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19 October 2012

On October 17th, Vincent and his wife attended a private dinner hosted at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris honor of 'Morgenthau Plan' Exhibition of Anselm Kiefer.

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According to the Russian media, Vincent will be having another photo exhibition in Moscow in December. It will be called "Big" and will be featured at the RuArts Gallery from December 8, 2012 to January 19, 2013. Vincent will participate in the 8th anniversary celebration of the gallery on December 7th. This international photo project began with the ballet at the Paris Opera, which featured stars such as Nicolas Le Riche and Elisabeth Platel. The second part of the project will include the stars of the Bolshoi Theater, such as Tsiskaridze, Catherine Shipulina and Maria Alexandrova.

7 October 2012

On September 28th, Vincent attended the Cindy Sherman Exhibition launch at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris.

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Last month Vincent was in Almaty, Kazakhstan, attending the Eurasia International Film Festival, which ran from September 17-21. [Check out the photo gallery] He was invited to sit on the festival's jury. The media described him as being in a great mood with a sense of humor, readily answering questions, giving every journalist his time and not responding with stock answers. Upon arriving, Vincent stated, "From childhood, I dreamed of visiting Asia because I had many Asian friends. And they always told me interesting stories about Korea, Japan and Vietnam. To see these countries with my own eyes gives me great joy. Today I am in Kazakhstan. I'm very lucky." You can watch a video interview at this link. It's hard to pick up the English because there's a Russian track over it but occasionally you can pick up bits and pieces. At one point he indicates that Karin's next film project, which he stars in, is on hold as his schedule is full over the next several months.

At a press conference, Vincent indicated he would like to return to Kazakhstan in the future either in the role of photographer or actor. He was asked about working with Catherine Deneuve and gave these comments - "It was an indescribable experience for me. Catherine is an experienced actress, taught me a lot... She is not only a great actress, but also a very powerful woman. She is by nature a leader who loves life... Indochine was a real test of survival. I was still a novice actor, very afraid, and working with a maestro was exciting for me. This was also the first time I traveled to Asia. I discovered an amazing country like Vietnam. With this film, I realized my childhood dream because I wanted to be a traveler... This picture is still in my heart."

When asked about the Russian film, "Apocalypse Code," he replied, "It was a bit of a crazy experience for me. I played a very bad guy - classic villain. Unfortunately, the picture did not turn out exactly what I expected... But shooting took place in eight countries around the world so we traveled a lot - Norway, Japan...  I don't regret that I participated in this project."

Vincent was asked which of his films remain special to him. No surprise that he answered with "Indochine", "Queen Margot" and "Cyrano de Bergerac." He added, "These movies are always in my heart. They changed me as a person and changed my life."

During his stay in Almaty, he gave a master class at the Academy of Arts. He also attended a banquet at the close of the festival and a couple online videos have leaked out showing Vincent dancing with sultry girls dressed in national and oriental costumes. I'd say he held his own and certainly was entertaining to watch as he elegantly took on the Eastern dance steps. Here are a couple links:

29 September 2012

Focus Features has boarded international sales on Vincent's third feature film as director, his own adaptation of Hans Fallada's 1947 novel, ALONE IN BERLIN. Sony Classics is already in place as North American distributor. In interviews regarding his next directorial project, Vincent said, "Fallada was an amazing writer and had a very difficult life. Just before he died in 1947, a publisher went to see him with boxes of documents from the Gestapo to see if he could find a story in them. What followed was his book, Alone in Berlin. Since the book has been such a success in America and the UK where it appeared four years ago, my producer, Stefan Arndt (of Berlin-based X-Filme Creative Pool) and I have decided to do it in English. After five years of carrying the project, we are finally going to start casting at the end of September." Previously there had been plans to to shoot in German with a German-speaking cast, and the film was already allocated $517,000 project funding by the Leipzig-based regional fund MDM.

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On September 24th, Paris celebrated fashion and its stars of tomorrow with a glamorous and elegant gala at Mandarin Oriental attended by more than 150 celebrities, dignitaries and society guests. Located on rue Saint-Honoré, one of the most fashionable streets in the world, surrounded by haute couture and only a few steps away from the city’s famous attractions, the red carpet event drew a stellar crowd, which included Vincent, his wife Karine and his stepdaughter, Roxane Depardieu.


23 September 2012

Vincent nowhere to be seen! His brother-in-law, French filmmaker Luc Besson, cut the ribbon on Friday on his "Film City" (La Cite Du Cinema), a vast studio complex created in a disused power station to offer Hollywood-style facilities in Denis, right on the edge of Paris. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in this dream," the 53-year-old director and producer told the gathering of French politicians, film executives and project partners. The 170-million-euro project, 12 years in the making, aims to plug a gap in the French production landscape, as a studio able to see a movie project through from A to Z. Attending the event was Luc's family members: his daughter Shana by his second wife, his present and fourth wife, Virginie Silla, and their three model-beautiful children - Satine, Talia, and Mao, Vincent's wife Karine (Virginie's sister) and her daughter, Roxane Depardieu. Notice the absence of our man at this very important family occasion!!! And no photos of his children attending as well... I have looked for photos of the Besson children for years in an attempt to see whether they resembled Vincent's three children. Yes, I see a striking resemblance to 13-year-old Iman. As far as Roxane is concerned, she's obviously inherited her famous father's prominent bone features with no hint of her mother's delicate frame. You'll note the 20-year-old is on crutches so it appears she has suffered a recent accident or undergone surgery. 

15 September 2012

Contrary to previous reports from the Italian media, the TV mini-series, PREFETTO DI FERRO, will be aired on Rai TV on September 16 & 17, 2012. You can watch an interview with Vincent on Rai TV by clicking on the photo below. It's amazing how well he speaks Italian plus several other languages!

05 September 2012
Venice was the venue yesterday for the screening of THE LINES OF WELLINGTON at the city's international film festival. Vincent was present along with several members of the film's huge cast. For more photos, click here.



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