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05 July 2014

I came across a few more photos taken at that charity event last month for the benefit of the association, Plus fort la vie, (Stronger Life). He's adorable in his uniform and knee socks!

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And now Vincent the photographer. Love this picture!

Some of  Vincent's work will be on exhibit from July 7 to September 21 at the Les Rencontres D’Arles, set in the stunning backdrop of the Occitan town renowned for its light that has charmed artists. Now in its 45th edition, Les Rencontres is the oldest photography festival in the world. Founded in 1970 it has the merit, since the very beginning, of programming new and previously un-exhibited works and well curated exhibitions whilst paying constant attention to the developments and evolution of this form of art. Here is one of his portraits chosen for the festival. Taken in 2011, the photo shows Jérôme "Geronimo" Le Banner, a French kickboxer and K-1 fighter, famous for his aggressive fighting style and knockout power. I have to say that is one ugly dog!

22 June 2014

On June 12th Vincent's wife celebrated the opening of a new jewelry boutique in Paris called "Messika". The first photo shows Karine with friends Alexandra Golovanoff, Valérie Messika, Marie Poniatowski and Karin Viard at the Apicius restaurant.

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Here's a photo of Vincent and Karine in their matching straw hats but I can't identify where or when it was taken. Perhaps Cannes...

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When Vincent was in Russia earlier this month, he was asked the following questions:

At the festival in Ivanovo, you showed two films - "Indochine" and "Peau d'ange". Why did you choose these two?

Both films are very important to me. "Indochine" was made with a lasting impression and "Peau d'ange" was my first film as a director, maybe not very good, but it is dear to me.

You're a regular participant in many international film festivals. Why this one?

This is an incredibly beautiful place and everything was perfectly organized. Also, the name of Tarkovsky sets the bar high. I can only speak about the documentary program. I would have rated it very highly. And, of course, it's simply an awesome place. The Russian provincial town is very beautiful and the people are hospitable. I continually had the feeling that everything was just like a movie (laughing).

Are there any prospects for Russian cinema in Europe?

In my opinion, there are many interesting things now in Russian cinema. "Leviathan" by Andrei Zvyagintsev won at Cannes, an indication that Europe is closely watching Russian movies. I myself love Zvyagintsev's "Elena". I also recognize that the film business in Russia over the past few years has become more organized especially when compared with the rebuilding years when the film business in Russia was simply lost and people did not know what to do next. And now there is development. There are new names and decent pictures.

Why did you agree to do "Kitchen in Paris"?

I knew that the series was very successful in Russia, but I just wanted to take part in a comedy designed for success with the audience. I really liked the script. I had a funny role. I loved the team: Dmitry Dyachenko and the director and screenwriters. The whole crew knew exactly what they wanted. They were real professionals who were pleasant to work with.

Do you plan to make a film in Russia?

I have long wanted to. I am interested in Russia, but we need to find the right theme, which is important for the film. Finding it is difficult. Next spring I will begin work on a new film. It will be adaptation of the book, "Everyone Dies Alone" by the German writer Hans Fallada. This is a story about the people who fought the Nazis in Germany during World War II. I am very close to this subject because some of my family members were killed in those years at the hands of the Nazis in Germany and Spain.

16 June 2014

I've posted a number of photos from the "Zerkalo" Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival, which ran from June 10-15. Named after Tarkovsky’s 1975 film "Zerkalo" (Mirror), the Russian festival was held in Tarkovsky’s birthplace of Ivanovo. This year’s eighth edition had "women in cinema" as its all-embracing theme. The theme of women in cinema also dictated the line-up for the documentary competition. The jury headed by Vincent made its decision in a competition consisting only of works by Russian women directors and presented the award for Best Documentary to Alina Rudnitskaya’s "Blood" about the daily routine of a blood bank. Vincent explained their choice - "All the works were quite interesting, and most importantly, they covered different problems of modern society. But, of course, there was a special feeling for the film 'Blood'. This is a very emotional picture, and our decision in choosing the winner was pretty quick, easy and unanimous."

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On the 19th of this month Vincent will join actress Alice Taglioni in showing support for research in pediatric oncology as godparents of L’association Enfants Cancers Santé. To raise awareness for the fight against children's cancer, the duo will participate in a pétanque (similar to bocce) tournament with 300 participants at Gerland Park.

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On June 9th Vincent participated in a Football match,  The first photo shows him with wife Karine and DJ & music producer Pierre Sarkozy (son of the ex-president).

10 June 2014

It's celebration time!  The Vincent Perez Archives has been online for 15 years!

And a Happy Birthday to Vincent who turns 50 today!

When asked recently about how he felt about this birthday, Vincent responded, "By and large, age does not matter although I was a little worried about this number 50. Most importantly, I have a perfect wife and we have raised great kids. I still have big plans and I feel the strength to realize them! Age is perhaps an advantage. I have become more tolerant, more peaceful and I have learned to appreciate the simple things."

04 June 2014

On Monday evening Vincent joined former President Nicolas Sarkozy at Carla Bruni's concert at the Svetlanova Hall in Moscow. Carla will also perform in St. Petersburg this evening. But news coming out of Russia this week reveals that the Swiss actor will head the jury for the documentary films at the 8th International Film Festival in Ivanovo, held from June 10-15.



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