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  31 December 2011

Still trying to wrap up this year's events. There are two youtube Russian videos you might find interesting. The first one concerns Vincent's photography exhibition and it'll give you a chance to see several of his photographs though his English cannot be heard over the Russian narrator. The second video combines last year's visit to Vladivostok and this year's. You'll also get to watch Vincent slow dance with this rather tall lady and there are several clips from his old films, such as "Le Voyage du Capitaine Fracasse" from 1990.

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The 16th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival was held this week in Italy with Vincent and Karine in attendance on December 28th. The pair received the Capri Art Award and held a "One-o-One: Let's Meet the Artists" along with Elsa Zylberstein. Vincent shared how he had just finished shooting "Prefetto di ferro"and admitted he had not seen the original 1977 film, directed by Pasquale Squitieri. He said, "I think it's better that way. I prefer to have no constraints when I work."

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Last month Luc Besson's latest film, "The Lady" premiered in France. Known for his usual muscular action and pumped-up visual style, Besson clearly responded to something in the story that prompted him to step outside his comfort zone. "The Lady", starring Michelle Yeoh is a biographical drama about Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese freedom fighter and Nobel Peace Prize winner who challenged the country’s oppressive regime. The consensus is that the dignified and well-intentioned film is a disappointing biography with a pedestrian script by Rebecca Frayn. The news here is that Vincent (the photographer) was called upon to take some photographs, which would eventually be used for promotional purposes. Several of his photos now appear in the media. Here are a few. I'm especially fond of the one he took of his brother-in-law.

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On October 10th, Vincent and Karine attended the First Grand Prix Cinema, sponsored by Elle magazine at Cinema Gaumont Marignan in Paris.

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Back on May 3, Vincent and Karine, along with the help of their 7-year-old daughter Tess, hosted La Fete des doudous, a charity event in Paris that benefits children with disabilities. More photos can be found on the 2011 Special Events Page.

On October 20th, Vincent and Karine attended the third edition of the France Odeon festival in Florence, Italy. They were there, along with Italian actress Valeria Golino, to present "Un Baiser Papillon" on the opening day. Festival director Ranieri Martinotti noted that, increasingly, Italian actors are used in French cinema, with Valeria being an example in her starring role in Karine's film. Here are some photos from that evening and a few quotes:

Karine: I've worked with actors and intelligence is the most important thing in their approach, even more than talent. In Valeria, I felt a deep affinity with the character and it was the same with Vincent.

Vincent: It's is an ensemble film, composed of many stories, which work together almost miraculously. It's like building a house of cards. They are all true stories, lived in one way or another by real people and this makes the film even more concrete.

Valeria: It is an ensemble piece, but it is also a family film. Besides Vincent, there was also Karine's two older daughters, who played my daughters. Playing Vincent's wife, I was not able to enjoy so much because I was directed by his wife, so every kiss was measured!

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Among the many interviews Vincent and Karine gave this year to television, radio and magazines in the promotion of "Un Baiser Papillon", here are a few more photos taken at those various times:

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This year Vincent had his second collaboration with the French childen's fashion magazine, Milk. Last year he did a photo shoot with some of his own children, which you can view here. Here are a couple photos taken earlier this year for the June edition. I'm sure working as a professional photographer brings him great satisfaction.

In July Vincent graced the cover of French magazine Homme Deluxe in a spread that featured his IKKS photo shoot and the directorial debut of his wife's film. The print in the images were too small to decipher so I have no content to share.

On September 27th, Vincent and Karine were among the invited show-business personalities to attend the opening of a new Ralph Lauren  shop on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. This is a first in Europe because the American brand  has dedicated  the entire shop to jewelry. The famous pair look as elegant as their surroundings! The photo appeared in the 9/29 issue of Gala magazine.

  21 December 2011

2012 is approaching and I wanted to post a few more additions to this year's news. Certainly, the premiere of Karine's film, UN BAISER PAPILLON thrust all the Perez family into the limelight. There was the actual opening of the film in June at which time there was a good amount of media coverage followed by more interviews with both Vincent and Karine when it was screened at film festivals.  Another major highlight of the year was in March when Vincent took to the stage with "Le temps qui passe", which Karine wrote and directed as well.

