November 2004 News

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27 November 2004

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Here's our first photo of Vincent and Karine's twins, Tess and Pablo, born in January 2003. What precious children! Tess is being held by older sister Roxane, Karine's daughter by Gerard Depardieu. Five-year-old daughter Iman is not shown. The photo was published in the November 17-23, 2004 issue of French magazine Oh La!. Many thanks to Lorenza Bollini of Italy for sending it. As reported last week, Vincent and his family were at Euro Disney earlier this month to celebrate the Christmas festivities.

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Philippe de Broca, director of Le Bossu, died of cancer yesterday at the age of 71. The photo below accompanied the obituary in the French press. It was taken at Le Bossu's screening at the Cannes film festival in 1997. In May of 2003 it was announced that Vincent would again work with de Broca in another cloak and dagger film called Beau Masque, but instead de Broca worked on Vipère au poing, his last film, which debuted last month.

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Left to right: Philippe de Broca, Marie Gillain, Daniel Auteuil, Vincent and Fabrice Luchini

23 November 2004

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So Vincent is a "Friends" fan! Actor James-Michael Tyler alias Gunther the barman in the hit US comedy television show "Friends", was in Paris late night to promote the release on DVD of the show's final series. He gathered together about 100 French admirers of the cult show, which included Vincent and his wife Karine. The DVD will be released in France on December 8.

17 November 2004

"Nouvelle France" opening in Quebec on Friday, November 19th

The premiere of the $30-million historical saga, Nouvelle France, was held Monday night in Montreal at the Theatre Maisonneuve de la Place des Arts. Vincent did not attend but the two leading stars, Noemi Godin-Vigneau and David Lahaye were there to present the film. It will open in Quebec theatres this Friday. Set against the turbulent period bridging the collapse of New France and the establishment of the British regime, this film tells the tragic love story of a young peasant girl and a dashing adventurer. Francois Le Gardeur (Lahaye) is the daring, adventurous young man who rejects his bourgeois family to live with the American Indians. His father dies leaving him great wealth, but he soon discovers that his father was wheeling and dealing with Intendant Bigot (Perez). Their financial scams will eventually contribute to the fall of New France. Le Gardeur meets Marie Loup (Godin-Vigneau), the miller's daughter and it's love at first sight. Her outspoken attitude and free spirit is criticized by Father Blondeau (Gerard Depardieu), although the poor man is secretly in love with her.

This Quebec-France-United Kingdom co-production, shot simultaneously in French and English, is being called the Canadian Titanic, an historical epic drama with a love story. Film composer Patrick Doyle (Indochine) said, "Nouvelle France was a wonderful adventure. Jean Beaudin's (director) enthusiasm was infectious. I was deeply moved to be asked to set this important historical period to music. The film and its spectacular scenes were incredibly inspiring." Celine Dion sings the title song - "Ma Nouvelle France". The soundtrack CD will be released on November 23 and will be available at the Canadian Sony Music web site, which you can also visit to hear clips from all 17 tracks. The music is very lush and romantic, but I'm a sucker for violins... You can check out further info, the trailer and Celine's music video at the film's official web site.

nouvellefrance2s.jpg (19317 bytes)Vincent's character, Intendant Francois Bigot is described as a cold man wihout scruples, who is motivated by greed and indifferent to the colony's well-being. As an administrator of the Canadian government, he has decided to profit as much as he can from the powers given to him by the King. Bigot and his friends have the lucrative task of running the commercial affairs of New France and ultimately drain the resources of the colony and prevent it from prospering. Canada very quickly plunges into economic disaster. Bigot's immorality and extravagance contribute to the downfall of the French regime.

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The Christmas festivities began this month at Disneyland Resort Paris in the presence of many celebrities, including Vincent with his family. Actress Juliette Binoche and her daughter Hannah lit the traditional Christmas tree. Also in attendance were Rosanna Arquette, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal, Lou Doillon, Guillaume Canet, Ornella Muti, Jose Garcia and Francis Huster (Vincent's Le Juge co-star).

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Vincent and Karine attended the Paris premiere of the animated film "The Incredibles" on Monday, November 8, at the Grand Rex


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