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22 November 2002

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Le Pharmacien de Garde premieres in France on January 15, 2003!

"I play Yan Lazarrec, a fanatic who dreams of a clean planet and who kills all those who dirty it."

...Vincent Perez

10 November 2002
marceauperez1s.jpg (12516 bytes) Vincent will be reunited with his Fanfan co-star, Sophie Marceau, in Je Reste (I remain), directed by Diane Kurys. Each has recently stood behind the camera as director - Perez with Peau d'ange and Marceau with Parlez-moi d'amour - so now they'll stand in front of the camera as actors once more. Also cast is Charles Berling, who co-starred with Vincent in Those Who Love Me... Ms. Kurys' filmography includes A Man in Love (1987) starring Peter Coyote and Greta Scacchi. Her most recent film was in 1999 when she directed Juliette Binoche in Les Enfants du siecle. Filming for Je Reste will begin in January.

pharmacienpt1.jpg (9193 bytes)Peau d'ange's leading man, Guillaume Depardieu, now stars opposite Vincent in the film, Le Pharmacien de garde, which opens January 15. Vincent comments on his role as Yan Lazarrec, the pharmacist: "It's a black film. I play an ecologist/serial killer. I had fun playing the evil one!" It seems that Yan secretly manufactures poisons to assassinate the pollutants. The ecologist dreamer and devoted pharmacist will eventually be challenged by the cop (Depardieu) in charge of the investigation. Vincent goes on to say (according to that he would like to begin writing another screenplay with his wife Karine by the end of the year. It should be a busy household with twins onboard as well.

Fanfan la tulipe is now in post-production having filmed from June 19 to mid-October. Director Gerard Krawczyk promises an aesthetic look with natural settings. Vincent trained six hours a day in acrobatics, juggling and combat with the sword. This was all orchestrated by his fencing master, Michel Carliez, who also trained him for Le Bossu. Look for its debut in France on April 9, 2003.

Since there were several photos taken of Vincent and Karine at the 2002 Montreal Film Festival, I created another photo gallery. Two photos are large enough to use as desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

4 November 2002
leprogres1s.jpg (11639 bytes)There are three new interviews with Vincent in regard to directing Peau d'ange. The first one dated 10/09/02 was done by Jean-Luc Brunet for Brunet says that "in spite of a day which began at eight o'clock in the morning finishing up late into the night while filming Fanfan la tulipe, Vincent lent himself for an interview with a smile and with elegance." The second interview by Francois Cohendy appeared in the 10/16/02 edition of the French newspaper, Le Progres. The last interview by Brigette Baudin was published in the 10/9/02 edition of Le Figaro.

More praise for Peau d'ange

Yahoo critique - "A moving and limpid story... Top-of-the-line casting... This first feature-length film directed by Vincent Perez is surprisingly superb. A wind of freedom blows through this film, which reveals a young exceptional actress, Morgane More."

Gabrielle Vincienne of Elle magazine calls Peau d'ange "a film filled with poetry and grace."

Laurence Mondy of - "Sensitive and romantic... Beautiful casting... One discovers an unknown facet of Vincent Perez as his passage to director shows us a romantic heart tried by contemplation." - "A simple, pure and sincere film which deserves attention."

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You can now purchase the DVD of Le Libertin (in French without English subtitles) for $39.95 at The video of Fanfan (no English subtitles) is also available at $19.95. Both are formatted for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada).

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