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  27 October 1999
I've posted another interview called The Lover, probably done in 1996. Because I only have the magazine clipping with no identification, I'm not able to credit the source at this time, though I have the author's name. Read it and find out what Vincent's mother says about his being a sex symbol!
  25 October 1999

New Film - Perez set for Spanish thriller!
From the Hollywood Reporter: Vincent Perez is attached to star in Semana Santa (Holy Week) a Seven-like English-language thriller set during the holy week in Seville, Spain, that will also feature Victoria Abril in a lead role. Semana, which is budgeted at $7.5 million and is scheduled to start shooting in Seville in March, will be the debut feature film for Spanish director Pepe Danquart, whose Black Rider won the 1994 Oscar for best live-action short and whose subsequent shorts have garnered many other prizes.

Italian producer Leo Pescarolo and partner Beppe Atene's Rome-based Lantia film are co-producing with Paris-based Philippe Guez, whose producing credits include Halcyon Days. France's UGC has international rights outside Italy where Istituto Luce will distribute. In Semana, the Swiss-born Perez (Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train) and Spain's Abril (Between Your Legs) find themselves progressively entangled in an escalation of spirituality seeped murders. The script is by David Hewson (The Higher Mortals) and Roy Mitchell, creator of the TV series Backup.

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I have some new additions to the web site. Two articles with photos from the French publication Le Figaro have been posted - February 22, 1997 and February 9, 1998.  Also, the film page for La Neige et le Feu has been completed.

  22 October 1999

Can anyone guess what film will be featured tonight at the 10th Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Film Festival? Yes, Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train! It will be shown at Bell Auditorium (University Film Society) in Minneapolis at 7:15 pm. The Star Tribune reports that "one of the more memorable characters in this crowded film is a tall, striking woman named Viviane, played by none other than Vincent Perez." Earlier this month, it also made an appearance at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

  14 October 1999

Today the Internet Movie Database listed Le Libertin in Vincent's filmography so with a second source, we can now assume this news is accurate. Since his character's name has been identified as Denis Diderot, this also confirms the info I gave in my 10/7 update that this film has been adapted from the play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. It's described as a light comedy based on the French philosopher Denis Diderot (1713-1784), who is most famous for writing the first encyclopedia, which took him over 20 years to complete.  The play is full of mischief and humor as Denis attempts to write the section on morals for the encyclopedia while several women try to allure and torment him. Le Libertin was staged during the '96-97 season at the Montparnasse Theatre in Paris and garnered six nominations so it was obviously a hit.

  13 October 1999

Tidbits: Le Temps Retrouve was featured at the New York Film Festival last month. Did you know that Vincent was considered for the lead role opposite Juliette Binoche in The Horseman on the Roof but lost to Olivier Martinez? What a heartbreak! Was anybody online at the AOL Live Chat on Sunday, August 25, 1996? Vincent was their guest! He was also the guest of David Letterman on September 3, 1996. If you click on the photo below, you'll bring up a collage of mini-images taken from that show.

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  07 October 1999

For those living in the Boston area, you'll be happy to learn that Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train is now playing at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge, MA. Movie critic Jay Carr of the Boston Globe had nothing but praise for the film citing its "superb ensemble performance" including "Vincent Perez's elegant and sympathetic performance as a relative who has just undergone a sex change operation". He further comments on the director's use of a "restless hand-held camera style that may amount to the best footage ever put in the service of a story set on a train." 

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The French cinema site,, has announced a new film with Vincent called Le Libertin directed by Gabriel Aghion with Fanny Ardant, Michel Serrault, Josiane Balasko and Arielle Dombasle. I have not been able to verify this information from any other source as of yet. I do know there was a play of the same name that was performed at the Montparnesse Theatre a couple years ago, so perhaps it is this comedy that is now being brought to the screen.

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On Tuesday, December 14, Le Bossu will make its NY premiere at the French Institute Alliance Francaise. It will be shown with English subtitles at 12:30, 3:30, 6:30 & 9pm. You can call (212) 355-6100 for ticket information. Guess you know what I'll be doing that Tuesday afternoon.

  20 September 1999

More additions! Thanks to Sabrina Smith Moses, photos have been added to the September 23, 1996 article from People Magazine. There is another interview with photos from the February 1995 issue of Premiere magazine.

  15 September 2009

New additions! There are three new articles with photos. The first one entitled "Monsieur Heartthrob" comes from the March 1995 issue of W magazine. The second one is from the October 1996 issue of Cinemania, a Spanish magazine, and the last article is from the January 1996 issue of Playgirl. Sorry, folks - he's fully dressed!

  7 September 2009

Another U.S. city is featuring Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train, this time on the West Coast. Last week it made its appearance at the Nuart in Los Angeles and this week it continues in LA, now at the Edwards University Art House. Kevin Thomas of the LA Times gave it a glorious review referring to it as a film "in the grand French tradition of depicting the eternal human comedy with a compassion balanced by a wry, unsentimental detachment.... a marvel of solid construction, with brisk movement and shrewd, witty observation of human strengths and weaknesses." He goes on to say that Viviane is "played with warmth and gallantry by Vincent Perez, one of the French cinema's top romantic stars." The film continues to play in NYC at the Village Cinema and can now be seen at the Roxy Theater in Philadelphia.

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An article from the November 1995 issue of Movieline Magazine has been added as well as an interview from the September 1998 isssue of the German magazine Cinema. Our thanks to Annegret Höfer of Germany for sharing this with us as well as doing the translation.

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There will be an encore presentation of "Wild on the Champs-Elysee '97" on E! - Entertainment Television on September 15th. This one-hour program features a wonderful interview with Vincent, which you will not want to miss! Please check your local TV listings for exact date and time.



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