101 minutes

Synopsis:  Billie and Louis have two daughters and a dream life. But in recent weeks, Billie has been acting strange. She submits, in secret, to medical examinations. At her side is her friend Marie, who wants, above all, a child, and her nurse Alice, who claims that "life is in the moment." When Billie announces to Louis that she is gravely ill, he is upset. Can they continue to live in harmony?

Production Notes:
Filming took place in Paris between May and July 2010 on a budget of 3,500,000 euros.

Back in December 2008 when news of this project was first reported, the film was entitled "Et si on changeait le monde" (aka "What If We Changed the World"). The original cast included Emmanuelle Béart, Marie Gillain, Anouk Aimee and James Thierrée (Charlie Chaplin's grandson). The film also features Vincent and Karine's 11-year-old daughter Iman and Karine's daughter Roxane Depardieu.

Production Photos

Karine: "I wrote it only as a sort of kaleidoscope of events in my life. I have a passion for people and I wanted to mention all these things and events that have made me what I am today... It's just a movie about love between men, women, brothers and sisters, slices of life. Louis is played by my husband because he's my favorite actor. And especially because he is an intuitive actor and I wrote the role thinking about him."

"I like her determination. She believes in miracles... I was very moved to read the script. I read it and I found the stories we've experienced. Moreover, this film could have been called Nonfiction. Karine has an incredible memory. I also loved playing with our two daughters Roxane and Iman. I am amazed to see my wife grow and open another chapter of fulfillment in her life."

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Valeria Golino - Billie
Vincent Perez - Louis
Cécile De France - Alice
Elsa Zylberstein - Marie
Jalil Lespert - Paul
Nicolas Giraud - Samuel
Edith Scob - Madeleine


Directed by Karine Silla-Perez
Written by Karine Silla-Perez
Cinematography by Thomas Hardmeier

Theatrical release - June 1, 2011
DVD release - October 26, 2011

Movie Stills of Vincent & children



Paris Premiere - May 30, 2011