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  29 December 1999

On Christmas Day I received scans via e-mail of two French lobby cards from La Maison de Jade, one of Vincent's earlier films. A very appreciated holiday gift! Many thanks to John Bartelt (a Jacqueline Bisset admirer) for sharing his collection.

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The first photos from Epouse-Moi (aka Marry Me) have now been added. This film will premiere on January 19 in France, so in another month the reviews should start coming in and, hopefully, the film will be a winner!

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The photo below was taken when Vincent attended the Le Bossu premiere at the Directors Guild a couple years ago. It was contributed by Jan Morris of Los Angeles, creator of Cinetropic, an online film magazine. Jan had the opportunity to see Vincent in person and describes him as "eloquent and elegant." Yes, that sounds like Vincent!

  16 December 1999

There's a new Crow article from the October 1996 issue of the French publication, Studio Magazine. I don't know about you, but I find the makeup particularly sensuous on Vincent, and it very artfully captures either his mischievous nature or his melancholy as noted below. Ashe Corven can easily cast a spell over all Perez fans!

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  8 December 1999

According to French cinema sites, Epouse-moi (aka Marry Me) will premiere in France on January 19, 2000. The film was completed in June and marks the debut of Harriet Marin as director. Described as a comedy of black magic, the story is about the marital vexations of a couple during a night of a full moon. The woman consults a sorcerer, who predicts that her marriage will falter when her husband meets a beautiful young girl. Besides Vincent, the film's ensemble includes Michele Laroque (Ma Vie en Rose) and Audrey Tautou (Venus Beaute). Yugoslavian actor Miki Manojlovic has the role of the magus who forecasts the bad news. The cast also includes Arnaud Giovaninetti.

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Beyond the Clouds opened today in San Francisco with warm reviews from the city's two newspapers. The SF Examiner refers to Antonioni's last film as a "rapturous farewell" and a "meditation on love" with the concluding remark that "wanderlust never felt this good." The SF Chronicle describes it as a "wistful, melancholic film about unmet desire... The binding theme in Beyond the Clouds is the ways in which desire distorts perception and leaves us betrayed when our wishes and reality prove incompatible... It's that compelling sense of mystery, of the endless search and its undercurrent of loneliness, that sets this great filmmaker apart."

  7 December 1999

Beyond the Clouds will open in San Francisco on Friday at the Roxie. Jack Mathews of Newday writes "Michelangelo Antonioni's latest picture, Beyond the Clouds, made in 1995 and only now arriving on these shores, strikes a curious  note in one of the century's most celebrated film careers...The stories each underscore in some way Antonioni's life-long theme of human separateness and emotional isolation." Thus, his title - the poet of alienation. "Mark Peranson of Varsity Review seems to agree that the film "explores the theme of the impossibility of love and the concrete presence of loneliness."

Also very vivid in all of Antonioni's work is his passionate interest in colors, and in his storytelling, he very carefully uses visual images. Lou Lumenick of the NY Post describes the film with "most notable for its exquisitely composed, painterly images, photographed by Alfio Contini and Robby Muller." Yes, to understand Beyond the Clouds, you must realize Antonionio is a painter of the screen! His writings clearly express this - ''A girl dressed in red just walked by. It was a sort of red I've never seen before and will certainly never see again because it was the girl who gave off the color - her soul, her virtue, her earthiness!'' For complete information, visit the Par-Dela les Nuages film page. For those of you who probably won't get to see it on the big screen, remember you can order the videotape with English subtitles.

  6 December 1999

Anyone interested in some Crow interviews? Well, I've got two for you that are newly posted - one from the December 1996 issue of Film Review and another from an August 1996 issue of Fangoria magazine. While I work on the Crow section, I'll be posting photos this week for a sneak preview of some of them.

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Very shortly Cody Sian-Michel will be sending along some wedding photos from Gala magazine as well as a translated article regarding Le Libertin and its cast. My own copy of the Elle '98 issue featuring an eight-page spread on the wedding should be here within a couple weeks. I also just purchased the June 17, 1993 issue of Cine Tele Revue, published in Belgium, which features Sophie Marceau and Vincent on the cover. That should be here by year's end.

  3 December 1999

Beyond the Clouds opens today in Los Angeles and New York. It will be featured through December 16 at the Screening Room, 54 Varick Street, at Laight Street, NYC. In the LA area, it will play through December 9 at Laemmle's Music Hall 3, Laemmle's Colorado and Edwards University 6.