First of all, I want to post the link to the video of a television interview where Karine is joined by Vincent and daughters Roxane and Iman in a discussion of her film. 

In May when Karine was promoting her film, she was featured with two of her daughters in Elle magazine. Karine explained how her film was a successful family adventure. Two of Karine's daughters had roles as well as each of their dads - Gerard Depardieu, father of 19-year-old Roxane, and Vincent, father of 12-year-old Iman. For the Elle interview in a Paris hotel, Roxane had just flown in from Los Angeles the night before. Talkative and highly charismatic, Roxane ended up at the piano. More reserved, Iman gave her opinion on her mother's clothing.

Karine was questioned on how she developed the story for her film. She related how the characters were actually based on real people she had met over her lifetime and how she remembers everything - "From a phone number that you gave me thirty years ago to a letter I sent twenty years ago." Though many of the stories are imbued with sadness and tragedy, she said,  "I get up every morning very happy with the life I lead. At the same time, I carry a heaviness that I cannot erase because I come from an African culture where death, for example, is part of life."

Apparently daughter Iman has wanted to be an actress since she took the stage at school and she referred to the experience as "fun" but "weird" when she had to play opposite her father. Roxane said she did not want to be an actress, but on the other hand, really enjoyed acting with her father. She added, "My father is the person who makes me laugh the most in the world." She is presently studying at the California Institute of the Arts in LA, has a dog named "Sugar" and plans to return to France later to breed horses. She is an accomplished horsewoman. Roxane admitted she has some disagreements with her dad. The fact that she's a vegetarian irritates him. And being the daughter of a famous actor, Roxane said people's reactions are sometimes strange. She related a recent event when a taxi driver told her that her father should lose weight. And some people don't always accept the fact she's a Depardieu because she's black but, in general, she says this doesn't affect her.

This is Iman's official photo


Karine revealed that their 7-year-old set of twins differ on their future plans. Tess loves the entertainment world while Pablo would like to be an explorer. She also discussed some details on her next film, which she'll direct in January.  It's a comedy about blended families. The story of a father and a stepfather whose daughter disappears with Gerard and Vincent in the lead roles. Blended families are certainly a topic that Karine knows well.

  15 December 2011

Back in September, I posted news of Vincent's role in the two-part Italian mini-series called PREFETTO DI FERRO.  At that time it was reported that filming would begin in late September. Apparently, the schedule got moved because the eight-week shoot occurred in November and December. Here are some photos taken earlier this month on location in Nardo, Italy. Apparently, there were a bevy of young girls and ladies near the Church of St. Anthony where they were filming and they were anxious to get a souvenir of the Swiss actor. As usual, Vincent granted the shots for his fans "with warmth and elegance." Vincent has the lead role of Cesare Mori, known in Italy as the Iron Prefect (Prefetto di Ferro) because of his iron-fisted campaigns against the Mafia on Sicily in the second half of the 1920s. The series, directed by John Hare and produced by Artis and the Apulia Film Commission  in collaboration with Rai Fiction, is scheduled to be aired in the Spring on Italian television.

  10 December 2011

The Moscow Exhibition featuring Vincent's photography opened Wednesday and Vincent was there to mingle with the crowd. He began by formally saying, "I am honored to be here today in this wonderful gallery." The mood was festive with the clink of glasses filled with champagne, and there were flowers and light music during the evening. Some studied the pictures, some wanted to speak with the photographer, while others shared their views with friends. While they debated the merits of Vincent's photography, the hero of the evening excitedly watched their reaction. However, he was not worried.

Journalists covering the "From Vladivostok to Paris" exhibition said Vincent spoke very kindly with all guests and accommodated their questions. He was asked if those photographed were aware that their portraits were in the exhibition. He answered, "For the most part, yes." He drifted from one handful of guests to another, smiling and comfortable with the many conversations. Standing in front of the Sarkozy/Bruni photo in which they're embracing, he explained how he took advantage of photographing an intimate moment, working like a paparazzi and capturing the couple just minutes before they were married.

For more photos from this event, click the "Vladivostok to Paris" link. Vincent was also asked whether or not he considered himself a sex symbol to which he replied "no", waving his arms. Though he has played many a Casanova, in real life, no, he was not a playboy but rather the father of several children. However, he did admit that he was recently declared "the  most atttractive man in French cinema" and was embarrassed by this high-profile title. And isn't it strange that the man does not have a drop of French blood in him. Perhaps that's why he's the most attractive man!

