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  20 August 2010

Filming in Paris has concluded for "Un baiser papillon" (aka "A Butterfly Kiss"), which is now in post production. Written and directed by Vincent's wife, Karine Silla, this film project is a family affair which goes beyond having Vincent in the cast. Whereas most filmmakers do not place their own children in front of the camera, Karine has opted to use daughters Roxane and Iman as shown in the above photo. Interesting... Karine's directorial debut is also partially financed by her sister, Virginie Silla Besson, and brother-in-law Luc Besson, both producers at Europa Corp. Though there is no synopsis available at this time, it can be deduced that a female named Billie, played by Italian actress Valeria Golino ("Rain Man"), is stricken with cancer and struggles with a fateful prognosis while Vincent portrays her love interest. You can click on the above link to visit the new film page and photos.

Viewing the photos, you will quickly notice that the images strongly point to a chick flick. The film was originally described as a sentimental comedy; however, the images reveal much more sadness than humor and the choice of cinematographical effects greatly exaggerate that fact. Unfortunately, the lighting is so dark and muted that I have had to either manipulate the color or convert some of the images to black & white in order to view them. I really hate to do this because their authenticity is lost. I would assume the film will not have its theatrical release for at least another year but I will keep you updated on its editing process and any new information. On a personal note, it is encouraging to see female directors and I salute Kathryn Bigelow nabbing that Oscar last year for her monumental efforts in directing "The Hurt Locker" with an all-male cast!

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With the focus on Karine today, I have updated the photo gallery - "Karine and Children" with more pics. Enjoy!

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On September 1 on France 2 Television, Vincent will be featured as one of two celebrities whose family history will be explored. You may be familiar with the acclaimed Johns Hopkins program, "Who Do You Think You Are?" broadcast in Britain on the BBC and in the U.S. on NBC. In France it's being called, "Retour aux sources" (Back to Basics) and celebrities will be given the chance to meet their ancesters in France and abroad. The show is hosted by Arnaud Poivre d'Arvor. Part documentary, part adventure, the quest for family history is being made possible thanks to the complicity of multiple stakeholders: parents, genealogists, archivists, historians, etc.. Sharing the spotlight on September 1 will be actress Clémentine Célarié. A few months ago I caught an episode on NBC highlighting the family of Brooke Shields. It was quite fascinating and she was actually able to trace her family origins back to French royalty!


15 July 2010


Filming began last month in Paris for "Un baiser papillon" (aka "A Butterfly Kiss"), directed and written by Vincent's wife, Karine. The project, financed by Europa Corp and Thelma Films, stars Valeria Bolino as Billie, Cécile De France as Alice, Elsa Zylberstein as Marie, Jalil Lespert as Paul, and last, but not least, Vincent as Louis!

  2 July 2010

Here are some photos of Vincent and Karine at the 23rd Fete Du Cinema at the Academie Des Beaux Arts on June 30th in Paris. That's actress Elsa Zylberstein and the man posing with Vincent is French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand.

  18 June 2010

Earlier this month on Saturday, June 12, Vincent and his wife attended the marriage of Marine Delterme and Florian Zeller. The small intimate wedding took place at the Winter Circus in Paris. Guests included the French President and his wife and Vincent's ex, Carla Bruni.

  14 June 2010

Splendid Films has just announced that INHALE will have a DVD release on August 27th in Germany under its original name, RUN FOR HER LIFE. A Blu-ray release will also be available, but neither edition will include any bonus material. I wouldn't take this as a good sign that the film will receive a theatrical release in Europe though the director believes it will premiere in the US in the fall.

  10 June 2010

Today is Vincent's 46th birthday and this web site also celebrates another anniversary! It has been 11 years since The Vincent Perez Archives was launched and this fact proves to be a very rare occurrence among celebrity web sites. The typical celeb site is created by someone between 18 and 25 years old, whose interest begins to wane after two years. Truly, there are massive grave sites of celeb sites that haven't been updated in years!  I am proud to say that this web site has never featured any ads, is continually updated and retains clean visuals and foremost, informative reporting. I appreciate the support from fans through the years and I especially thank Mr. Perez for the honor of celebrating his life and career in this online endeavor.

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An international conference at the University of California, Berkeley, was the setting for a screening last month of INHALE (note the new poster). The subject of the conference was combating illegal trafficking in human organs and tissues. A second film, "H.O.T. - Human Organs Trafficking", a 2009 documentary was also shown. Todd Brown of had the chance to view a promo reel of the film and this was his take - "Dermot Mulroney is essentially being asked to carry this film - he features in every shot of the promo - and he looks to be a stellar fit as the sort of weathered anti-hero Kormakur prefers, playing a DA forced to travel to Mexico to procure an illegal organ transplant to save the life of his young daughter. One of the things I love best about Kormakur is how his films interact with their environments and it was fascinating to see how the shift from Iceland to a desert environment has forced him to change his preferred palette while still retaining his signature shooting style. This one hasn't sold in North America yet but it could very well end up being something of a solid little sleeper hit for fans of intelligent, morally complex thrillers." In a May 11th Spanish interview, director Baltasar Kormákur indicated that the film will premiere in the U.S. and other countries in the autumn. Be sure to click on the film link above for more publicity stills.


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