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90 minutes

Synopsis: Yan Lazarrec seems to be a normal man. He is a pharmacist who cares about the environment, soothes mankind with his potions and fights to protect the earth against the polluters who abuse it. Lazarrec is full of good intentions but, as one knows, the road to hell is paved with gold and it is precisely there, in hell, that the pharmacist spends most of his time because he has gone insane.

In the shadow of his laboratory, he creates poisons to kill the polluters. The eco-warrior, the devoted pharmacist has secretly become a serial killer. And the irony of it all is that Francois Barrier, the cop in charge of the case, is also an environmentalist. The difference is that he goes about it with protests and demonstrations.

It is during a conference on the safekeeping of the planet that the two men meet and hit it off immediately. Yan and Francois find themselves fraternising because they fight the same crusade. What they don't know yet is that they are bound to become brotherly enemies. Their strange friendship will get stronger during an investigation that is going to bring them dangerously closer and closer together.

Francois, completely under the spell, has absolutely no idea that Lazarrec is the monster he is tracking down and he will have to go and fetch the killer in his farm in Brittany, a farm that the pharmacist intended to turn into a sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of nature. It is in this idyllic setting that the brotherly enemies will meet for the final confrontation.


Critic Marina Klimoff:
Vincent Perez takes on the role of a psychopath with charisma and control, and Guillaume Depardieu that of the desperate cop. There is no doubt that the roles suit them with wonder. They
were completely invested, which makes their performance an outstanding duo."

Monsieur Cinema:
"The choice of Vincent Perez is wise. He makes a success of  infusing seduction and fright."

"Vincent Perez and Guillaume Depardieu, are engaging."

La Voix du Nord:
"In the role of the serial killer, sure of his
convictions, Vincent Perez shows quiet assurance and then that insane little glance."

Entertainment Insiders:
"Perez exudes a great sense of imbalance, making the character eccentric and threatening yet not altogether frightening."

The Dreamers:
"Formidable work of Vincent Perez that is amazingly fascinating."

Sophie Wittmer:
"The film rests primarily on the face-to-face confrontation carried out by Vincent Perez and Guillaume Depardieu, both fabulous."

"Both (Perez & Depardieu) demonstrate an excellent understanding, perhaps because they worked together in Peau d'ange directed by Perez."

Gouvenel Studio:
"Vincent Perez delivers an impressive interpretation and plunges us into an oppressive thriller... One should not forget Guillaume Depardieu, full of force and emotion. The film indeed draws its quality from the perfect cohesion of these two actors."
"Vincent Perez takes on the role of the psychopath with control and charisma, and Guillaume Depardieu plays the desperate cop. The roles suit them wonderfully which makes their performances an outstanding duet."
"Vincent Perez and Guillaume Depardieu play their part impeccably, maintaining the rhythm of the film."

Film critic Paolo Zagaglia:
"A really remarkable interpretation by Vincent Perez and Guillaume Depardieu. Vincent embodies his character very well, charming and monstrous at the same time, tempting and malicious, peaceful and worrisome."

Monsieur Cinema:
"The choice of Vincent Perez is wise.seduction and fear."
"Vincent Perez interprets his character with wonder, complex and neurotic in both emotion and action."
"The great innovation of this film is the enthralling relation between Yan and Francois. Interpreted by two inspired actors, their relationship reveals well-played dialogues and many subtleties. One knows Vincent Perez from Cyrano, Queen Margot, Le Bossu... but the general public has missed the excellent Les Apprentis in which one discovers Guillaume Depardieu. The ambiguous bond which brings these two men together completely changes the way in which the film is played out."

The Film Asylum:
"The performances of Depardieu and Perez (with the latter akin to Jean Hugues Anglaide’s maniacal showing in Roger Avary’s ‘Killing Zoe’) plus the often-bizarre nature of some of the environments they encounter, make this movie a memorable experience."
"Against type casting, Veber retains the intelligent use of the two principal actors - Depardieu as an awkward cop, and Vincent Perez as the malicious pharmacist, which he interprets with wonder, accessing anger and darkness that one would not have suspected of him."
"Vincent Perez is at ease. He plays his characters distinctly and precisely. The actor is obviously mature."

Critic Laurence Mondy:
"Jean Veber chose Vincent Perez to play Yan Lazarrec in homage to casting Anthony Perkins in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Veber had the same idea of using Perez, who possesses the face of an angel, but with a very worrisome glance."

Critic Nathalie Debavelaere: 
Vincent Perez, in the role of the pharmacist with the double face, is impressive. He gives all the ambiguity necessary to realize this terrifying character: an easy voice contrasting with a penetrating glance, which brings cold to your back. He is a demonic scientist."
"Convincing actors - Guillaume Depardieu, and especially Vincent Perez, the charming pharmacist."


Vincent Perez.....Yan Lazarrec
Guillaume Depardieu....Francois Barrier

Pascal Legitimus.....Tony
Claire Bellar.....Mathilde

Laurent Gamelon.....Maurice Battistoni


Directed by.....Jean Veber
Written by......Jean Veber
Photography by......Laurent Fleutot
Music by......Marco Prince

Premiered on January 15, 2003 in France and Belgium

Premiered on March 7, 2003 in Canada

Shown at the Uk French Film Festival in November 2003 and at the City of Lights French Film Festival in April 2004

DVD release - September 25, 2003



1/13/02: Filming began ten weeks ago in Paris and is now shifting to the countryside at the Royaumont Abbey in Val-d'Oise. This is director Jean Veber's (son of director Francis Veber) first feature-length film.

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