222 minutes




Synopsis:  How many would be willing to give up luxury, success, and power in the name of sound principles, values and ethics? And how many can say that moral integrity is priceless? These are the doubts that torment the conscience of a young journalist. The film recounts one of the most important financial crashes in Italy. The failure of some banks in the capital resulted in a genuine crisis of political morality, ethics and the financial bankruptcy of thousands of small Italian investors.

The story is set against the historical background between the year 1889 and 1893 in Italy.  The protagonist of the story is Matthias Beard (played by Giuseppe Fiorello), a young Sicilian journalist who decides to move to the capital to work for a major newspaper. He is convinced that with the pen, you can change the world and that you can become a successful journalist by maintaining your integrity. His professional skill and his ability to describe the facts objectively allow him to quickly make a successful career with the help of the paper's editor, Clement Claudet (played by Vincent Perez).

Matthias soon wins the love of a young and sophisticated singer named Renata, who is linked to Claudet. At the same time, he begins to understand some harsh realities - that there are painfully sinister interests, corruption in the highest political office and money laundering by mafia gangs. He realizes he's living in a corrupt world where what matter is not the truth but what those in power want to communicate.

However, Matthias is at first fascinated by this power and he begins to lose his innocence and idealism. He is gradually drawn into the vortex of lawlessness, in a world that produces and accumulates wealth at the expense of recognized moral values. He wins the favor of his editor yearning to be part of that golden world, which he always wanted to be part of. For a while, he will remain trapped in this web and as a puppet, will be manipulated by high levels of power. Finally realizing that he has sold his soul, he ultimately regains his integrity and honesty by exposing the underground network of corruption involving politicians, businessmen, the Roman Bank and even the newspaper where he works.






Giuseppe Fiorello.....Matthias Beard
Vincent Perez.....Clemente Claudet
Andrea Osvart.....Renata
Lando Buzzanca.....Tanlogno Bernard

Ninni Bruschetta.....Cavaterra
Marcello Mazzarella.....Biagini
Ramona Badescu.....Ida Tanlongo
Stefano Molinari.....Carloni
Lollo Franco.....Matthias' father
Mirca Viola.....Ines
Mimmo Mancini.....Sarno


Directed by.....Stefano Reali
Music by......Stefano Reali
Cinematography by.....Claudio Sabatini


Premiered on Italian TV as a two-part drama series on January 17 and 18, 2010


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