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21 August 2012

Late yesterday afternoon, a preview of CE QUE LE JOUR DOIT A LA NUIT was held at the Kinepolis cinema in Nimes. Director Alexander Arcady and four of his actors attended and at the end of the screening, they were greeted with a standing ovation. Based on the novel by Yasmina Khadar, this feature film will have a French release on September 12th.  The director told the audience, "Like millions of people, I discovered the novel of a beautiful love story against the history between France and Algeria. I made a movie that runs 2 hours and 37 minutes. I could have made it longer because it is still difficult to adapt a novel of over 400 pages to the screen. We must learn to circumvent, delete scenes." Vincent, who plays the role of a settler of Spanish origin, remarked, "When I met Alexander Arcady for this film, I was struck by how much he was invested in this mission. I felt this incredible energy, the same kind that gives you confidence." Joining Vincent and the director in the photos below are Fu'ad Ait Aattou, Mathieu Boujenah and Nora Arnedezer. You can watch a video of the event at this link.

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This past weekend Vincent was a guest of ex-president Nicholas Sarkozy, who has been on holiday for three weeks at Cap Nègre on the Côte d'Azu. Marrying into a wealthy Italian family brings its perks. Carla Bruni's family owns a beautiful seaside villa on the Riviera. The photos below show the villa and the ex-president enjoying the surf with Vincent as well as with his wife.

On August 17th the two men took to their bikes and got some exercise in the countryside as seen in these thumbnails.

18 August 2012

In connection with Vincent's summer photo exhibition at the BHV Observatory in Paris, French magazine Sport & Style featured an interview in their culture section.

How did this project come about?
VP: An architecture student friend, Auguste Chantrel, told me about urban teratology. This led me to the works of accidental art that one can find in Paris. I did a lot of scouting and I discovered some architectural elements that create an emotion in me and have a language.  Between the greenery and stone, there is a cohabitation that moves me and which is also beautiful.

Do you need photography?
Yes, it is a need to express things other than through words. I am not only an interpreter, it is also that I create and if I do not do it, it saddens me, eats me from inside and I become unhappy.

Did you grow up in an environment favorable to art?
My father immediately put a pencil in my hand. Until adolescence, I grew up thinking I would become a painter. I also had a mentor, the painter Pierre Gisling, who was the first one to give me a camera. He pushed me in that direction. I continued my studies in photography.

Why did you want to show off your photos?
Because I have not done it for 48 years! (Laughs). I had all these boxes of negatives... Showing my work seemed like a necessary step. It was challenging and gave me a strong objective.

Of crumbling walls, facades damaged: it is a dark side in your photos ...
Really? I find it rather playful, not very dark. This character is born on a wall. But I have a rather dark side, besides my drawings have always been.

If you had to choose between actor and photographer?
Impossible! Be an actor, director and photographer, that's it for me and they are two very different cultures.

You like sports?
I discovered the bike race four years ago and it became a passion. I love that effort. Otherwise, I swim, do yoga and I like to run.

What are you watching in the Olympics?
I love fencing.  I have often taken the sword for the sake of my films. Besides, I've crossed swords with Laura Flessel!

How do you relax?
Playing sports or having a good Bordeaux!

How would you define your style?
The easiest look! I love the black polo. I have a problem with colors. I confess I have great difficulty in choosing my wardrobe.

07 August 2012

I recently located a questionnaire filled out by Vincent for the Spanish edition of "GQ Man of the Week" in December 2010.






Essential in your closet
Blue and black jeans, old shirts...
I have a golf-style hat from the 40s.
A symbol of style
John Malkovich
Your female icon
Marilyn Monroe
Gadget you cannot live without
Not exactly a gadget, my Leica camera.
Social networks like Facebook or Twitter
Only email.
A weekend getaway
To my country house with many horses
Best vacation
In Senegal and in Spain on the Costa Brava.
A movie
"Amanecer" (1927) by F.W. Murnau

A book
"El mundo de ayer" by Stefan Zweig
Currently reading

"Marilyn's Last Sessions" by Michel Schneider

Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, blues, folk, rap, classicial, all kinds of good music.
Favorite TV show
Documentaries in general
Cocktail bar
Les Bains Douches in Paris
La Fontaine Gaillon, run by Gerard Depardieu
A whimsical act
I gave my wife to marry me on the French Riviera and gave her a diamond ring.
The GQ moment of your life
When we won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film for "Indochine".
Your seduction technique
Being shy, but it doesn't work too well (laughs)
What does a GQ man have?
A style that will not take great notice but is very person. He also has character. Finally, he has good taste, is attracted to beauty and enjoys life to the fullest.
A GQ Man
Daniel Day-Lewis



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