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30 September 2004

frankenstein11s.jpg (20379 bytes)You can now access interviews with the Frankenstein cast at the USA Network web site. Vincent describes how the filmmakers wanted something different from De Niro's work, and all the other famous Frankensteins. There will be scars on one side of his face, but the other half will still reveal him as a "good-looking man." Parker Posey says that Deucalion (Perez) learns to trust her resulting in a "Beauty and the Beast" relationship. Look for it premiering on Sunday, October 10. There will be repeated showings throughout the month.

19 September 2004

From the Miami Herald. "Cable's hottest guy kills people by the gross, communicates mostly in grunts, and has a face only a plastic surgeon could love. But we're not talking about Tony Soprano. No, please give a warm welcome to our old friend Frankenstein, who's starring in two different cable movies in a five-day period in October. The Hallmark Channel's two-part miniseries debuts Oct. 5 and 6, while the USA Network's movie - which is actually the pilot for a possible weekly series - premieres Oct. 10. though both productions are named Frankenstein, the similarity stops there. Hallmark's sticks close to the book, with Alec Newman as the doctor who creates life, William Hurt as his medical school mentor, and an appropriately uglified Luke Goss (Blade II) as the monster. USA's Frankenstein is not only contemporary, but has flipped the story on its head: The monster (Vincent Perez, The Crow: City of Angels) is a handsome, heroic dude chasing down the doctor (Thomas Kretschmann, The Pianist), who has kept himself immortal through some plastic surgery too yucky even for the butchers over at Nip/Tuck."

16 September 2004

Vincent indeed plays a very sexy monster in Frankenstein. From the following description of his character, it appears that he's well suited for the role. The original "monster" Deucalion was created some two hundred years ago by Victor Helios. The lightning storm that Victor used to spark life in his creature inadvertently gave Deucalion some kind of immortality. Deucalion has survived the past centuries wandering the Earth, a mysterious and secretive fugitive who stays in the shadows, his face and body a patchwork of scars and tattoos. When Deucalion learns that his maker is alive and well and continuing his work, Deucalion comes to modern-day New Orleans to seek out and destroy him. Deucalion comes to trust Carson O'Conner (Parker Posey) with the truth about himself and Helios and joins forces with her to defeat Victor. As their relationship grows closer, Deucalion develops a strong emotional connection to Carson. Deucalion is sensitive to the suffering of those around him. He strives to become more human and perhaps, one day, attain a soul. His dark origins haunt him, and his dedication to destroy Victor is part of the penance he pays for his past sins.

Remember the show airs on October 10th. Here are the Frankenstein photos so far:

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03 September 2004

The following is a description of the storyline in this modern retelling of the classic tale: Victor Helios (Thomas Kretschmann) and his prototype creation known as Deucalion (Vincent Perez) have survived 200 years through scientific manipulation. Now living in New Orleans, Victor has created a laboratory where he works to manufacture a new race of people - a race designed to ultimately replace mankind. Although his new race is intended to be perfect, calm, and analytical, Victor's creations are tortured by their own existence, making them unpredictable and often dangerous. When Deucalion, who has been living in Europe, learns about Victor's evil scheme, he travels to New Orleans to face his creator and end the human-engineering operation. But in order to accomplish this objective, Deucalion realizes he must find help.

Meanwhile, Detectives Carson O'Conner (Parker Posey) and Michael Sloane (Adam Goldberg) are investigating a series of murders that are plaguing the New Orleans community. Their latest victim is a human abomination like nothing they've ever seen before, with two hearts and bones as solid as rock. Before the detectives are able to effectively review the corpse, the body is mysteriously destroyed, and the detectives are left wondering about the victim's true identity.

Deucalion seizes an opportunity to reach out to Detective Carson, and she initially thinks he may be the killer they're looking for due to his bizarre features and odd disposition. To allay her fears, Deucalion reveals his true identity, and then explains to her the complex nature of the killings she is investigating. Upon further investigation, Carson and Deucalion learn some disturbing facts about one of Carson's colleagues, Detective Harker (Michael Madsen), that tie him not only to the crimes, but also to Helios. Carson, Sloane, and Deucalion make a pact to take down the evil doctor whose creations have successfully infiltrated society - but can they stop him in time?

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