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20 December 2013

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, close friend to the Perez family, had a concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels last Friday. Accompanying her on this trip was not only her husband, the ex-President, but also Vincent's wife Karine. In the next four photos below, you'll note that Karine once again became a companion to Carla when attending the funeral of Kate Barry yesterday at the Church of Saint-Roche in Paris. (If Carla wants to go unnoticed, she should remove her sunglasses because they spell CELEB in big letters). On December 11th, Ms. Barry fell to her death from her fourth floor apartment in an apparent suicide. She is connected to two famous names - her father is the talented music composer John Barry and her half-sister is actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, who has made headlines recently with her starring role in Lars Von Trier's upcoming soft porn film, "Nymphomaniac". After the funeral, Karine headed over to the Grand Palais for the celebration of "Jours de FÍtes", a French holiday carnival for the family with many attractions, including a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a carousel and typical carnival food fare, such as cotton candy and hot donuts. She is photographed in the last two photos with Sarah Lavoie, wife of French actor Marc Lavoie. I assume ten-year-old Pablo is going to enjoy that new radio-controlled helicopter in Karine's arms.

14 December 2013

Among the guests at the recent inauguration of the Eiffel by Fifax art exhibition was Vincent and Karine. The photos below show him at the Galerie Ariel Sibony on December 4th. You can also watch a video of a brief interview with him and actor Charles Berling at this link.

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Last summer THE PRICE OF DESIRE, which stars Vincent in the role of famous architect Le Corbusier, was shot on location at Eileen Gray's E1027 villa on the Mediterranean. The film focuses on how rival modernist Le Corbusier questioned Grayís reputation as one of the most powerful influences on modern architecture and design. Yesterday, on the final day of the shoot, the production staged a reenactment of the February 2009 record-breaking $28m Paris sale at Christieís of Grayís Dragon Chair. The reenactment will be the opening scene and recreates what remains the highest price paid for an item of 20th century design. Cheska Vallois of Galerie Vallois, who bid for the anonymous private client who bought the chair, plays herself in the production and famously explained the high price-tag to reporters immediately after the auction by saying "it can only be the price of desire."

The film is presently in post-production in the hands of Mary McGuckian at Windmill Lane Pictures in Dublin. Julian Lennon was commissioned to be the artistic stills photographer. Working with the production, he told the press, "Although itís a bio, itís being shot in a very artistic, indie, foreign film way, but stylistically itís incredibly beautiful. I was brought on board not just to shoot regular stills but artistic stills that will eventually become a book, box set and an exhibition in its own right about Eileen Gray, which is phenomenal. Working on a film set for the first time was a real experience...  During the shoot, I became friendly with the actor Vincent Perez and he recommended me to shoot stills for his next film, so I may be looking at the beginning of an entirely new career in the film world." A limited edition print publication of Lennon's work will be published by Stoney Road Press.

8 December 2013

It's the weekend of the Gucci Paris Masters so it's not unusual to spot some of the Perez family members among the horse enthusiasts and celebs who attend. The 5th edition is taking place during the Paris Horse Show from December 5-8 at Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre. The last two photos show Vincent's 14-year-old daughter Iman with her friends.

In the above first photo, you'll note that our man is doing his best to look French when we all know there is no French blood running through his veins, just Spanish and German! I'm sure Iman is often mistaken for Spanish with her dark looks and the Perez name but she actually favors her mother's side. Karine's father was Senegalese and her mother French from the province of Brittany. Here are some photos of Karine taken 20 years ago during her modeling days.

Karine's 21-year-old daughter Roxane recently spent time with her famous dad, Gerard Depardieu, when he took her to the opening of the Austrian Christmas market in Henndorf on November 14. They were the star guests at the famous Christmas market near Salzburg. It was reported that the media crush was tremendous with dozens of photographers and cameramen descending upon them. From the photos, it appears that Roxane thoroughly enjoyed this special father-daughter time.

11 November 2013

Ex-model Carla Bruni-Sarkozy apparently still enjoys the spotlight and this weekend she made her singing comeback on stage after several years absence. On Saturday evening  she performed at Espace Carpeaux in Courbevoie. In the audience was the ex-President as well as her sister, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi and friends Vincent and wife Karine.

Last Wednesday Vincent and Karine attended a ceremony at Opera Garnier when star dancer Nicolas le Riche received the Insignia of Officer of the Legion of Honour. In his photographic endeavors, Vincent has worked with both le Riche and Elisabeth Platel  from the Paris Grand Opera. Le Riche has also choreographed a pas de deux for Clairmarie Osta and himself, which will be filmed by Vincent.




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