Cannes 2017


(Aka "Based on a True Story") The screenplay is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Delphine de Vigan which recounts in the mode of the Hitchcockian thriller, taking possession of one woman's life by another. The plot of the book is centered on a novelist emerging from a great success, uncomfortable with the consequences of her new notoriety and who meets a woman who works as a ghost writer of biographies. Initially friendly, the relationship is gradually transformed into a takeover of the life of the writer by a manipulative and predatory personality.

Produced by Wassim Béji for WY Productions, the film will be distributed in France by Mars Films and will be sold internationally by Lionsgate. Production began on November 14, 2016.

Premiered at Cannes in May 2017. Released in France on November 1, 2017.




Emmanuelle Seigner - Delphine
Eva Green - L
Vincent Perez - Francois


Directed by Roman Polanski
Written by Oliver Assayas & Roman Polanski
Cinematography by Pawel Edelman
Music by Alexandre Desplat