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Written by.......................Karine Silla Perez
Directed by............................Vincent Perez


.Elsa Zylberstein and Vincent Perez


March 10 - April 23, 2011


Theatre des Mathurin, Paris


Une femme cherche son père inconnu depuis l'enfance. Dotée d'une hypermnésie, elle a la mémoire de tout mais de son père elle ne se souvient de rien. Un soir d'orage elle fait une démarche chez un homme "spécialiste des abandons". Entre ces deux personnages se joue un jeu de mots et d'esprit dissimulant la gêne d'une intimité qui s'installe malgré eux. Grâce à cet homme, cette femme mystérieuse remplacera pour lui sa quête originelle et cet homme trouvera en elle un amour possible et la fin de ses solitudes. Cette rencontre a-t-elle vraiment existé ou était-ce seulement un simple mirage? L'obsession du temps est-elle de celui qui passe ou celui qui reste à vivre?





It is always nice to want to organize things - what is more wonderful in life is not rational but emotional. The two characters in the play by Karine Silla-Perez will face this flood of emotions. The young woman played by the lovely Elsa Zylberstein has not been spared by life. She has learned to live with its cracks and gaps, sometimes seeking to display a certain hardness to better conceal its fragility. Abandoned by her father at age 4, she finally decides to fill the void that lives and grows in her one evening by visiting a specialist in missing persons. A subtle play will develop between them as they expose their overall fear to love. To confront her past to evaluate the present is a dramatic device known for developing the nostalgic theme of time passing. It is precisely this which Karine Silla-Perez focuses on. If the dialogue seems uneven, it is nonetheless enjoyable. What undoubtedly is attractive is a freshness and tenderness in her writing. The words and feelings evoke happiness in this love story, of course, but also of death and absence. Make no mistake, if the emotion is present, we smiled a lot throughout the show. A beautiful game unites Elsa Zylberstein and Vincent Perez. At the heart of the games of love, the duo works well. The actress is disarming in the role of Mary. With infinite gentleness and talent, she plucks delicately. Beside her, Vincent Perez, who also directed the play, is an ideal partner...  You will leave the theatre with a light heart ...

Le Figaro:
The poster for the play presented at the Theatre des Mathurin, 'Le temps qui passe' by Karine Silla-Perez, is enticing. Elsa Zylberstein co-stars with Vincent Perez, who has not been on the stage for twenty years. Problem: we feel the time passing for one hour and twenty minutes! I must say it is served by a story that flirts with boredom. A woman arrives at a detective specializing in missing persons. She is looking for her father who abandoned her. The author gets lost in a wordy pseudo-psychoanalytical-philosophical-poetic. Endless! The actors involved have merit, but in vain."

"My return to the theatre is linked to this play, which has given me the urge. It also corresponds to my desire to rediscover my roots in the theatre. I want to recapture the sensation, more than three minutes at a time, when you spend an hour and a half on the stage. I need this because it's part of me. I always encouraged Karine to write. She wrote this play freely... Karine had Elsa read the part during the filming of "Un baiser papillon". There was no question of her not taking on this role. For rehearsals, we juggled her schedule because she was shooting a film."

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