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8 1/2 minutes




1999 - aka Saying Nothing or Not a Word Louise (Silla) has found out that her friend's mother has died in an accident. She is due to meet Emmanuelle (Bruni-Tedeschi), but is unable to tell her what has happened as her father thinks it best if she finds out later from her family rather than through a friend. One morning Louise finds out that her best friend's mother died. She will be spending the afternoon with her friend without telling her anything.

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DVD Times:
Brilliantly directed, this is a powerful little short film."
Rien Dire clearly exposes the talent of its creator."



Karine Silla.......................................Louise
Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi...........Emmanuelle


Directed by.Vincent Perez
Written by Karine Silla
Photography by Stephane Fontaine
Music by Bob Marley & Antonio Caldera

Featured at the following festivals:

1999 Cannes Film Festival

Nominated for a Golden Palm 1999 - Best Short Film

French Film Festival in Japan on June 11, 1999

Festival of Romantic Film of Cabourg - June 10-13, 2000

International Festival of San Paolo - August 19-28, 1999

Virginia Commonwealth Film Festival - March 2000.

Film Festival of Geneva - September 20-26, 1999