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  12 August 2009

Today was the theatrical release in France for Denis Dercourt's "Demain des l'aube" and critics are praising the film. It garnered three out of four stars from several publications - Premiere, Télé Ciné Obs, Libération, L'Express, Le Monde, and Abus de Cine. Critic Gaëlle Bouché has nothing but praise for Vincent - "The great revelation of this film is to finally discover all the talent of Vincent Perez. Usually confined to costume dramas and light comedies, the Swiss actor surprises the audience with his significant intrepretation and reserve." Télé Ciné Obs points out that this could be the richest role ever for Vincent. In fact, Vincent himself has repeatedly indicated in several interviews that he considers this role one of his best. To view the trailer, visit this link.

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In an interview with La Voix du Nord published yesterday, journalist Philippe LaGouche celebrates Vincent's age with "Forty-five years! The face has gained depth. Time has hollowed out grooves, sometimes abysses. A fragile surface emerges more than in the past." For those folks who continually get confused about Vincent's age, it's time to smarten up and accept the fact that this actor was born in 1964, not 1962! This is most annoying. Vincent shares his hope that Denis Dercourt's film is the turning point in his career. One thing is for certain, his passion for acting has returned to him. He also spoke about his work in the French TV series, "Paris Enquetes Criminelles" referring to it as a "livelihood, an everyday job." He continues, "Doing the series was very rewarding because it represented a lot of work. It was exhausting but it allowed me to become an artisan. I like that idea because in the cinema, we tend to consider only the artistic angle. The only thing that bothers me about television work is the obligation to explain everything in each episode. This tended to empty me, rather than feed me." Vincent admits that working abroad has not necessarily helped especially when it relates to identity - "I have been slow to consider myself French." As far as the future, he says he doesn't like the idea of being locked in a box. He adds, "I like surprises. I love going into unknown territory... The most important thing for me is to try to be honest in my work and move forward with integrity." In the meantime, he continues writing his comics with the third installment of "La Fôret" due out in October. As far as leisure time, he recently read several books including two by Philippe Grimbert - "Un Secret" and "La Petite robe" and "D'autres vies que la mienne" by Emmanuel Carrere. When it comes to movies, he was very impressed with "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." I absolutely agree with Vincent and can't say enough about this film - love it, love it!

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Last December I posted the news that Vincent's wife, Karine, would be directing a film called "Et si on changeait le monde" with production to begin in April 2009. There has been no further indication that this project will take off. However, in the above mentioned  interview, Vincent spoke about returning to the stage in a play entitled "Le Temps qui passe" written by his wife. In the meantime, Karine has made headlines by appearing in "Je vais te manquer" (I'll Miss You), which premiered on June 10th in France. Written and directed by Amanda Sther, it stars Carole Bouquet, Pierre Arditi, Patrick Mille, Alexandra London, Frédéric Testot, et Michael Lonsdale. Described as a dramedy, the story involves six lovesick adults who cross paths at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Here are some publicity photos:

  31 July 2009

What's with Vincent Perez and Napoleonic wars? Following the premiere of Demain des l'aube at Cannes, we now learn that Vincent just wrapped up filming Bruc last week in the Montserrat region near Barcelona. The film's synopsis reads: "Spain. On June 6, 1808, the Napoleonic army meets its first defeat at the hands of a single man: a drummer boy. The reverberation of the sound of his drum against the mountains of Montserrat tricks the French into thinking that there are many more Catalan soldiers than there really are, causing Napoleon’s troops to flee. When the news reaches the ears of Napoleon himself, he entrusts the Hussar captain of the Imperial Guard, Alain Maraval (played by Perez), with a mission: to hunt down the person responsible for his defeat in the mountains and behead him as a sign of punishment. The captain brings together a band of his best men and sets out to hunt down the young man known as Bruc. This historical action-adventure began filming on June 15th with a budget of four million and is a co-production of Catalunya Television and Ikiru Films. Besides Vincent, the cast includes the Spanish actor Juan José Ballesta in the title role, and French actors Nicolas Giraud and Jerome Le Banner. The film, based on a screenplay Jordi Gasull and Patxi Anezcua, is directed by  Daniel Benmayor. According to the IMDB, the film will be released theatrically next year through Spain's Universal Pictures. Check out the awesome trailer here.

According to Variety, Benmayor has previously directed commercials and recently debuted his first theatrical release called "Paintball" at the Tribeca Film Festival in NY. It's an unusual horror thriller shot in broad daylight witha profusion of sequence shots. He refers to Bruc as equally groundbreaking - a Catalan-language film that can best be described as "an 18th century 'First Blood' - a brutal manhunt of an innocent man."


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