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  20 December 2001

The Archives has received two contributions this week. The first photo sent by Luc Besson fan, Rafael Cart, is a scene from Peau d'ange. I assume that's Guillaume Depardieu on the train.

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This afternoon I went to the movies to see Vanilla Sky and was pleasantly surprised to see the trailer of Queen of the Damned. You clearly see and hear Vincent at least four times. The official web site is up and running now so check it out for more photos as well as the trailer. Here are the press photos of Vincent. It appears that Marius is a vampire painter!

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  15 December 2001

The following photo is from a French publication a couple years ago, and reveals the obvious romance between Vincent and his wife Karine. The hat did surprise me, but I like it.

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  14 December 2001

I recently came across a Rachel Weisz interview after she filmed Swept from the Sea with Vincent. Here are some excerpts regarding her co-star. (Since she's gone on to co-star with both Jude Law and Ralph Fiennes, it would be interesting to see how she might compare the three of them)

Interviewer: The only reason to be jealous of Amy Foster is Vincent Perez, your co-star.

Rachel: Yes, he's unspeakably beautiful, almost too beautiful. At first I couldn't look him in the eye but after a few days, you don't notice it so much.

Interviewer: Even when you were filming the 'doing it in a pool of water in a candlelit cave' sex scene? It made quite a splash with me.

Rachel:  It was quite funny actually, because the moment where I lost my virginity, I actually had to lose it to the cameraman - there wasn't room for Vincent to be there. So I climbed up onto the naked
cameraman's knees and lowered myself onto his lap.

Interviewer: Are you and Vincent still close?

Rachel: By the end of filming we were very close. We've seen each other since but, he's got a life, I've got a life, and you just know that you can't carry that intimacy over into reality.

Interviewer:  Tell me, what did Vincent smell of?

Rachel: Vincent just smelt French, velvety and French.

  25 November 2001

With an opening date of February 22 for Queen of the Damned, Warner Bros. has released the film poster. Check back here often for  trailer news, which should be forthcoming.

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  16 November 2001

Here's the first photo from the Perez-directed film, Peau d'ange. It looks very impressive. It was sent by a fan named Rafael, no last name or country given. Many thanks! The film, now in post-production, stars Guillaume Depardieu and Morgane More.

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  4 November 2001

Vincent is back to acting and is presently doing Le Pharmacien de garde with Guillaume Depardieu and Pascal Legitimus. Filming began October 29 in Paris with a release date set at the end of next year. 

Peau d'ange is scheduled to open in French theaters during the winter of 2002. Queen of the Damned is still expected to make its debut in the US in early 2002 as well. Fanfan la Tulipe will begin filming around March-April of next year with a release date in late 2002. That makes four VP movies debuting in 2002! Looks like that'll be quite a year for our man.


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