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21 October 2013

On October 18th, Vincent and his wife attended the closing ceremony at the Grand Lyon Film Festival. Quentin Tarantino was given the Prix  Lumière for his outstanding film career. Quentin, you are awesome! And what's your favorite Tarantino film? I love "Inglourious Basterds", but "Reservoir Dogs" is a close second. At the ceremony Tarantino was graced by the presence of some of his favorite actors. Uma Thurman was beaming and never looked more stunning. That dress! I fell in love with Uma when she did "Henry and June" and quickly became fascinated by Miller's muse, Anais Nin ("We write to taste life twice" and "We see things as we are, not as they are.") My admiration for Harvey Keitel goes all the way back to "Mean Streets" and I don't think I've ever missed a Tim Roth performance. Heck, I've been going to the cinema for over 65 years!

The following afternoon, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Lumière Institute, a special filming took place to commemorate the invention of cinema. On March 9, 1895, Louis Lumière created 45 seconds of film. In 1995, a reconstruction of the historical scene took place and this second reconstruction on Saturday included several actors and actresses, including Vincent and Karine. That's Harvey Keitel with his son in the first photo.

17 October 2013

Though yesterday was a day for grief, it was apparently also the day to celebrate the French premiere of brother-in-law Luc Besson's latest film, "Malavita" ("The Family"). From the synopsis, I gather the movie plays out like a comedic crime thriller. The film, starring Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones, was written and directed by Besson. The photos below show Vincent and Karine at the Europacorp Cinemas in Rosy-en-France.

16 October 2013

This morning a memorial ceremony was held  for  Patrice Chéreau in the Church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. I remember the church during my first trip to Paris in 1972 since we were staying nearby. A very beautiful church to be honored in. And many honored the famed director on this gray and wet day. Chéreau's funeral brought together the world of culture and government. President Francois Hollande and his wife were greeted by Father Jean-Loup Lacroix who officiated. There were white flowers, church bells chiming and lovely music. Besides other political dignitaries, many faces were familiar from the cinema world - Charlotte Rampling, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Pascal Greggory, Isabelle Huppart, Charles Berling and, of course, Vincent accompanied by his wife.

13 October 2013

Tributes continue in the entertainment world following the announcement of Patrice Chéreau's death on October 7. His funeral, scheduled for Wednesday, will certainly gather his admirers. Vincent was quoted in French newspapers today as saying, "With the death of Patrice, I lost a second father... You always want to please your father. Throughout my acting life, I did not want to disappoint Patrice... He had a way of getting into your soul and flesh." Vincent had recently reconnected with his former mentor with Patrice writing, "I hope to get better." Here is a photo of the pair taken on November 13, 2006.

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During the San Sebastian Film Festival, Vincent posed for this photo shoot. He seems rather stiff, don't you think? This collection certainly doesn't reflect his personality. He can do that serious look and it's usually sexy, but here it just looks flat and anal. It's hard to believe the photographer knew his subject very well.

08 October 2013

Patrice Chéreau, the accomplished French director, died yesterday following a battle with lung cancer. He was 68 years old. Of all his films, the one that will perhaps be remembered most vividly is "La Reine Margot", starring Vincent, Isabel Adjani and Daniel Auteuil. The film won the Jury Prize at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and also received five César Awards. Though he gained a measure of international renown for his films, his work as a theater and opera director formed the backbone of his career. Vincent studied under him at the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers and also appeared in his films, "Hotel de France" (1987)  and "Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train."(1998). The two photos below show Chéreau directing Vincent.

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On September 26th, Vincent and his wife attended a cocktail event called "Merci Fashion Week Party". Fashion designer Juliette Swildens was asked to create a line exclusively for Paris Fashion Week. Oddly enough, I actually favor this "Yepa" collection, which reflects bohemian chic. The collection will be presented through October 12th.

25 September 2013

This past weekend PUPPY LOVE had its world premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival, now running through September 28th. This co-production between Belgium, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg is competing for the Premio Kutxa, a category dedicated to new directors. The film is also in competition at the 9th Zurich Film Festival, which begins tomorrow. You can view the trailer at this link. In a review at, Domenico La Porta writes, "Thanks to solid actors directed in a modest and sensitive manner, Delphine Lehericey is able to draw a both universal and intimate portrait of a teenager in crisis who is discovering her body and desires but also her own values in her emotional relationship to sexuality... Set in between the sexual liberation of the 70’s and the arrival of the Internet, 'Puppy Love' benefits from an original soundtrack by Belgian electro-pop band Soldout."  For more photos, check out the film festival page.

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On Monday Vincent Perez attended the Audi e-tron party at the Cultural Center L'Electric Paris. It was a night for Audi to celebrate its new A3 Sportback e-tron model. The first photo shows Vincent with actor Pascal Elbé.

On the same night Karine attended the "J'aime la mode" cocktail event, hosted by Chef Thierry Marx at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Paris.

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On September 19th Vincent attended the premiere of "Miele" at the UGC Cine Cite des Halles in Paris. He's pictured below with Marrakech Film Festival director Melita Toscan du Plantier.

05 September 2013

Filming of THE PRICE OF DESIRE has ended after five weeks of  intense shooting at the Mediterranean villa called E1027. The villa, which overlooks the sea on a coastal path between Monaco and Menton, was recently restored and will be open to visitors soon. The film crew installed replicas of its furniture prototypes as well. According to director Mary McGuckian, it took about eighteen months to document and better understand the "mixture of admiration, rivalry and jealousy" between the architect Le Corbusier and designer Eileen Gray. She insists that going into a Ikea store, you can trace each piece to Eileen Gray. That tells me I'm not an admirer of the bisexual feminist artist! Vincent had this to say about the film:  "Without asking permission, Le Corbusier defiled the house as if to mark his territory. He drew seven murals. From the moment he drew these paintings, it felt like a kind of rape to her. This film tells their story."

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On Tuesday evening Vincent and his wife attended the launch party of Lui magazine.  Nineteen years after the end of its publication, the magazine celebrated its comeback in kiosks. For the occasion, editors Jean-Yves Le Fur and Frederic Beigbeder gathered all their friends at 34 Avenue Foch in Paris.




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