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  24 February 2001

Last month Vincent was in Montreal promoting Le Libertin, so finally this film has made its way across the Atlantic. Hopefully we'll be seeing some news of it being screened in the states in the weeks ahead. An online chat in French was held on January 15th and the transcript is presently being translated. The following day there was also an interview with journalist Therese Parisien from Tempo. However, I prefer the chat because ordinary people like you and me would ask him questions. One female spoke about Swept from the Sea and he responded with "I'm happy to know that Yanko touched you." I guess that's an experience most of us share. Both the interview and chat will be posted in the next few days. I have several more magazine articles/photos to post, but I'm having a temporary problem with my scanner.

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Here's a photo of Vincent from Les Morsures de l'aube, which will premiere in France on March 21.

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The lovely lady on the left is Vincent's wife, Karine Silla. This picture appeared in the May 28, 1998 issue of Paris Match magazine. During the Cannes Film Festival, Karine wore this 190-carat diamond necklace (from Harry Winston's) estimated at 20 million francs (2.8 million dollars). The diamonds plus her natural regal beauty give her the look of a Senegalese princess.

  13 February 2001

In regard to Les Morsures de l'aube (read February 1 posting), I found more information on the storyline though Vincent's role as a "young actor" is not mentioned. So far I've discovered three different English translations of the title - Love Bites, Bitten, and Nibblings of Dawn. You can guess what the film is about. Here's the synopsis: "Antoine (Guillaume Canet) is 29. Denied his rightful place in decent society by a run of terrible luck, he is determined not to forgo the many exotic pleasures offered by Paris after dark. He has reached an acceptable compromise: night spent freeloading, days spent asleep. His old friend Etienne (Gerard Lanvin), amused by Antoine's cheek, his ironic insouciance, his Great Gasby airs, grudgingly supports him. Antoine's life is a succession of slammed doors, a tantalising underworld of clubs that would rather see him dead than a member. One night, he pushes his luck. Having faked close acquaintance with the mysterious Jordan (Orazio Massaro), a shadowy legend whose name is enough to open the city's most exclusive doors, he is cornered by a sinister operator, a Mr. Big oozing money and malice, who most definitely isn't joking when he makes him an offer so rotten even Faust on E would turn it down flat."

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I'm awaiting the arrival of the converted DVD of Le Libertin and the video of Epouse-moi into US video format. Unfortunately, both lack English subtitles, but it will be exciting to see Vincent in two more films where he has the lead role. A Vincent Perez fan in California happened to go to Paris recently and was able to purchase them for me so I'm very grateful for the kind favor.

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Thanks to Sandy Creelman for the news on the upcoming release of Time Regained (Le Temps Retrouve) in both DVD and video format for the US and Canada. Both formats come with English subtitles and will be available for purchase on March 27. You can place your order now at The DVD is only $20.99, but the video goes for $79.99. I think the following excerpt from one of the reviews best highlights the art form used in this acclaimed film - "Director Ruiz weaves a fragmented, experimental narrative in the form of a tapestry. There's an uncanny beauty achieved by telling his story in this manner, which reveals thoughts and inactions by using the very limitations of the film medium. He presents us with a series of photographs, or images shot into mirrors or through doorways which open up to the past and present."

Sorry I can't give you any details on upcoming projects. I have no confirmation on Fanfan la Tulipe. And nothing has turned up about the Ayn Rand film, The Husband I Bought, that never got off the ground once Charlize Theron backed out to do a Woody Allen film. Going through the statistic reports for this web site, it's plain to see that the Archives is definitely an international site with half the visitors from outside the US. Fans from Portugal, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Mexico, Ukraine, Australia, Switzerland, Macau, France, Italy, Canada... Hopefully most non-Americans can read English and can take advantage of the information as well as the photos. Well, I can't end this update without a new (but dated) photo of Vincent for you, so here it is - enjoy!

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  1 February 2001

Though Queen of the Damned wrapped up filming in Australia just before Christmas, some filming took place in LA in January. Rumor has it that a local mansion was used for Lestat's Hollywood mansion. An Anne Rice fan from California reports that both Townsend and Perez were on location shooting the scene where Marius (Perez) comes to see Lestat after having risen from his sleep. She reports that the set, the props and wardrobe were great. So, if this is true, Vincent could have recently been spotted in LA.