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From Detour magazine dated August 1996 comes an in-depth interview, which I think is very revealing in knowing the real Vincent Perez. Rachelle Unreich writes how "emotion reigns his life mercilessly; he has the poet's knack of imbuing the tiniest moment with significance, and thus his most precious memories don't revolve around his acting achievements, but rather around the last tree he looked at with his grandmother before she died, or the smile which the aged Michelangelo Antonioni rewarded him with when he directed Beyond the Clouds."

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There's another new interview dated January 14, 1998 from the Scripps Howard News Service in which co-star Rachel Weisz (Swept From the Sea) praises Vincent - "He's a very passionate man, playing a kind of passionate role. He wasn't frightened to unleash all of it. He's so beautiful, but he didn't stand there being still in his close-ups. He really let go of all his feelings, which I thought was bold and refreshing. I had the best working relationship I've ever had with anyone. He's extraordinary."

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Cody Sian-Michel of Denver, Colorado has contributed an article from the May 31,1999 issue of Voici magazine regarding the birth of Vincent and Karine's daughter Iman. She also deserves special kudos for doing such a terrific job with the French translation so a heap of thanks should go out to Cody! It looks like my prayers have been answered for a French translator as Cody has offered to translate other articles for the Archives. What a splendid Christmas gift!

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A brief article with a photo goes unidentified, but the picture of Vincent makes him look like quite the rascal. It was probably published in early1993 and is called "Punchy Perez."

  21 November 1999

The Record of Bergen County, NJ recently announced a list of films debuting during the holidays and included Beyond the Clouds opening on December 1. A couple weeks ago I reported that the LA Times was showing a December 3 opening date, so it sure looks like it'll be playing somewhere in the states. I'll try to keep you posted.

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A UK fan just wrote me that while living in Hong Kong, she was able to see Ligne de Vie on the pay channel with English subtitles. She has tried to locate this video both in Hong Kong and the UK but it appears to be unavailable at this time.

  8 November 1999
  Here are the first photos from Le Libertin!

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Cinebobine reports that Le Libertin will be released in France next spring. These photos are through the courtesy of Studio Magazine. The following is a synopsis of Gilbert Thomas' comments - French cinema has much hope in director Gabriel Aghion with the success of his Pédale Douce, and more recently this year, his Belle Maman starring Catherine Deneuve and Vincent Lindon. This time he has joined together an impressive cast. Vincent Perez plays Denis Diderot, the real-life French Encyclopedist, though Aghion is more interested in the play of love and chance in the 18th century rather than with the historical role of the principal character. Fanny Ardant has the role of Madame Therbouche, the alluring host, who extends an invitation to Diderot and his wife. Other parts go to Michael Serrault as a cardinal, Arielle Dombasle as a seductress and Josiane Balasko. Filmed in Paris, Le Libertin began production on July 19 through the efforts of Bel Ombre Films and Mosca Films and was produced by Gaspard de Chavagnac.

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Vincent has recently joined fellow French actors, such as Antoine de Caunes and Guillaume Canet, as well as directors like Etienne Chatiliez and George Lautner, in a campaign against drugs. A series of short films, less than five minutes, will be shown beginning on French TV and then in theaters. Their aim is to lead the public to reflect on the phenomenon of dependence with respect to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Does this mean Vincent might give up smoking???

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bisset.jpg (6548 bytes)As many of you know, Vincent has been a long-time resident of both France, mainly Paris, and the United States in NYC and especially Los Angeles, due to its proximity to Hollywood. This began in the late '80s when he courted actress Jacqueline Bisset. It was she who accompanied Vincent to the LA premiere of his film Cyrano de Bergerac back in November 1990. The two had met when they starred in the 1988 film, La Maison de Jade (aka The Amorous Woman). At the time Jacqueline was twenty years older than Vincent, a fact journalists would hound her about to which she once responded, "You're impertinent!" Good for you, Jacqueline!

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When Le Bossu (aka En Garde) was featured at LA's "City of Lights, City of Angels" festival of french films in April of last year, Vincent made a personal appearance at its screening. Check out his comments from that evening in the Los Angeles Times interview newly posted to this site. And now Vincent has been recently spotted at another LA premiere, this time at French director Luc Besson's The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, which was held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on October 18.

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About a week ago, a Perez fan from Denver, Colorado named Cody Sian-Michel wrote that she will "share her stash," which includes articles and photos of his wife Karine and even baby Iman, so we eagerly await her contribution!  And in a couple weeks I'll be receiving a copy of the December 1998 French publication of Elle in which they have an eight-page layout on Vincent and Karine's wedding, so look for that toward the end of the month.


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