96 minutes




Synopsis: When Irish nanny Mary Lavelle (Walker) decides to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, she leaves her home for a job as governess in a ritzy Spanish villa where she immediately becomes embroiled in hotheaded politics and, of course, hot-blooded passion. Although she has a fiance waiting back home, she falls into mutual infatuation with her employer’s son, Francisco (Perez). Unfortunately for everyone, Francisco has a wife, and the stage is set for a naive foreigner to bring wanton desire into a Roman Catholic household.


Girls on Film:
"It is not the patriarch, old and past his prime, who falls for the young outsider, but the hunky oldest son of the family, Francisco (Perez).  Here, the sparks that fly between Mary and Francisco seem believable. He is handsome and gentle, and his humanism stands in direct opposition to his family's support of Franco."

Hollywood Reporter:
"An exotic locale, political intrigue and illicit love... Romantic leads Walker and Perez certainly make a photogenic pair."

Apollo Guide:
"Talk of Angels is a lovely movie. The themes of inner conflict and growth juxtaposed against a country at war with itself draw the viewer in and hold you until its satisfying conclusion. Well acted and richly scripted, Talk of Angels provides many fascinating characters."

Stephen Holden, NY Times:
''Talk of Angels' offers the pleasure of watching two pairs of pretty eyes - Ms. Walker's and Mr. Perez's.

Sunday Times (New Zealand):
"Talk of Angels is handsome and elegantly acted... a beautifully made film...  It plays as if it had been made 40 years ago, but if you fancy a rich, old-fashioned melodramatic romance, this is the movie for you."

Box Office:
Lovingly adapted by Ann Guedes and Frank McGuinness from Kate O'Brien's novel "Mary Lavelle" and ably directed by veteran West End stage director Nick Hamm, Talk of Angels is an undeniably beautiful and often seductive tale of colliding cultural sensibilities and ferocious passions, all set to the backdrop of an impending Spanish Civil War."

John Anderson, LA Times:
"Fascism is coming, gentility is going; there's a sense of imminent loss, of sun-drenched-turning-into-blood-drenched Europe that gives a solemn weight... Hamm, who is making his feature debut, has a more-than-prestigious cast at his disposal."

New York Now:
"A romantic, intelligent Jane Eyre-like story...This time, our Jane falls for her Rochester's strapping older son. And why not? He's played by Vincent Perez. Maybe she's seen him in Queen Margot and knows what to look forward to... British theater and TV director Nick Hamm makes a worthy feature debut, backed by a solid cast. In addition to Walker and Perez - their different accents mixing charmingly - there is an outstanding bit by the ever-reliable Frances McDormand."
"Hamm actually infuses the film with a gentle and easy going effervescence that makes it a pleasurable experience. The perfomances are excellent, the dialogue rich and cliché-free and while the film doesn't scale any great dramatic heights, it works in its own quiet and unassuming way."

"As the would-be lovers, Walker and Perez are charismatic and undeniably attractive."

Elizabeth Weitzman, Village Voice:
here are some fine performances, striking locations, and genuine urgency in its depiction of civil war."

University Wire:
"Talk of Angels has a superb cast of international stars who effectively portray the controversy and chaos of a family deeply rooted into the fabric of Spain's social and political elite. The film also boasts exceptional cinematography displaying Spain's beauty - its remarkable landscapes and the splendor of its urban marketplaces and cafes."


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"Vincent isn't just good-looking," says Nick Hamm, who directed him in Talk of Angels, due out this fall. "He has that smoldering intensity of the French."




Polly Walker.....Mary Lavelle
Vincent Perez.....Franciso Areavaga
Franco Nero.....Dr. Vicente Areavaga
Frances McDormand.....Conlon
Marisa Paredes.....Dona Consuelo
Penelope Cruz.....Pilar
Ruth McCabe.....O'Toole
Ariadna Gil.....Beatriz


Directed by.....Nick Hamm
Screenplay by.....Anne Guedes and
Frank McGuinness
Based on the book Mary Lavelle by
Kate O'Brien
Cinematography by.....Aleksei Rodionov
Music by.....Trevor Jones


Premiered in US on October 30, 1998

DVD release - January 13, 2004