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  20 January 2005

Vincent will be presiding as Jury President at the upcoming 6th edition of the International Festival of Television Film in Luchon, which will take place Wednesday, February 2 through Sunday, February 6. This year 25 films will be presented and awards will be given in several categories. Luchon is located in Southern France in the Pyrennes.

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Here's a great set of undated photos, which look like they were taken in the past couple years. If anyone can identify them, let me know.

  13 January 2005

The French media has now picked up the news about Vincent's next directorial project - a supernatural and sentimental drama called The Secret. The script, written by LA screenwriter Ann Cherkis, is based on the Keigo Higashino novel, Himitsu, which won the prestigious Japanese Mystery Writers Association Award. It was first adapted to the screen in 1999 as a Japanese film directed by Yojiro Takita. The film succeeded in gaining global recognition by winning several awards. Variety called it a  "warm, quietly witty study of the generation gap and the paper-thin wall between two kinds of love". In 2000 producer Luc Besson became fascinated with the film and approached TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) for its remake in Hollywood. Vincent will be filming in Montreal for twelve weeks beginning March 21. This will be the first English film he's directed.The book was recently translated into English and was published last summer as Naoko. Book description - "a poignant and wily take on gender relations from a master of the detective story. Expertly and seamlessly interweaving the real and the unreal, Naoko involves a regular guy whose world is rocked when his wife dies in a bus accident. His young daughter survives, but seems to be inhabited by her mother's personality."

  9 January 2005

I have some updates directly from Vincent in regard to his projects in 2005. He says he's working very hard on a rather ambitious project. He will be directing another film, this time in English! In March he will be on location in Canada filming The Secret, produced by Luc Besson. They are interested in American actors, and hope to cast a famous name. I don't know the genre, but Vincent says, "it's a good script, very touching." There may be a possible collaboration between the Archives and the Canadian shoot, which could provide some great info on the filming process. As far as the bretonne legend story that Vincent wrote, it is entitled The Forest. It has been determined that the movie would be too expensive to do in France; however, he remains confident. The story will first be made into a comic book, and he's optmistic that a very good french editor is interested. He sees this as a positive step toward the making of the film.

Vincent's first directorial debut was at the age of 27 with a short film called L'echange, which was nominated for a Golden Palm at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. He was encouraged by his Indochine director, Regis Wargnier, who co-wrote the script with him. The cast included two co-stars from Indochine - Dominique Blanc and Andrzej Seweryn, and also Marianne Denicourt and Antoine Basler. As a photography lover, Vincent has always been fascinated by the image. He recalls, "Even as a teenager, I was a 'little director' with my friends." Later in drama school when he co-directed shows, he said, "I suddenly felt the excitement of controlling a set, of pushing actors into an emotion, and I realized that directing was part of myself too." After L'echange was screened, it caught the attention of Roman Polanski, who called Vincent four times to urge him to do future directorial projects. In the spring of 2001 Vincent began directing his first feature-length film, Peau d'ange, which was received with much praise when it premiered in 2002. If you purchase the DVD, you'll find that the extras include both L'echange and Rien Dire (1999).

Students at Queens University in Canada will have the chance to study two of Vincent's films when they take the course "French Cinema in a Post-National Age". The focus will be on romantic love - its pleasures and pains - in a time of change and uncertain values. Thirteen films will be shown featuring "Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train" on the theme of liberation and Peau d'ange on the theme of fixation.

  06 January 2005

The new year has arrived and there's very little new information to post. As many of you know, Vincent did the American TV movie, Frankenstein, which premiered on the USA Channel in October. There is still no word on whether a series will develop from this pilot film. If I had to guess, I'd say most likely the project has been dropped, especially with the NBC/USA merger. Vincent also did a French TV mini-series called Le Juge, which was filmed last fall and should be aired on TF1 sometime this year. Again, there is minimum info, but you can visit the Le Juge page, which includes several publicity photos of the cast. After scouring the Net for any updates on Nouvelle France, I found no release dates for the UK, US or France. The film debuted in Quebec in November to less than satisfactory reviews.

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Later this year Vincent will be a guest at the Molodist Kiev International Film Festival, which seeks to support young filmmakers. Other guests at the October event will be Sean Connery and Norwegian actress and director Liv Ullmann.

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Here are three more photos from the 1988 film, La Maison de Jade (House of Jade), which starred Vincent with Jacqueline Bisset. It was while filming that the couple began a relationship that prompted Hollywood gossip because of their age difference - Vincent was a mere 23 years old while Jacqueline was 44. Can you believe she'll be 61 this year!

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I've posted an interview from Madame Figaro dated April 17, 2004. It's in French and needs a translation, so if there are any volunteers out there, please email me below. It would be most appreciated. The interview was conducted in conjunction with the release of Alma (aka Bride of the Wind) in France last spring. I can share some tidbits.  - Vincent is in the process of writing the screenplay for a children's film based on Breton legends. He admits to always being fascinated by them and looks to expressing this hidden world in him. With the addition of twins Pablo and Tess (born in January 2003), he finds it necessary to make good choices in his life in order to bring happiness to all his children. When he isn't filming, he says he busies himself with the toddlers changing, feeding and bathing them. In order to run a smooth household with comings and goings, his sister lives with them becoming a second mother. Since Karine is half Senegalaise, they both support the African belief that "it takes a whole village to raise a child." Note: Because of his work on this new script, I suspect he may not take on roles in 2005.

The DVD of Bienvenue en Suisse will be available in Region 2 format on February 16th. Audio will be in French or Swiss-German with French subtitles for the hearing impaired. This DVD will include the trailer, deleted scenes and a commentary by director Lea Fazer.


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