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  16 January 2002

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This photo on the left shows Vincent as Marius (in Queen of the Damned) from Fangoria magazine. The one on the right is from the film's official web site. For more photos, visit the VPA's film page for QOTD. Do you all agree that Vincent makes a fabulous vampire? He should have played Lestat (sigh)...

  10 January 2002

Vincent has been cast in another film, which began production today in Italy. Produced by Bianca Films, Europa Corp., it's called La Felicita Non Costa Niente (Happiness Doesn't Cost Anything), written and directed by Mimmo Calopresti. It will be shot between Turin and Rome. Upon completion, Vincent will star in the remake of Fanfan la Tulipe.

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Here are some production photos, which were taken during the filming of Le Pharmacien de garde back in November. The film, directed by Jean Veber, stars Vincent, Guillaume Depardieu and Pascal Legitimus. It will be released at the end of this year.

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  08 January 2002

There is still no official date yet for the release of the Perez-directed film, Peau d'ange, though it most likely will be within the next two or three months. Countdown for Queen of the Damned - six more weeks until it opens on February 22.

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A couple months ago, I posted news about Vincent directing an ad, which focused on  French opposition against China's use of the death penalty and the International Olympic Committee's decision to give the 2008 Summer Games to Beijing. The lobby group ECPM (Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort -Together Against the Death Penalty) interviewed Vincent regarding his decision to do this commercial.

ECPM: How did you decide to become involved in the abolition of the death penalty?

VP: I truly did not decide on my own to become involved, but when I was asked to do this spot on the executions in China, I had to evaluate the importance of this subject for myself. Was I for or against the death penalty? The Chinese believe in free thought, but they have become conditioned in not realizing the importance in their choice of the death penalty. The same applies to the United States where evil must be punished and examples are set. I protest the death penalty in China and the United States, countries who look after the weaknesses of its society by executing its offenders. I think that it is an easy choice to use capital punishment rather than to tend to the problems in that society. I support a society which offers choices; however, there is a great contradiction between wanting to save the world while sentencing others to death. I do not believe in revenge, but in one of the Ten Commandments - Thou shall not kill.

China carries out more executions than the total number of the rest of the world combined. The figures are horrifying. It is also a country that eliminates 500,000 baby girls each year. A country which does not condemn this sexist cleansing appears to be one without any form of human conscience.

I dream of going to China. I have Chinese friends. I am in love with Asia, but when I see that among all the death sentences in China, none are for the homicide of these infant girls, I have questions.

ECPM: Do you think that this film can initiate changes in China?

VP: No, this film will change nothing in China, but I hope that it will encourage all those who see it to ask themselves the question - am I for or against the death penalty - as I asked myself when this ad was proposed. It is essential that organizations against the death penalty evoke a universal conscience.


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