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  21 DECEMBER 2000

Still finding new photos to brighten your holiday even more. (Would you believe there are now over 400 photos in the Archives?) The first one is Vincent with Japanese actor Tony Masa at Universal Studios during the filming of The Crow: City of Angels.

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The one on the left was taken at the Cannes Film Festival last May, but I have no info on the other photo.

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  16 DECEMBER 2000

leshommes.jpg (8296 bytes)Vincent has made an appearance in another book. Les Hommes: Instants features the photographic work of Albane Navizet. In her homage to men, she relates their passion and diversity. Her photographs feature men who are young, old, white, black, sports figures, models, doctors, and even stars, such as Leonardo di Caprio and our Vincent! I haven't seen the photo myself so I'm sorry I can't post it. FYI, this book is available at

While surfing the Net, I found more praise for Vincent's performance in Those Who Love Me... From the NY Times: "Rather dazzling in all regards, and well acted, featuring a delicious turn by Vincent Perez."

Damon Smith, Attitude: "Performances are uniformly excellent from Greggory's heart-wrenching former lover... and Berling and Bruni-Tedeschi... to Vincent Perez as transvestite Viviane."

Chris Drake, Sight and Sound: It's some cast... Vincent Perez is affecting."

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  11 DECEMBER 2000

On December 8th all the salaried goth extras for Queen of the Damned were given a BBQ outside the St. Albans warehouse (where much of the filming took place). They were given the chance to mingle with the "stars" getting autographs and photos with them. The pic below shows Vincent with goth extra, Duane Fernando.

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I recently purchased a German poster of Indochine. It's the first time I've seen the film poster without Catherine Deneuve. Needless to say, this version is much more appealing!

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  10 DECEMBER 2000

Warner Bros. has released the first two official photos from Queen of the Damned. The black & white photos below were featured in Friday's edition of Melbourne's newspaper, The Herald Sun.

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Marius (Perez) leaning over Lestat

Personally, I wouldn't have recognized Vincent. Evidently, the photo caption has his name, but I just can't see the resemblance.

  7 DECEMBER 2000

An anonymous Australian fan of the Vampire Chronicles has reported his/her experience at the Death Valley concert filmed last Friday night. Vincent appeared onstage to do a scene with Lestat and Akasha, so the audience was able to get their first glance at what the characters would look like. Unlike the golden-haired Roman look that Marius has in the Anne Rice novel, Vincent's hair was very short and in its normal dark color. He was dressed in a long gray coat, which he never took off, so there's no info on what kind of costume he might have worn underneath. His face was pale with heavy eye make-up, which supposedly looked great on him.

Lestat, played by Stuart Townsend, had shoulder-length, brown hair with blonde streaks. His face was very white with an intense expression. He was wearing black leather pants, and a tight black mesh shirt and would periodically put on a full-length black leather coat. He very definitely looked like Brandon Lee from the first Crow.

They shot the scene where Lestat stands on center stage appearing victorious after a battle with several vampires. Marius stands on the far left of the stage glaring at Lestat, who glares triumphantly back. Lestat would then turn to the audience and raise both arms in the air. The audience would cheer loudly and go wild as Lestat pranced around while Marius would look on.

A Crow connection was definitely felt throughout the night with Stuart's resemblance to Brandon Lee, Vincent's role as Ashe Corven in the sequel, and at one point the crowd danced to "Dead Souls" by Nine Inch Nails from The Crow soundtrack (though that song will not be on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack).

  5 DECEMBER 2000

QOTD Production News: The Death Valley concert was finally filmed Friday evening sunset to sunrise, and the reports are starting to come in now from those who were there. For weeks now, young, goth-type Aussies have been registering as extras to be part of this exciting concert, which took place in the middle of a dusty quarry near Werribee. Thousands were bused in from the Docklands, some hoping for a chance to see themselves in the film when it's released next year. The first report is from a journalist's experience - Rosanne Bersten of The Age:

"Helicopters take off and circle the crowd, filming from above. Richard Watts, a well-known DJ from a variety of goth clubs around town, is MC for the evening, exhorting the crowd to wave their arms in the air and cheer for the practice runs. Cameras on large booms swing down over the crowd as crew work out the line for certain shots. One particular song with the chorus, "I see hell in your eyes ... touching you makes me die inside" is played over and over through the night. It helps that it was written by Jonathan Davis from Korn... The variety of clothing is astounding. Many of the outfits have been sewn, especially with PVC a popular fabric. Bright reds, deep purples and shocking greens compete with the overwhelming darkness of the blacks.."

"It starts to get cold and Aaliyah (playing the gorgeous Queen of the Damned herself) is freezing in a skimpy, glittery outfit. A crew member flings a hefty coat over her swiftly every time the take is cut. Pillars around the set spurt flame periodically while we're shooting, and the warmth is glorious. Crow star Vincent Perez, cast in the role of Marius, appears on stage for a few minutes for one shot and is greeted with cheers. By 4.30 am, when we run through a band entry, Lestat entry and the whole song from start to finish, we're so hyped we're shouting and yelling for real. It helps that Townsend is stunning and wearing a body-hugging gold mesh shirt that leaves little to the imagination... Finally, director Rymer tells us we've wrapped for the night. He tells us how fabulous we've been and we scream loudly again. Tired but happy goths then queue for the ride home."

