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25 May 2004

ff04can118a.jpg (27935 bytes)Is Vincent a "Metrosexual"? A new phenomenon has been rising. Yes, Macho Man has bitten the dust and been replaced by something just as tough inside, but softer at the edges. Metrosexual is a new term that describes the modern urban man with a strong aesthetic sense who spends time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. He's straight, but not afraid to embrace his feminine side. He loves designer clothes and describes himself as sensitive and romantic. British soccer player, David Beckham, is the ultimate metrosexual. With all the glamour at Cannes last week, it wasn't surprising that French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was on hand to promote his make-up products for men. It was reported that Vincent and Jose Garcia both consented to a Gaultier make-up exhibition on the steps at Cannes. From everything I've read and learned about Vincent, I would agree that he is a metrosexual. We know he's definitely a lover of Armani fashion, and there he is in his Armani tuxedo.

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tf1tulipe1s.jpg (17118 bytes)While I was scouting the Net for more photos, I came across an interview that was done during last year's Cannes film festival. Clicking on the photo to the right will take you to the TF1 web site where you'll find the Fanfan la Tulipe interview with Penelope Cruz and Vincent. If anyone would like to write up a synopsis of what was said and send it along to the Archives, it would be very much appreciated by those of us who don't understand French!

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galliano12304s.jpg (25718 bytes)Back in January British designer John Galliano electrified men's fashion week with his spectacular show under the big top at the Alexis Gruss circus in the Bois de Boulogne. The showman's autumn-winter 2004-05 collection was both provocative and amusing and Galliano's runway debut a attracted a wide range of luminaries, including Vincent and his wife Karine.

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More photos have been added to the 2004 Cannes four-page Photo Album.

18 May 2004

figaro051704s.jpg (20923 bytes)Le Figaro newspaper ran an article yesterday announcing last year's ten highest-paid actors in France. Gerard Depardieu headed the list with profits of more than 3 million euros for three films. Jean Reno and Daniel Auteuil were next with each making around 2 million euros. Vincent was seventh in line with earnings of 1.08 million euros (which is around $1,300,000 in American dollars). Others on the list included Jose Garcia, Thierry Lhermitte, Gad Elmaleh, Philippe Noiret, Nathalie Baye and Benoit Poelvoorde (the first non-French actor). Vincent had three films in 2003 - Fanfan la Tulipe, Le Pharmacien de garde and Je reste!  He profited the most from Fanfan la Tulipe earning almost 500 thousand euros between wages and the rights to the picture, and the cherry on the cake is that they're ready to use the film's images to make a video game with a provision of a remuneration, which remains to be discussed.

chirac42803s.jpg (23623 bytes)The upper left photo, which was used in the article, appears to be from the paper's archives. Noting the coloration and what Vincent is wearing, it was probably taken on April 28, 2003 when President Jacques Chirac paid homage to the actors, directors and producers of the French films that were selected for the 2003 Cannes Film Festival by inviting them to the palace. The photo on the right shows Vincent with director Gerard Krawczyk and actress Helen de Fougerolles on that occasion. By the way, I recently watched an intense family saga called The Sea, a 2002 Icelandic film by Baltasar Kornakur that Helen starred in. I caught it on the Sundance Channel last month and recommend it for its beautiful cinematography and harrowing performances!

17 May 2004

ff04can116s.jpg (17135 bytes)Here's another snapshot from the Vogue photo call on May 12. Vincent was asked about his return to Cannes after last year's Fanfan la Tulipe and responded, "It's true that I was a little surprised and even saddened by so much animosity on the part of certain journalists. This year Bienvenue en Suisse is being presented in a parallel selection. The pressure is less important." Vincent is described as cultivating a smart, relaxed look. Commenting on his Armani blue cotton scarf, he admits, "I carry it in summer and winter. I am used to taking it when I travel to Mauritania. It protects me in both the hot and cold seasons, because in the desert, as in the pitiless world of the cinema, there are strong variations in temperatures!!!" (Vincent laughs)

ff04can117s.jpg (22743 bytes)More photos have been added to the 2004 Cannes Film Festival Album, as well as a fourth page that features photos of Vincent and Karine attending the premiere of Zivot Je Cudo on the evening of May 14th. Karine's sister, Virginie Sylla, was photographed with partner, Luc Besson, at the premiere of Shrek 2 the following night. She definitely has a new look since attending Cannes last year when she had just given birth to their second child. Vincent's children are cousins to one-year-old Satine and three-year-old Talia. Besson actually has four daughters - Juliette, born in 1987 and Shana, born in 1993. I'm still waiting to see a photo of twins, Pablo and Tess, born in January 2003 to Vincent and Karine. If anyone comes across one, let us know.

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12 May 2004   (updated 5/13)

suissept1a.jpg (36939 bytes)ff04canpt.jpg (17147 bytes)The 57th Cannes Film Festival opened today with a photo call for Vincent sponsored by Vogue magazine. Looks like he's sporting a moustache and goatee these days. Tomorrow is the Cannes premiere of Bienvenue en Suisse, a Swiss comedy about that nation's strange cultural values. Clicking on the movie title will take you to the VPA's film page where you'll find the synopsis, production notes, cast info and photos. When director Lea Fazer was questioned about her choice in casting Vincent, she said she was looking for an actor who could be a credible "Apollo", and since Vincent was a Swiss sex symbol, he certainly fit the part. Also, since he grew up in the area of Lausanne, he knew the culture very well.

ff04can20t.jpg (14280 bytes)This photo of Vincent & wife Karine was taken at the Opening Night Dinner at Man Ray House. Other celebrities attending were Pedro Almodovar, Max Von Sydow, Emmanuelle Devos (co-star in Bienvenue en Suisse), Laeticia Casta, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gilles Jacob, Victoria Abril, and Marisa Paredes (co-star in Talk of Angels). Doesn't Karine look stunning in this light fuschia gown! The svelte figure of this ex-model doesn't give away the fact that she's had four children.

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