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  22 February 2004

Back in January British designer John Galliano electrified men's fashion week with his spectacular show under the big top at the Alexis Gruss circus in the Bois de Boulogne. The showman's autumn-winter 2004-05 collection was both provocative and amusing and included dandy bankers, sexy hustlers, punk Casanovas, and buff boxers. And Galliano's runway debut attracted a wide range of luminaries, including Vincent seated in the front row.

  13 February 2004

Finally I can confirm that the Fanfan la Tulipe DVD, ordered through, does indeed have English subtitles! My copy arrived this afternoon. I thank the fans who gave me their input on this DVD. The bonus section, however, is only in French, but we'll be able to understand the film! Remember that On Guard (aka Le Bossu) will be out on March 9th and will also have English subtitles.

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And in April there's good news for those living in Region 2 - Je Reste! will be available on DVD and video on the 28th. Region 2 includes UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East and Egypt.

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Vincent and Karine were out on the town again, this time at the premiere of the French sci-fi western, Blueberry, that has a Dutch director and a very eclectic cast that includes Vincent Cassell, Michael Madsen, Juliette Lewis, Temeura Morrison, Tcheky Karyo, and Colm Meaney. Strange... The event took place on February 5th at the UGC Normandy Theatre in Paris.

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Andrea Scheidegger of Switzerland has also written about meeting Vincent last Sunday. She was at a brunch at the Lausanne Palace in Lausanne (Vincent's birthplace), and he was there with his wife and friends. She said luckily she had her mobile camera with her and managed to get a picture (with his permission). Many thanks, Andreea, for sharing this info and your photo with us. By the way, the Lausanne Palace happens to be one of the most exclusive hotels in Switzerland with its elegant ambiance.

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  3 February 2004

Vincent was invited to participate in a French Cinema Forum in Paris on January 20 along with Emmanuelle Beart, Chiara Mastroianni, Patrice Chereau, to name a few. And last night, he and his wife Karine attended the premiere of Podium, in which Julie Depardieu stars. She is the half-sister of Karine's 12-year-old daughter, Roxane, by Gerard Depardieu.

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  31 January 2004

Here's the first photo from Le Voyage en suisse, filmed last August in Switzerland. The film, directed by Lea Fazer, will premiere on June 30, 2004. No synopsis has been given, but Monsieur Cinema reports that Vincent plays a "rather funny character" in this new comedy. By the looks of the photo, he looks like he's about to have some fun in milking the cow.

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Fans keep sending email asking "what's new?" Not much. I'd fill up this page if there was something happening, but it's rather quiet. I do know that Vincent's twins, Tess and Pablo, celebrated their first birthday on January 24. Still no photos of the little ones yet. I haven't read about any new scripts for this year. For those of you in the US and Canada waiting for DVD releases of VP films, you'll be happy to know that on February 3, you can purchase Fanfan la Tulipe at either or

If you still want to marvel at Vincent with sword in hand, here's some good news. On March 9, On Guard (aka Le Bossu) will be released in both DVD and VHS format, and there will be English subtitles! The DVD extras include a photo gallery, original theatrical trailer, interviews and outtakes.You can make your purchase at or On onguarddvd2s.jpg (11651 bytes)Guard garnered several Cesar nominations including Best Supporting Actor for Vincent. Eddie Mullins of the Video Store posted these remarks last week- "On Guard is great swashbuckling fun of the first order.. Perez plays the duke with appropriate vanity, arrogance and charm, and Auteuil's performance as Lagardere is both hilarious and compelling... Also of special note is the period look of the film, which is as authentic as any Merchant-Ivory production. It is easy to imagine an equivalent American production having fudged on that front--it is primarily an action film after all--but the attention to detail here is rewarding and beautiful to see. On Guard is vastly superior to and more mature than its most recent swashbuckling cousin, The Mask of Zorro, and deserves a rich and happy life on video. Swashbucklers are very popular this year, thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean's Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, and anyone who enjoys fancy swordplay a la Zorro and The Three Musketeers will relish this charming crowd-pleaser. " For more information, visit the Le Bossu film page.

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Last September I reported that Vincent attended the 16th Louis Vuitton Classic at the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud. Several celebrities attended and I found several photos but, at the time, I found none of Vincent. Finally, here's one taken with his wife Karine.

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