearing the same wig he did for Rob Roy and Isaacs wearing an identical uniform to the one he terrorized Mel Gibson in The Patriot. Joining them is Colm Meaney (Con Air, Deep Space Nine...) as US President Benjamin Franklin. He's nailed the accent, but has an awful wig. Sliding into the nasty English Governor role is Michael Maloney (Hamlet, In The Bleak Midwinter) who's having a ball as he sneers his way through the villainous role."

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The Le Pharmacian de garde DVD (Region 1), released in September, does NOT contain English subtitles. It is available at I recommend it just for the pure delight in seeing another facet of Vincent's acting.

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tulipedvd3.jpg (17911 bytes)The DVD (Region 1 format) of Fanfan la Tulipe will be available at on February 3, 2004. It has NO English subtitles. The Collector's Edition came out last week in France. It contains two discs with comments by both director Gerard Krawczyk and Vincent, the making of the film, the cast at Cannes, interview with Vincent and Penelope Cruz, plus a gallery of photographs. Normally the Collectors Edition is not available outside of France, and cannot be played on DVDs in the US because of Region 2 formatting.

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Here's a terrific photo I just came across. It was taken during the filming of Swept from the Sea. If you haven't seen the film, you are in for a real treat - love, tragedy and the beautiful Cornish coastline make this one a winner for all Vincent Perez fans!

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Vincent with actor Neil Rutherford, who plays his brother Peter

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Voyage en Suisse is expected to premiere sometime before June 2004. The film, directed by Lea Fazer, stars Vincent, Emmanuelle Devos and Denis Podalydes. As reported in August, filming took place in Lucerne, Switzerland. Pathe Films will distribute the film.

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Vincent has a cameo in the comedy Les Cles de bagnole (Car Keys), written and directed by Laurent Baffie, who also has the leading role. The film premiered on December 10 in France.

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On Sunday, December 14th, Italian playboy Massimo Gargia hosted his Best magazine Awards at a Dinner Gala at the Monceau Hotel in Paris. Vincent attended with his wife Karine at his side. Apparently he received some kind of award, seemingly frivolous, since it wasn't newsworthy enough to be mentioned. I don't know who the female presenter is, but the man to the right with the lens glare is Massimo, author of Jet Set, a memoir of an international playboy.

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Back in September, director Diane Kurys and Vincent participated in a Q&A with Club Internet to discuss the opening of their film, Je Reste! Sitting on a couch with Diane, Vincent seemed particularly antsy. There was a very brief transcript. Here are a couple tidbits of new information:

When asked about doing theatre, he responded: "At this moment on my desk is a theatre part, which I have read again and again. It is for a play in London. I still don't know what my decision will be. It would be hard working with English text. It's not a simple thing, and I take this proposal very seriously."

And what profession would he have chosen if he hadn't become an actor - "Certainly a photographer, painter or reporter. In fact, I would have adored a life like that of Nicolas Helot." [Hulot is a photographer/journalist/adventurer]

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This picture was taken this spring as part of Vincent's photo shoot for Fanfan la Tulipe. There'll be more from this collection coming soon.

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11 November
nouvelleposter.gif (13043 bytes)In the past month it's been fairly quiet, though there have been whispers here and there about new projects for Vincent. I haven't posted any of these to date as they've been impossible to confirm. For a while the IMDB was showing that Vincent was among the cast for Le Silence. Today I noticed the IMDB removed it from his filmography, so obviously that data was incorrect. There are several indications that Vincent may have a role in the film, Nouvelle-France (New France), produced by Canadian Richard Goudreau. Jean Beaudin is directing this historical drama inspired by Pierre Billon's adapation of the tragic destiny of Marie-Josephe Corriveau of Saint-Valier, Quebec. According to today's Hollywood Reporter news, Lions Gate Films International has just acquired the rights to distribution. Filming has already been completed in both England and France and will now finish in Quebec between November 17 and December 23. Cast members include Gerard Depardieu, Irene Jacob, Noémie Godin-Vigneau, David Lahaye, Pierre Lebeau and Sebastien Huberdeau. I'll update this info when there's further confirmation of Vincent's role.

bonheur2s.jpg (11851 bytes)Tomorrow Mimmo Calopresti's film, Le Bonheur le coute rein (aka La Felicita non costa niente, Happiness Costs Nothing) will open in France. This French/Swiss/Italian production made its debut in Italy back in January. Calopresti plays successful architect Sergio, who is suddently struck by a strange malaise, which tears him away from his wife, son, friends and job. Inspired by his demons, he becomes an apostle of happiness, criticizing others' lives while radically changing his own. Parading his young mistress Sara (Francesca Neri), he eventually alienates his wife Claudia (Fabrizia Sacchi) and his best friends, Francesco (Vincent) and his wife Carla (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi). Told with his craggy, lived-in face, Mimmo is perfectly believable as a ranting nutcase, made likable by his no-frills honesty and the paradoxical wisdom he dispenses. For the new trailer with French subtitles, click on the above poster. To watch a scene between Mimmo and Vincent via Quicktime, click on the photo below.

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Last Saturday evening a preview of Finding Nemo was presented at Disneyland Resort Paris. It was applauded by several celebrities, not only those providing the French voices for the three main characters, but also the likes of Vincent, Gerard Depardieu, Alain Delon and Ornella Muti. Some were accompanied by the family so there's a good chance Vincent was there with Karine and the children, but I haven't come across any photos.

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