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20 February 2015

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival will kick off on March 19th with the Irish premiere of Mary McGuckian's THE PRICE OF DESIRE with Vincent and Orla Brady in attendance for the screening.  The following is the festival's synopsis of the film:

Irish architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray (1878–1976) was a leading light in the modern design movement. This graceful portrayal of her later life and work in France focusses on the triangle of tension between Gray (Orla Brady), her lover Badovici (Francesco Scianna) and Le Corbusier (Vincent Perez). Alanis Morrissette also features as chanteuse Marisa Damia, Gray’s other lover, with Dominique Pinon as artist Fernand Léger.

Extensive sequences feature E-1027, the modernist villa Gray built near Roquebrune. Ransacked by the Germans during the war, E-1027 was even more disastrously occupied and vandalized by Corbusier and his murals. Corbusier’s arrogant formalism is contrasted with Gray’s sympathetic, responsive approach to site and setting. In frequent asides, Corbusier swings between tetchy resentment and grudging admiration for her work.

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For American viewers with Netflix membership, PUPPYLOVE is now available with English subtitles. The best thing about the film is its soundtrack done by the Belgian electro-pop band Soldout. Loved it! As for the storyline, I don't think I have ever disliked a Vincent Perez character more as the dad he plays in this coming-of-age sexual drama. He is absolutely irresponsible and out to lunch! Though most of us gals undergo an intense sexual awakening in our teens, the obsessive and whorish behavior of these two young girls is neither realistic nor normal. From where did writer/director Delphine Lehericey dig up her material?

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Vincent's wife Karine and her sister, Virginie Silla Besson, attended the award ceremony for the Prix Toscan du Plantier (part of the 2015 Cesars) at the Hotel George V in Paris on February 16th.

Sans husband once more, Karine attended the 60th birthday party for Nicolas Sarkozy at his Paris residence on January 30th. The paparazzi were, of course, on hand and photographed the guests as they arrived. Also attending was Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jean Reno, Emmanuelle Seigner and husband Roman Polanski.

01 February 2015

Some of Vincent's photography work will be coming to New York. Producer Anne-Dominique Toussaint of Galerie Cinema in Paris has been trying for two years to offer a unique and modern look at the influence of cinema in the field of contemporary art by presenting works of cinematographers, photographers, filmmakers, painters, actors, sculptors and visual artists. An exhibition will open at the Ephemeral Cinema Gallery at 972 Fifth Avenue in NY from March 10 to April 10, 2015. The opening will coincide with NY's 20th Rendezvous with French Cinema, a festival organized by Unifrance Films. You can view a short video on Vincent's current exhibition in Paris.

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Here are a group of newly discovered photos. I believe they were taken in the past year while he was in Russia.

10 January 2015

On January 8th a private opening was held for Vincent's photo exhibition at the Galerie Cinéma rue Saint-Claude in Paris. The portrait exhibition included many famous faces, such as Gerard Depardieu, Johnny Hallyday, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi and her sister Carla Bruni, who I might add attended the opening reception with husband Nicolas Sarkozy. It was interesting to see a whole wall devoted to a series of self-portraits taken during the filming of "Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train" in which Vincent played a transsexual. The exhibition officially opened yesterday and will run through March 7, 2015.  Check out the new photo gallery.  I don't know if Vincent had a cold but he looks very tired, unusual for him. In the first picture, he poses with wife Karine and their twins, Pablo and Tess, who will turn twelve on the 26th of this month.



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