88 minutes


Synopsis: A romantic comedy. Vincent plays Jean-Marc, a career-mad and self-obsessed 40's something with no time to spare until his path crosses that of Marie, played by Vahina Giocante. The business man and young woman have nothing in common and should never have met, but fate decides otherwise. Marie bring a touch of much-needed calm to the transformation of Jean-Marc.

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Le Passeur Critique:
"It is a distressing film and conveys intellectual poverty at all levels. Some scenes resemble car commercials... Everywhere there are failed attempts at humor and ridiculous misunderstandings. Vincent Perez's role is not salvageable. Vahina Giocante also struggles to portray her character."
"Typically, as a writer, Luc Besson merely reproduces well-known schemes and takes care not to leave the beaten track. Cliches, wazoo. The only good idea in the script turns out to be the road trip. The first part of the film is a model of what to avoid in a romantic comedy, full of almost embarrassing situations for the main characters with awful dialogue."


Vincent Perez - Jean-Marc
Vahina Giocante - Marie


Directed by Philippe Lellouche
Cinematography by Lucas Leconte
Produced by EuropaCorp

France Theatrical Release

January 9, 2013

DVD Release

May 15, 2013


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