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  29 August  1999

I have added new photos from the October 1998 issue of a Japanese film publication called Flix. Needless to say, I won't be translating the article! However, I know from the statistics reports that we do have fans from Japan who visit our site, so this is an invitation for anyone to come forward and translate the article for us. I also want to mention the quality of these photos. Though the originals in the magazine are gorgeous, scanning them deteriorated the quality due to the moire (checkerboard) patterns that often occur.

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A generous fan, Annegret Höfer, from Germany has kindly offered to share three magazine articles with us. One of them is from the June/July 1998 issue of the French publication Optimum. Look for the interview from this magazine as well as others in the weeks ahead.

  23 August 1999

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train continues to play on the East Coast. You can still catch it at the Village Cinema in NYC and it has just opened at the Ritz East in Philadelphia. According to yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer, Vincent was in New York City the other day. (Too bad our paths didn't cross!) The newspaper did a telephone interview with him, which should be of interest to all fans.

Here are some brief comments from recent reviews. Let me first say I absolutely agree with Amy Taubin's remarks from The Village Voice - "I loved this film from the first time I saw it, but it took a second viewing to sort out the characters and relationships, and a third to begin to appreciate the intricacies of the form. For a fetishist, this is the film of the year." Entertainment Weekly comments that, "no mourner is so dramatique as Viviane, who is played by Vincent Perez (Indochine), tweaking his hetero-romantic movie-star image by laying it on as a transsexual." From The Christian Science Monitor, "Chereau weaves a wide range of feelings into a complex dramatic tapestry." And The Record (New Jersey) had these complimentary words for Vincent - "Perez turns in a stunning performance as Viviane, a transsexual caught in Jean-Baptiste's web. Perez plays the entire film in drag and wonderfully captures the angst, confusion, and sadness of a woman caught in a man's body - and trying to break out. This is a risky performance, given Perez's box office reputation as France's answer to Brad Pitt. But he rises to the occasion with a portrayal that is compassionate, not campy or corny." A round of applause for Vincent is in order :)

  16 August 1999

I'm happy to report that I ventured into the Big Apple last week to see Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train. It was well worth seeing on the big screen. Vincent gave an outstanding performance as a transvestite named Viviane. Needless to say, he was just as beautiful as a woman! 

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New photos have been added to the following articles: People magazine, 5/8/95 and Entertainment Weekly, 9/6/96. There are also two new articles: Elle magazine (8/96) and French Premiere (8/98).  Under interviews, new additions are from The Hollywood Reporter (9/19/95) and Entrevenue magazine (February 1997). More to come...

  05 August 1999

It has just come to my attention that Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (1998) is now playing in NYC at the Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street. Janet Maslin of the NY Times reviewed the film today and included a photo. The hard copy edition had a huge b&w photo (below), which differed from the one on the online edition. For this article as well as all information concerning this film, click onto the film title above.

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  04 August 1999

Alas, I have to report that the premiere of I Dreamed of Africa has been pushed forward into the next century. Yes, the summer of 2000.  How disappointing!

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Special thanks goes to Sandy Creelman for sharing her Le Bossu film book with us. I've also acquired a British quad poster, which was much too large for me to scan in, but I have posted the section with Vincent as "The Dashing Duke". You can access all these new photos from the Le Bossu movie page.

  28 June 1999
  Several new photos have been added to the Cannes '99 page.  Entertainment Weekly reviewed Nancy Peske and Beverly West's book, Cinematherapy: The Girl's Guide to Movies for Every Mood - "Hilarious observations range from the trenchant ("Sandra Bullock can take off a knit cap and not have hat head much less flyaway") to the feverish ("Vincent Perez is so beautiful, he'll make your joints ache"). A must for your next girls' night in." 
  22 June 1999

The VPA seems to be off to a good start. I believe this is mostly due to the search engines picking up his web site so quickly. After viewing the statistics reports for the past week, I can see that Vincent attracts a very international following with visitors from Australia, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany, Poland, France, Hungary, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Argentina, Portugal, Sweden and Israel. That's quite a list!

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Gaumont Films was represented at the Cannes Film Festival and among their featured products was Epouse-Moi (Marry me) which is presently still in production. It's described as a comedy directed by Harriet Marin with Michele Laroque starring opposite Vincent. This movie is expected to be released next year. If you've seen Fanfan, you  know how zany and delightful he can be in a comedy.

  10 June 1999

Today is Vincent's 35th birthday so I thought it was an appropriate date to launch The Vincent PEREZ Archives. Just a few words about this site.  Unlike many celebrity sites, this one has been designed with more content regarding Vincent's screen work as well as his own comments. The intent of this endeavor is to create an archives of his career that will be the number one place on the Internet for visitors to obtain the maximum amount of information on this talented French actor.

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There is a wonderful surprise on the CD soundtrack of Il Postino. Several artists were invited to share their passion for the poetry of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close and Andy Garcia are some of the readers including our own Vincent. He wanted to pay special tribute to his friend Massimo Troisi, who succumbed to a fatal heart attack after completion of Il Postino. Back in 1991, Vincent starred with Massimo in Le Voyage du Capitaine Fracasse

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Last month Vincent attended the 52nd Cannes International Film Festival held from May 12 to May 23. He was there not only as a cast  member for the premiere showing of his latest film, Le Temps Retrouve, but also as director of his own short film, Rien Dire. Alas, neither film won any prizes but just being a featured selection at Cannes is an honor in itself. You can view the festival photos at this link.



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