TF1 TV Film
France/Belgium 2010
86 minutes




Synopsis:  (aka Betrayed)  Louise is happy. She's expecting a child with Paul, the man she's been with for almost five years. She is preparing to go on vacation in the south of France with her husband. She thinks this will be a romantic getaway, a few days of happiness far from all the hassle. However, this idyllic holiday comes to an end when Paul suddenly disappears. Louise finds out that her lover's real name is Antonio Costa and that he is a former robber and a murder suspect. As the police start to harass her and Paul's former accomplices threaten her, Louise's life suddenly turns into a nightmare.


Production Notes:

A TF1 production filmed in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in October 2009.

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Vincent Perez.....Paul
Cristiana Reali.....Louise
Valeria Cavalli.....Maria
Arnaud Giovaninetti.....Matéo
Cyril Lecomte.....Lannier
Jean-Louis Tribes.....Enzo
Franck Adrien.....Agostini
Loïc  Houdré.....Luca


Directed by.....Charlotte Brandstrom
Written by.....Christine Miller and Isabel Sebastian

Aired on TF1 TV on February 27, 2010

Screened at the Festival de Luchon in competition in February 2009.

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