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Synopsis: In 1745, when Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson came to King Louis XV's attention, she transformed herself into Madame de Pompadour and became his mistress and confidante. Poisson was given rooms at Versailles, and, though she was the king's lover for only five years, she remained his close adviser until her death. This production tells the story of their relationship.


Production Notes:

Filming began April 14. 2006 and continued through mid-June under the direction of Robin Davis. Eight days of filming took place at the Chateau de Chantilly, a stand-in for the Versailles Palace. With a budget of five million euros, it was an expensive production involving many sets, costumes and wigs. The TV title was called "Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour"

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Co-star Hélène de Fougerolles on Vincent:
"Talk about filming with one of the most beautiful French actors of his generation, you ask? Not unpleasant. I must admit that at the time of Queen Margot, I was madly in love with him. I remember I was only 19 years, and I was supposed to hold the door for him in a scene. It was my great moment of emotion. And now here I am Pompadour and it is he who runs after me! He has an elegance that is absolutely astounding when he's in costume."

vletter.gif (1289 bytes)On playing the King:
Louis XV did not remain beloved for a long time. He was very popular at the beginning of his reign until he was obliged to publicly confess his wanton morals, rather incompatible with his title of a 'very Christian' king. In the end he survived but his reputation was sullied forever! Obviously, he liked to escape from its responsibilities. He had courtesans... That amuses me. I played him very macho. His relationship with Pompadour - his sincere love and endurance for this woman, sensible and intelligent from a different world - is interesting from the point of view that she evokes changes for women. He learns how to listen to them, to respect them, etc ".

On preparing for the role:
Vincent said he read up on the king to give depth to his character. He says, "For example,  Louis XV was a very conservative king, marked by the figure of his great-grandfather Louis XIV. He had, in particular, a panic-like fear of God. He was really paralyzed by the fear of death, of  punishment. He saw signs everywhere. It was one of his essential characteristics, a point on which Pompadour, resolutely atheistic, was in opposition with him... To incarnate the King, I studied the codes of conduct with a historical adviser in the manner of speaking, moving and greeting. The King has to exude authority. Dress and speech are useful to me. With the wigs and costumes, I isolate myself within the character."

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Helene de Fourgerolles.....Jeanne Poisson
Vincent Perez.....King Louis XV
Charlotte de Turckheim.....Queen mother
Charlotte Valandrey.....Madame de Brancas
Chloe Stefani.....Henriette
Jean-Francois Derec.....Voltaire
Jean-Francois Gerreaud.....Maurepas
Jennifer Decker.....Marie-Joseph


Directed by......Robin Davis
Written by.....Alexandra de Broca, Jacques
Forgeas and Olivier Pouponneau
Cinematography by.....Yves Lafaye
Music by.....Jean-Marie Sénia

Aired in two parts on France 2 TV
on October 16 and 17, 2006

Released on DVD on November 8, 2006