After scanning the Net for information regarding Vincent's trips to Russia this year, I came across these three photos from his 2007 trip when he filming and promoting "Apocalypse Code.

As part of the "French Cinema Today" Festival in Moscow, Karine's film, UN BAISER PAPILLON was screened Thursday evening and both Vincent and Karine participated in a Q&A session. In one of their Russian interviews, Karine discussed her charity work which I found very admirable. For 15 years, she has volunteered her time to an organization dedicated to social adjustment and aid to children whose parents are incarcerated. They remain in enclaves with relatives, but do not have the opportunity to live a normal life. She explains, "I do not do anything special. I do what I can. Yes, I visit these children in their districts and also visit penitentiary institutions for juveniles. These children often require at least a simple conversation because they are very angry at the whole world." And she admits to being an avid reader. She responds, "I really love to read. I read at any time, at every opportunity.  I am very fond of Russian classics and contemporary writers. I'm curious to learn how they develop the plot and their heroes. And I love the book, the rustle of pages, the smell of good paper, the cover. I hate all these modern tools for reading." Yes, yes, I too am enraptured with all papyraceous things, especially books. Touching the paper and being aware of its scent and then being fascinated by the font, the binding, the book jacket.... No nook or kindle for me!

  05 December 2011

In celebration of the 7th anniversary of Moscow's Gallery of Contemporary Arts Ruarts, Vincent's photo exhibition, "From Vladivostok to Paris" will be shown from December 7-11. The event is being held in assocation with Quintiseentially, Why Not Sky Jewelry Design Studio, Hennessy and Metropol Investment Finance. Vincent will be on hand on Wednesday to personally present his photography. The exhibition was previously shown in Vladivostok in September and will continue on to Paris and then Cannes next year. Here is a link to an English interview in which Vincent discusses his photography. You can also access this Russian video to view the footage of his Vladivostok visit, which includes several of his photographs. Here are come of his more famous faces - Brother-in-law Luc Besson and French President Nicolas Sarkozy hugging his wife Carla Bruni.

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It appears that Karine was unaccompanied by her husband this year at the Marrakesh International Film Festival. On Friday evening she wore a gorgeous red gown for the opening ceremony and the following night, she looked stunning in a colorful robe though the dress seemed a bit ill-fitting for her.

  11 November 2011

We can add another movie to Vincent's filmography.  It's a surprise because I had no inkling of its production. The name of the film is MA PREMIERE FOIS (My First Time), directed by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar. (two hyphens!) and it stars Esther Comar, Martin Cannavo, Judith El Zein, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, Lolita Chamman, Anne Loriet and Xavier Maly. It's a story of young lovers. Zachary is 20 and Sarah is almost 18. The bad boy and the angel. He's what you'd call a serial lover while she has never fallen in love. It appears that only Sarah's best friend Pauline and her stepfather Richard (played by Vincent) really understand her. Zachary will disturb Sarah's certainties. Dark, mature and haunted by the violence his father inflicted upon him as a child, he has grown up too fast. It'll take six months for the pair to realize that sometimes fate will bring two people together to create a lasting love. The film will debut in France on January 18, 2012. I hope these recent "father" roles are not any indication that time has moved on for Vincent and these small  "older" roles will be the norm for his future acting career. He's much too young and handsome!

  02 November 2011

While perusing the Net on Vincent's recent photo exhibition in Vladivostok, I came across a YouTube video and several pictures of his photography session with his Russian friend, Mikkail Slipenchuk. Once a geographer and now head of investment and financial company Metropol, Slipenchuk also has a passion for karate. Back in May Vincent traveled to Moscow to photograph some of his Russian friends for his upcoming exhibition, "From Vladivostok to Paris". In keeping with his theme of presenting well-known figures of culture, sports and business in both countries, Vincent felt that Mikhail was a prominent representative of all categories. Metropol has indicated it will become a partner in the Moscow exhibition in December. In this same news article, Vincent shares his dream of someday directing his own play at the Russian capital's famous Lenkom Theatre.


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