It's a classic tale all-around: she'd heard about the handsome French actor, he'd heard about the beautiful model, and when they finally met through friends, "It was a perfect match."  Together in Paris, their home base, Carla Bruni and new boyfriend Vincent Perez don the clothes of a favorite designer - master classicist Giorgio Armani.

No strangers to the camera, 24-year-old Carla (a model since 19) and 28-year-old Vincent (acting since 17) prove the Paris-is-for-lovers point.


Vincent and Carla caught in a tango scenario on the bridge Alexandre III


Relaxing at the apartment of Carla's parents, in clothes with a simplified elegance.

The daughter of a composer father and concert-pianist mother, Carla shows off her musical side.


"We both travel so much that we like to stay in," says Carla. "But we're not fantastic cooks - so we've kind of turned into restaurant buffs."

Two for the road: the destination here could be the South of France. "We both love it there," says Carla.  "That's where our love story started."


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