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As reported last May, Vincent has a minor role in the French film, Les Morsures de l'aube - another vampire film! This will be the directorial debut of actor Antoine de Caunes, long-time friend of Vincent's (and one of his wedding guests). The film's leading stars are Guillaume Canet (The Beach, Those Who Love Me...), Asia Argento (Queen Margot) and Gerard Lanvin. Vincent's role is that of a "young actor". On January 27 Antoine (accompanied by Canet and Lanvin) presented his film at the Fantastic Arts Film Festival of Gerardmer. Based on the novel by Tonino Benacquista with an adapation by Laurent Chalumeau, the story deals with modern vampires living in Paris, spending their time in night clubs. The film will open in France on March 21. Though I've found some photos from the film, none of them show Vincent. You can watch the short trailer, but, again, no scenes with our man. The film's official web site is still under construction, but when it's up and running, there should be more photos.

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A French fan has reported reading in a magazine that Vincent has been cast in the remake of the classic Fanfan la Tulipe. Described as an adventure/comedy, this would be the fourth time this film has been made with the last one in 1958 starring Gerard Philipe and Gina Lollobrigida. It's possible it was in this week's Voici magazine, so if anyone can verify this with more details, please let me know.

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The photo below comes from a web site with celebrity sightings. It was taken at the time Vincent made The Crow: City of Angels. The girl has a resemblance to Beverley Mitchell who starred in the film, but I'm not sure if it's her or perhaps a fan. He seems to be such a natural with children in the way he loves to clown around.

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  24 January 2001

In the February issue of Premiere (USA) magazine, Glenn Kenny includes Time Regained (Le Temps Retrouve) in his Top Ten Movies of 2000. He says, "You don't have to know Proust to be seduced by this endlessly imaginative cinematic casting of the final part of his epic Remembrance of Things Past. Cult director Raoul Ruiz doesn't make the mistake of trying to film Proust's words; he boldly configures his ideas into filmic form, using his exquisite cast (including Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Emmanuelle Beart and John Malkovich) to stunning effect."

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I recently purchased the book, Nanterre Amandiers: Les Annes Chereau: 1982-1990, in which Vincent's acting days at the Theatre des Amandiers at Nanterre are chronicled. I will eventually add all this new information to the Archives, but for now I have featured his performance in the 1988 production of Hamlet. The poster to the right shows French actor Gerard Desarthe as Hamlet with Vincent listed among the cast as Laertes. This play premiered at the Festival d'Avignon with ten performances from July 9 to July 19, 1988 with 22,653 tickets sold. When it began its international tour in the fall of 1989 playing in Moscow, Berlin, Milan, Frankfort and Barcelona, Vincent was replaced by actor Alain Libolt. The original production with Vincent was recorded and later presented on French television in 1990.

  9 January 2001
  In the December special edition of British magazine SFX, there was a brief article on Queen of the Damned. This film is now in post production. Special effects are supposedly being done by the same team that did The Matrix. The expected US release date is October 5 with an October 4 release in Australia.

Here's another photo from Le Libertin. I believe the filmmakers chose the perfect "seducteur."

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This film was based on the play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. His synopsis reads: The crazy day of a libertine, who's attracted by many delightful pleasures and women, but who, nevertheless, has to write  the Encyclopedia's article about morals as quickly as possible. Diderot (Perez), under the assaults of an adventurous woman (Ardant), has to face the gastronomical deliriums of a greedy baroness (Balasko), fight against the censorship of a red and unbearable cardinal (Serrault) and, at the same time, try to calm down the assaults from his wife, his daughter, a nymphomaniac (Dombasle), a licentious marquis and a very young lady (Tautou), whose desire is to lose her virginity before nightfall. A hot and crazy day... A moment of physical emotions made of silk and spirit in which philosophy teases with eroticism."

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Vincent with writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (center) and director Gabriel Aghion.

  1 January 2001

London's Soho Independent newspaper reports that Le Libertin will be coming to the UK in the next few months. Hopefully we can look forward to it making the art house circuit in the US. This film will become available on DVD and video in France on January 24. These DVDs are formatted to play in Region 2. However, for those living in Region 1 (US and Canada), you can purchase both these DVDs at, and then have them converted to a NTSC video format.


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