Unfortunately, no one was able to get photos of the actual concert as bags were searched and all cameras were confiscated. An anonymous extra also reported the following: "I would estimate there were about 2000 people there. The first scene filmed was a helicopter flyover of people arriving at the concert. Once the crowd was in place, they
filmed a scene of a close-up of Jessie in the audience and then a zoom-in to Lestat on stage. There were also some special effects shots filmed like Lestat flying onto the stage to join the band. Most of the night was spent filming audience reaction shots and crowd footage."

From a paid extra, who worked nine days on the film: "We went wild when the band came on stage, went ape-shit when Lestat came flying down, and acted shocked when surprises happened. We saw Aaliyah do her stuff, Vincent Perez came out for a small scene and, of course, Stuart was around for most of the night. Despite other rumours, Jonathan Davis is definitely the vocalist for Stuart. During the concert scene, vampires move through the crowd towards the stage where they attack Lestat and the band. When Lestat kills one of the first vampires, he raises his hands into the air and the audience goes wild, while Marius (Perez) applauds politely. After Lestat becomes overwhelmed by vampires, Akasha suddenly breaks through the floor of the stage, rising up into the air. At this point the audience looks shocked and steps back in unison. She rescues Lestat and leaves the stage."

There's one more week of day shoots in St. Albans before filming comes to an end, so it looks like Vincent will be home for the holidays.

  1 DECEMBER 2000

Last month Australian journalist Andrew L. Urban not only got to interview Michael Rymer, director of Queen of the Damned, but also landed a cameo in the film playing a journalist. He describes his experience when he showed up for a reading with the cast - "We headed out to a giant warehouse in St Albans on the industrial perimeter of Melbourne, the headquarters for the film's production. We were here for the read-through, along with the rest of the cast – except Lena Olin who was delayed. The pokey production offices upstairs, the cavernous warehouse floor on the ground floor, make for an excellent make-shift film studio. We gathered in a large room on the first floor, sitting in an expansive square formation, and director Michael Rymer tried to reassure us by saying that this was not the moment for our Academy Award winning performance. Around me were Australian actors I’d admired for years, like Bruce Spence and Tiriel Mora. Looking exotically beautiful across the square was singer/actress Aaliyah, international star Vincent Perez and Stuart Townsend, the star of the film."

Here are some capsulized comments from his interview:

  • Village Roadshow Productions is an Australian-based company and the decision between them and Warner Bros. to film in Australia was based on keeping the budget low. Vancouver had originally been chosen, but having worked in Toronto, Rymer felt that Melbourne had a stronger base of actors from theater, television and filmmaking.

  • Described primarily as a rock n' roll vampire movie, Rymer sees the film as very colorful, bold, stylized, hopefully both funny and frightening. He was a horror movie nut as a child and making this film is like a lifelong dream. The film is more like pop culture mythology rather than a Batman cartoon style.

  • In some ways the film is philosophical. With immortality, there are differences of opinions as to how a vampire should live his life. The point of view is represented by the vampires of different ages.

  • The director's references were -  if Neil Jordan did Interview With The Vampire in the style of a Merchant Ivory classy period piece, then this is Anne Rice done in the style of
    Trainspotting, or something much more irreverent."


More words from directors...

Fanfan lovers will enjoy a newly posted article from the January 21, 1993 issue of Paris Match magazine, in which writer/director Alexandre Jardin discusses the poetic imagery he tried to capture in his film with the brilliance of Marceau and Perez.

Patrice Chereau, director of Those Who Love Me... credits his cast with making the film an award-winner. It picked up three Cesars - the French equivalent of the Oscars. For his role in this movie, Vincent transformed himself into Viviane, an utterly convincing transsexual. "It was a big risk," Chereau says. "We were scared in the beginning because we thought we would never arrive at what we wanted. The path was very narrow, not to be merely a drag queen, but to really be in the logic of a transsexual person. I directed him to find just the right note, like in music, not too high or low. Suddenly, one day, he found it, and after that it was very easy."

Still, Chereau says, Perez's role was not entirely smooth sailing. The
character has a jaw-dropping nude scene that required special attention.

"The problem was the material for the tits. The breasts would be perfect but the makeup designer told me, 'Please, no water on them or they will be destroyed,'" says Chereau. "But I said, 'You read the script. He's under the shower.' So we put the shower on and, thank God, the first take was good; they were only slowly becoming whiter and whiter. It took Vincent three hours for the makeup. So often, when we shot the first take, we could see his beard, so he needed to shave twice and be made up twice. At the end of 20 days, his skin refused every makeup; he was completely burnt."  


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