From Gala Magazine (December 30, 1998)

The Wedding of Vincent Perez and Karine Silla

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Wedding Guests

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Left photo: Carla Bruni
Right photo: Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Romaine Bohringer and Elsa Zylbertstein

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Vincent Perez and Karine Silla are married in Paris

On the 18th of December Vincent Perez will make ex-model Karine Silla his wife ten years after they first met. A moving ceremony, a grand reception. In brief, a very successful marriage.

Among the invited guests of the couple were the close friends, the stars from far away places…..

Vincent and Karine’s meeting for the first time ten years ago was meant to be. They were intended to live a dream existence where happiness is as a conjugal pair. And then a life in the distance for all time. Because, like in romantic love, Vincent Perez and Karine Silla, are finished finding their way…never to part. On the 18th of December, they will exchange vows in the parish of Sainte-Clotilde in the Seventh District of Paris.

Vincent arrives first. He is welcoming their guests—and uniquely close family. One small warm word indicates to everyone in the room. Then he is waiting in front of the altar so dear and tender. When after being slightly late, Karine Silla first steps into the church, Vincent has difficulty getting his emotions under control. His heart drumming, his head turned, his body spun. In a fraction of a second, the actor is all nerves. And when "Ava Maria" plays in the background, Vincent does not hold back his tears.

After the ceremony, the young marrieds are off to thank their friends from afar, like American actor Harvey Keitel—for helping with the wedding. Afterwards everyone joined up at a hotel particular to the Seventh District where a grand reception was given. The future of Mr. And Mrs. Perez? Children, of course. Vincent confides to us last: "I feel I am ready for children. Becoming a father will be the greatest stage of my life."

[Many thanks to Cody Sian-Michel, who shared these photos and translated the article]

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