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16 October 2003

On Tuesday evening, October 14, there was a preview of the film, Janis and John, in which Marie Trintignant, who passed away on August 1, appears on the big screen for the last time. The screening took place at the Champs-Elysees cinema and was followed by dinner at the Man Ray Restaurant. Among those present were Vincent, Christopher Lambert, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Guillaume Canet and Pascal Greggory.

Cinzia Masina, has again generously given of her time and has translated Vincent's interview  regarding his role in Je Reste!  Merci, Cinzia!

Here's another gallery completed showing all the magazines that I have found featuring Vincent on their cover. If anyone out there has any to add, please email me. Thanks!

11 October 2003

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Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco


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6 October 2003

Vincent is attending the 3rd Marrakech International Film Festival (October 3-8), which is under the high patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI and presided over by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid. French actress Nathalie Baye is this year's president. Other French guests include Marie Gillain, Arielle Dombasle, and Jacques Doillon. Homages were scheduled for Daniel Toscan du Plantier, Alain Delon, Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott.

2 October 2003

Vincent was a guest on two radio shows this week. You can listen to his Europa 1 interview with Dominique Souchier (October 1). He was also on Cauet's show on Europa 2 (September 29). You can watch the videos from that show and view the photo gallery. Je Reste! director, Diane Kurys, was also present. Several of the radio crew plus Vincent do some "mooning" at the camera!  Enjoy it! ...even if you don't understand French!

Marie-Noelle Tranchant of Le Figaro praises each of the three leading stars commenting on their " imagination and their sensitivity." Francoise Maupin of Le Figaroscope says "Vincent Perez interprets his character with such conviction that he becomes funny and engaging. The number one seducer in French cinema is successful in going against typecasting." Director Diane Kurys agrees. "I wanted Vincent to play the husband. The more obnoxious he was, the more interesting. He had a certain courage to launch out in this role, even to the point of being ugly in the first scenes. In comedy, one should not fear to be ridiculous. It's all a question of confidence between the actor and the director."

1 October 2003

Monsieur Cinema has a video interview with Vincent regarding his role in Je Reste! It's well worth watching. You get to see more scenes, as well as Vincent discussing the film. There's also a written interview at the same site. Hopefully, I'll have a translation done on it soon. Those who understand French can check it out now.

With the premiere of Je Reste! today, there's been a push to sell the 1993 film, Fanfan, which first paired up Vincent with Sophie Marceau. Pictured below are a few of the ads. Fanfan counts as one of my favorite films, and if you haven't yet seen it, you've missed a pleasurable experience.

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